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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #75

By Shirley

8/2 - 8/6/04

Hi, everyone.  I just want to warn you that this is going to be mostly complaining today, so prepare yourselves.  This last week was just one big joke, in a way, and although the storyline moved on, it did so in such an unrealistic way that I'm wondering if it wouldn't have been better to hold off on the reveal for a while until they had come up with a halfway intelligent reactions plan.

Do you really believe TC could be so stupid, rude, and downright cruel?  Ok, he has never shown himself to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but come on, now.  They just took it too far this week.  He started out, after finding out about Eve's past life, by having a temper tantrum, tearing the kitchen apart, and finally having an honest, heart wrenching reaction by sinking to the floor and crying his eyes out.  Now, I really got behind that part, and it almost made me want to cry.  Then he comes back to Eve, telling her he loves her, and even though he was shocked and hurt because she never told him the truth, he still loves her and there is nothing she could do that would change that.  Now, true, he did ask her what else there might be that she had hidden all those years, and she almost told him but chickened out, but when Liz finally got Aunt Irma to reveal the part about Julian and their baby, all that love went flying out the window, and we found out really quickly that he had lied, that there was something that could kill his love for her.  Now, I keep wondering why she didn't point that out to him when he was ranting on about her lying to him, but that's beside the point, I guess.  Anyway, this past week has consisted of him calling her every name in the book, making every hurtful, rude, crude, and disgusting remark he can think of to her, and not only that, he allowed their daughters to do the same!  Now, that's what I want to complain about today.

I understand TC being upset about the lies, and even about the Julian/baby thing, and throwing a hissy fit is to be expected.  But, this is the woman he has been married to for over 25 years, and she has been nothing but a good, loving wife to him all that time.  We aren't talking about things she's done after their marriage.  This all happened before he ever knew she existed, so to carry on the way he has if totally unrealistic for normal people.  My gosh, he has called her names I wouldn't call my worst enemy, yet he had just finished telling her he loved her with all his heart and soul.  She has apologized for not telling him sooner, and yet he still rants on and on.  What I'm trying to say is, there needs to be some rationality here, don't you think?  Ok, so you are hurt, you get mad, you might want to turn the rest of the house into the same mess you've already made of the kitchen, and then you walk out, go stay with a friend or in a hotel.  You don't stand there and heap ridicule and insults on the woman you love so much, the mother of your children.  You just don't.

Oh, and don't get me started on those girls.  Now, for once, Simone came out as the least abrasive one, maybe because there is a new person playing her.  By the way, just an aside here, I do really like this new Simone.  She is doing a great job, and she is just so much more likable now.  Anyway, she is the one who seems to be the least vindictive toward Eve, even seeming to want to hear her out before Whitney and her big mouth butted in.  But even at that, she has still gotten her rude licks in at Eve, too.  But Whitney.  Now, that girl needs a good, hard slap across her filthy, disrespectful mouth, in my opinion.  No child has the right to speak to a parent the way she has been doing  I don't care what the parent has done, or how upset the child is, you never use that kind of language with a parent.  And for TC to stand there, listening to the girls say the things they have said and do nothing but smirk is just so wrong I can't even begin to explain why.  He is coming off as a low-class jerk, and it really doesn't become him.  He's had his faults all along, of course, but this is just beyond the pale.

Someone explain to me how he could not realize Liz is at the bottom of it all?  He still thinks she is innocent in all of this, even though she is constantly shoving his nose in it, making remarks about Eve, etc.  And yet, he has no problem blaming Aunt Irma.  I tell you, he is really getting abusive.  He almost attacked her in her wheelchair last week, and this week, when they took her back to the Home, he shoved her chair and sent her freewheeling down the hallway.  Now, true, it was a funny moment, but at the bottom of it, there was elder abuse, and that's unforgivable, no matter what context it's in.  These writers need to understand that there are impressionable young people watching this show, they deliberately aimed it at them, and seeing this kind of behavior is not what helping them know how decent people act.  It is definitely not good role-model material.

My last complaint about all this is Eve's actions.  What is wrong with that woman?  Ok, she did bad things when she was young.  She kept it quiet for all those years, never telling TC or the girls, but what on earth would have been the point?  Ok, yes, TC should have been told.  That's very true.  But why should the girls have to have known?  It's none of their business, really.  Now, the main point here is that Eve paid for all her evil ways, she reformed herself, made her way through medical school, and has lived an exemplary life all these years, so doesn't that count for something to these people?  Yes, she was a whore, a drunk, and a drug addict, but she isn't that now.  She's a good, decent person, and she's worked hard to do good things since that time.  Just because TC and the girls are acting as tho this has all been going on all along, it hasn't been, and she has no reason to just stand there and let them abuse her the way she is.  She needs to speak up, tell them that was all in the past, tell them she has only ever been a good mother and wife, and they need to check themselves.  She needs to slap some sense into the girls, especially Whitney, and let them know her rehabilitating herself is something to be proud of, not to be punished for.  She needs to tell them that she preached the virtues of decency, not drinking or drugging, and not putting themselves into situations like she did was what she had to do to protect them.  Whitney acts as if Eve should never have used her own experiences to help her guard against her girls falling into the same trap she had, and that's just stupid.  Eve needs to ask TC when she had ever been anything but a good wife to him, or a good mother to their kids, and remind him that he had gone all over town telling anyone who would listen what a great wife and mother she was for years.  Nothing changes that.  Her past is just that - the past.  I was glad to see her slap him yesterday, but then she wiped it all away by apologizing for it.  Apologizing!!!!  I am still shaking my head over that one.  She doesn't need to apologize any more, and certainly not for showing him what a total jerk he is being.  I love that Julian is standing beside her, and I really hope he will get to beat the tar out of TC for what he's done to Eve at some point.  I will be cheering him on if he does.

Now, I don't think that will really happen, mind you.  The writers don't seem to have a really good grasp of reality in these things.  But if it were my life, I would tell my abusive husband (and that's what he has been over the years, to anyone who disagreed with him) and my spoiled rotten brat daughters to grow up.  They're the ones who set me on a pedestal I never wanted to be on, and if finding out I am only human and gave in to temptation is too upsetting for them, they need to get over it.  They need to watch their mouths when speaking to me, no matter how angry or disappointed they are in me, and the will not treat me as if I had suddenly become some mangy, stray dog they need to kick out their way.  Oh, and if apologizing to them for something that happened before any of them were ever around isn't good enough, then they need to get out of my house (because you know since she is the doctor, her money is what pays for most of what they have) until they can get their heads on straight and apologize to me for acting the way they did.  Ok, maybe that's just me, but I still think it's the way it should have been with Eve.  God knows she's no angel, but no one deserves the treatment she's gotten from those who claim to love her, and for whom she has done so much for over the years.  Not to mention the fact she gave birth to those two girls and took good care of them ever since.  No, they have no right to carry their shock as far as they have, and the writers should really get a clue as to how real life works.

Well, that's about all for now.  I have a lot more I could say, but this is the part that has really been eating at me, so now I've said it.  I'll be back next week, after the big cliffhanger.  Let's hope it's as good as we've been promised.

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