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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #74

By Shirley

7/26 - 7/30/04

Well, this was sure some week, wasn't it?  Secrets revealed, lies told, fears of mess ups, arguments, fights, and betrayal.  What more could we ask for?

First of all, let's talk about Eve's situation.  You all know how I feel about Eve and her willingness to let others take the heat to protect her lies.  It simply isn't right, and it just makes her evil.  However, no one deserved what she got this past week.  That was just a little too much piling on, don't you think?  Now, true, lies are never a good thing.  Well, except the ones  you hope to hear when you ask if your butt really looks too big in those pants, or whether your cooking is really better than his mothers.  Those are necessary lies, and have saved many a life, I'm sure, especially when spoken on PMS days.  But lying about your past is just wrong on so many levels.  Anyway, we've been through this before, so I won't get into it now.  What I do want to comment on is the way Eve's past was treated by her family.  After TC's tantrums in the kitchen, he finally cooled off and told Eve he could forgive her for anything.  He took his marriage vows seriously, and there is nothing she could do that would ever make him stop loving her or turn his back on their vows.  Everything was working out just fine, and TC was proving he really was the decent man Eve kept saying he was, but Liz just couldn't let that happen.  No, she had to keep going and totally annihilate Eve's life.  Using that old lady to do her dirty work, she got her to spill the beans about Julian fathering a child with Eve, and that's all she wrote. The old TC was back, meaner than ever, and he was calling his beloved wife every name in the book, not giving her a chance to explain it at all.  Good old Julian, still standing guard outside, bursts through the door and tells TC he won't allow him to talk that way to Eve.  And one of the best fights I have seen on this show broke out.  TC attacked, Julian parried.  TC knocked Julian over the table and on to the floor, and Julian punched TC several times.  (Go, Julian!!)  They tore that living room up, piece by piece, as they hit, kicked, and rolled around all over it, then they flew out the window into the front yard.  During all this, the girls and Chad came home, and even Fox, driving by, saw them fighting in the yard and stopped to try to end it.  He and Chad tried to separate the two, but nothing worked until Sam got there and shot his gun into the air.  Now, I don't believe fighting is the way to settle differences, mind you, but I was so glad to see Julian defend himself for once, giving as good as he got, that I really enjoyed the whole spectacle.  What I didn't enjoy was the way TC and the girls talked to Eve, and most especially how they believed Liz over Eve when she tried to tell them Liz had planned it all, set them all up.  Yes, Liz is a smooth liar, but this is their wife and mother.  How could they not simply use their common sense and realize Eve was right?  And TC.  When Eve told him Liz had done everything she could to insert herself into his life because she wanted to take Eve's place.....HELLO!!!  Did he forget the times she "accidentally" ended up half naked while they were alone, how she ended up in his bed from "sleep walking"?  How she was all over him every chance she got, trying to bed him?  Shouldn't he be at least a little willing to accept she was trying her best to seduce him away from Eve?  But no, not TC.  Thick as a stump, all the way.  And Whitney.  I would have thought her hypocritical words would choke her at some point, but no!  She just kept right on berating her mother for everything, even for loving two men at the same time.  (Does the name Fox not ring any bells, dear?)  And the slap.  How she could have done that is beyond me.  Maybe I'm being too harsh here, since everything they had believed about Eve was wrong, at least as far as her past was concerned.  And that's the point, right?  It was the past.  She got over it, cleaned herself up and became the wonderful woman they had always known her to be, so how was that lying to them?  To TC, yes, because she didn't tell him about her past before they got married, but he and the girls have only ever known the decent Eve.  She wasn't doing all these things while she was living her life with them.  It was all before she ever knew TC, well before she ever had the girls.  It was another lifetime.  No, the reaction from these guys is just so wrong.  Well, at least she has Julian to lean on, and he's finally decided to stand up and be a man, so maybe it will be ok.  I just wish the writers wouldn't make everyone act so stupid, you know?  Sure, they'd all be angry at her, but not this rabid, and not to the point that they would blind themselves to the fact this woman who has openly told them she hates Eve and wants revenge on her set all this up.

Now on to Gwen.  Good Lord, I am so tired of her petulance.  I don't know how Ethan can stand to be with her.  All she does is worry about herself and what's going to happen to her.  Ethan goes out of his way to do good, romantic things for her, and all she can do is pout, cry, yell, and throw things, constantly harping about Theresa.  She is right about Theresa's plans, of course, but she deserves whatever Theresa does to her, and so does her mother.  After what they did to Theresa and her whole family, nothing is too harsh for them.  Well, I have to say, losing her baby was pretty harsh, but then again, had she followed doctor's orders and taken care of herself, stopped obsessing over Theresa all day every day, her daughter would be here with her, so she has no one to blame for that but herself.  Anyway, enough of Gwen's whining and pouting, please!  I wonder, though, how Theresa will get out of having her and Ethan overhear the remarks to Pilar about keeping the baby she's carrying.  Darn it!  Even when it bores me, I still get roped in somehow.

Our miss Paloma is a real spitfire, isn't she?  And what is she trying to sell with those clothes and that dance she was doing?  She's very lucky she hasn't been attacked by some pervert by now.  Luis and Sheridan were shocked by her behavior but could do nothing to stop it.  She simply doesn't want to listen to her big brother who she doesn't even know.  Now, I don't blame her for that, either.  I still haven't figured out how things could have been so bad that they couldn't afford the baby, the least expensive one of the group.  Heck, send one of the teens.  All they do is eat, sleep, argue, and "need" everything they see on TV.  They are the real money hogs in a family, not the baby.  The baby just wants to eat, sleep, have dry diapers, and be held and loved a lot.  None of that costs that much, so the idea of sending her away just makes no sense to me.  Anyway, after all these years away from her family she is angry and bitter, and who could blame her.  But still, she is putting herself into dangerous situations and needs to pay attention.  Heck, she even ignores Aunt Maria and the Wheelers, even though they have always been there for her and she knows they love her.  Go figure.  I have to say, also, that knowing kids who came here from Mexico, this young lady is nothing like kids down there are.  They learn respect early and are always polite to their elders, and the parents would never let a young girl run loose on the streets after dark, especially.  There is a lot of kidnapping that goes on down there, girls who are taken and forced to marry their kidnappers, maybe never to see their families again.  No, she is not the typical Mexican teen, by any means.  However, she is what we've got, so all I can say is I hope Luis will be able to straighten her up.  If she lives long enough.

Well, I guess that's all the complaining I can do for today.  The rest of the show was just the same old stuff, and I've already talked about it before, ad nauseum, so I won't bore you with it now.  I am just hoping next week will bring us Eve finally standing up to her selfish, self-righteous family and laying it all on the line.  Oh, and with any luck, we might get a replay of TC and Julian's fight, except with Eve and Liz doing the punching.  Now, I would pay to see that, especially if Eve gets to be the winner, leaving Liz breathless and blubbering in the gutter.  Yeah, that would be worth the price of admission.

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