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Shirley's Opinion #77

By Shirley

8/16 - 8/20/04

Well, since there was no show this week, I'm just going to use this space to talk about the show itself. There are a lot of things to say about the way it's going, what the characters are doing, and other things, so that's what I'm going to do for the next couple of weeks.

First, I have to say that the show has finally started moving along. I was so tired of the same old stories, the same old dialog, the same old same old, day after day, that I really had considered just not watching any more. If I hadn't been writing this column every week and leaving it for someone else to do, I would have stopped a long time ago. But at this point I'm glad I stuck it out, because we are now getting the payoff for all our years of faithful viewing. Sure, there are still a lot of things that need to be dealt with, but you have to admit the show has moved a long way over the last six months or so. Further than it had in all the years before, really.

I am happy with the fact Eve's past has finally come out. After five years, it was way past time, in my opinion. There are so many stories that can come from this one simple act that it seems to me it should have been done long ago. We could have had a lot of great stories over the last few years instead of the same, stale, one-note story we did have. Now that Eve and Julian's past is out in the open, we have all the possibilities of things that could happen with her and TC, her and Julian, her and her daughters, her and her long lost son, and her and her "friends" that were allowed to suffer for years because she had to protect her secrets. Oh, there is a gold mine of storyline possibilities out there now, enough to keep us interested for years to come. This is really the best thing to happen since the show began, in my opinion.

Now for the worst thing. Having Martin and Katherine turn up alive and together, living for all these years with Martin's youngest child,, that is just too much. How stupid does Maria have to be not to know her own brother-in-law is living under her roof? Ok, he had some facial changes made, but it's not enough to disguise who he is. And there is no change in his voice. Pilar recognized it right away, as soon as she heard it, so why didn't Maria notice it? She had to have talked to him many, many times over the years, yet she didn't know his voice when he moved down there, especially since he had just disappeared a little while before from his home with her sister? No, that's taking it a little too far. And another thing. He's lived there all those years, and the first time he answered the phone was when Pilar called? That must be, since she knew who he was as soon as he said hello. How could that have been the first time they ever connected on the phone? And that's not even the worst part of the story, anyway. The worst part is, he left his wife with five young kids to run off with another woman, and never looked back. Worst of all, he never sent any money to them in all those years, even though they seem to be doing very well for themselves. Now, I understand that they had to get away from Alistair, but to desert their kids and never contact them again? They had to know the old man would take his anger out on those they supposedly loved the most, so how on earth did they ever think their leaving would protect the families they left behind? No, they are two of the most selfish people in the history of soapdom, and I have no affection for them at all. If Alistair does manage to do them in, I won't shed a tear. I'll probably cheer, because my opinion of them is just that low.

It looks like the Chad/Whitney sibling thing is finally coming to a head. It's about time! Actually, it is way past time. I hate the thought that the writers have allowed these two to get so close and for such a long time. Incest is not a great thing to promote, but that's basically what they have been doing all along. We knew from the first who Chad was, and watching him with her day after day was just too much to contemplate. The hope was there that it would turn out to be wrong, that they weren't really siblings, but we knew, way down deep, that it had to be that way. It still doesn't make it any easier to take. Well, now it's out, though, or will be once the show comes back, so maybe things will work out ok. I don't know what will come of the baby she's carrying, whether she will keep it or abort it, but that's going to be a painful story no matter which way it goes. At least she will be free to be with Fox now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad one, though, since I really enjoyed him with Theresa, but we all knew Theresa would somehow manage to get back with Ethan at some point, so she and Fox never really had a chance.

Last but not least, Luis and Sheridan are still in their perpetual Polly Purebread storyline. I guess they will be that way forever. First she dies, then he does. She comes back, eventually, and so does he, but never soon enough. And I, for one, and sick and tired of it. I have been for quite a while now, for all the good it does to feel that way. How many times is a person supposed to be able to die and come back? Sure, they haven't always been dead when they died, but still, there have been times for each when they were dead, and I have to tell you, there are only so many miracles to go around. These two have used up theirs and at least ten other people's, too, at this point. My biggest wish is that the writers will get these two together, get their son back to them, and then let them live a normal, everyday life - well, in Harmony-style terms, anyway. This had better be the last time either Luis or Sheridan dies, is kidnapped, is locked up somewhere, is left on their deathbed for get the point. Enough already. Just let them be happy for a while.

My last wish for this show is that Alistair will be killed by someone and we won't have to put up with him anymore. I mean, come on! Does that man have the whole world wired? A camera in the middle of the jungle? Where on earth did he hide it? Puh-leeze, kill this man as soon as possible. Tabby's machinations are enough to cause turmoil for everyone, so why do we need that evil old man and his lecherous ways? I am soooooo tired of him. Please, please, please kill him and get it over with!!

Ok, enough ranting for now. I'll be back with more thoughts on the show, and then after that it will be back on and we will find out how many of my wishes are granted. Anyone want to take "maybe one"? No? Ok, that's mine, then. We'll wait and see how close my choice is to what happens. See you next week.

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