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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #72

By Shirley

7/12 - 7/16/04

So.....remember last week when I was complaining about how Aunt Irma had been at Eve's house for five days and still hadn't spilled the beans?  Now it's been ten days, and still no beans pouring out.  Eve's still at the hospital, seemingly never coming home.  Aunt Irma is now sleeping in her wheelchair after OD'ing on Tivo'd soaps.  Liz is still smirking and licking her chops, along with raking Ivy over the coals.  And TC is still  walking around with that scrapbook he just threw together, itching to show it to Auntie Dearest.  He was so anxious, in fact, that he insisted on holding it under the sleeping old lady's nose as she snored, never even realizing she was asleep.  Oh, God, how can I still be sitting here watching this stuff!!  I haven't seen any spoilers for a while, so I don't know what's in store, but....dear Lord, please let this story end soon.  It's like torturing this old lady, and it's just not right.  I mean, all she wants is to go play some poker, but Liz keeps holding her there with promises that it will only be a little while longer.  And TC just keeps waving that book around.  Enough already!!  Spill the beans or don't, but just get it over with.

On top of all that, we have spent yet another week listening to Sheridan whine about everything being her fault.  You would think by now that she would have caught on to Alistair enough to ignore anything he has to say to her, but no.  All he has to do is walk up to her and she's so grateful for the attention that she falls for anything he says.  Now he has her believing she's a jinx, the reason everything bad has happened to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family.  And no matter how much Luis keeps telling her it's a load of trash, she still believes it.  Even when Luis figured out that she was believing it all because Alistair had said it was so, she still couldn't manage to put two and two together.  What a blond!!  So now, at week's end, she is in her car, which Alistair has had rigged with a bomb designed to blow when she starts it, and she has just started the car.  Then she hears a knocking sound, and instead of getting out, she wonders why it's doing that.  Luis figures it out just as the bomb goes off and the show is over.  And we have yet another death or near-death scenario coming up next week, I guess.  Oh, I'm sure Luis managed to pull Sheridan out right before it blew, or maybe the blast will have blown them  both up in a tree, or on her roof or something, and they'll both be fine, but.....come on!  When are they going to make this man stop all his evil plots?  I mean, it is so unbelievable that anyone, no matter how rich, could see and hear everything that is said and done in town or anywhere else, and that anyone could get away with the things he does when everyone knows it's him.  Yet, he just keeps on killing.  The Energizer Bad Guy, I guess.

Pilar is now on the brink of death yet again.  Or maybe not.  It's hard to know from one minute to the next.  First she's dying, then she's fine.  Then she's sick again, but she'll be ok.  Then she has spaz attacks and is this close to death, then she's going to be just fine.  Maybe.  Aarrrgh!  They send for Paloma, then tell her not to come.  They call her again, tell her she has to get there, then call and say "Never mind!"  Is it any wonder the girl is a hysterical mess?  She doesn't want to talk to them, doesn't want to go back to Harmony...and who could blame her?  I am still not able to grasp the necessity of sending her away as a baby and still never bringing her home.  I mean, they were doing well, so why make her stay in Mexico?  And if it were me, I would have sent one of the older ones.  I mean, feeding a baby is easy, and they don't take up much room.  They can sleep with Mom so they don't even need another bed.  And as for clothes....well, there should be tons of hand-me-downs.  Now, the teen aged boys are the ones that should go.  Have you seen those guys eat??? I've had three, and I can tell you, if I were needing to cut back on food consumption, they'd be the ones I'd send  packing.  No, none of this story of sending the baby away to save money makes any sense at all, so I don't blame little Paloma for being an emotional wreck.

Why, oh, why can't Gwen stop whining about Theresa?  I know, Ethan and Theresa will eventually get back together, but for now, he is devoted to Gwen, yet she can't stop talking about Theresa.  Yes, his first thought on learning of Antonio's death was of Theresa, but he explained that by telling Gwen he was worried that their baby might be in danger if Theresa got upset.  Totally true?  Probably not, but she could at least have tried to accept it.  She needs to take Ivy's advice and keep her mouth shut about "the other woman".  All she does is remind him of her, which can do nothing but harm their relationship.  She needs to let him forget Theresa, not keep reminding him to think about her.  And she needs to give us a break, too.  I am sooooo tired of hearing her whine all the time.

While we're on the subject of whining, I must make my obligatory remark about how much I hate Martin and Katherine.  It is only obligatory, you see, because the writers just keep pushing them at us, constantly whining about having left their kids and trying to justify the unjustifiable.  At least we now have most of the story of why they left, which I have to tell you makes next to no sense to me, and all we have to do is find out how.  Funny how this story is moving faster than any other in the history of this show, isn't it?  Makes me think they are trying to make us feel sorry for, and eventually begin to care about, the two of them and their story.  Sorry, Charlie.  It's not going to work for me.

Now, last but not least in the whining department, we come to Charity.  Oh, God, can she take any longer to leave?  I've been yelling at the screen "Just leave!  Go!!  Walk out the door and don't come back!!  Pleeeeese!!" all week long.  Good Lord, she just keeps threatening but then stands around whining about it.  I swear, her voice is like an air raid siren going off right over your head.  It drills holes through your eardrums and sets your brain to jumping in it's effort to run somewhere and hide.  It can't get anywhere, of course, so it just sits there thumping around, giving you one heck of a major headache.  Please, please make it stop!!  I'm with Kay on this one, too.  She needs to leave before Miguel can get to her and talk her out of going again.  Now, we all know her determination to see Miguel one more time before she leaves is based on the fact she doesn't really want to go and she knows he'll beg her to stay and give her an excuse to do so.  Keep her away from Miguel, for God's sake.  Let her leave.  Please!!

I loved Kay and Tabby's celebration this week.  Watching Tabby bouncing around the room like a child who just got her most wanted Christmas gift was so funny.  And having Miguel walk into the middle of it and wonder what was going on was priceless.  Poor little Doof, Jr. just never has a clue, does he?  They managed to cover their glee sufficiently to quell his curiosity, but went right back to it once he left.  I know their joy will be short lived, but it's fun to watch.

Eve is still drooping around about the fact her secrets are coming out.  I still don't see why she didn't just tell TC at the start, when Ivy first threatened her.  She should have stood up and faced the music instead of trying so hard to keep it covered that she has caused nothing but pain for everyone she has ever considered to be her friend.  And if she had done that, there would have been no need to reveal Aunt Irma, which is worse than the affair and the baby, in my book.  It verged on evilness, if not tripping right on over into it fully.  How can you lock up someone who took care of you and loved you as a child?  No, come to think of it, there is no verge here.  It is just plain evil.  You know, the more I see of this woman, the less I like her.  She really is one evil person.

Well, the cat's out of the bag for Fox and Whitney.  She now knows he loves her.  They got me again this week, when she admitted she loved him too and they kissed on the cliffs.  I totally fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.  I was very happy when it ended and her real reaction took over.  I loved the way she slugged him, too.  Twice!  LOL!!  At least I think it was twice.  It all depends on when the dream took off.  But, once or twice, I did enjoy it.  Now, all we need is for her to be truthful to herself.  We all know she wants Fox, but she doesn't want to hurt Chad.  Otherwise, she'd be all over that boy in a second!  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  And how Theresa's predicament turns out, too.  Will she lose the baby she needs so badly?  Or will it be born healthy and happy after all?  If it is, what will she do then?  I can't imagine her turning her child over to Gwen, even though she doesn't know what a witch Gwen really is.  But, time will tell.  And the way it looks, it won't be too much longer.

Ok, that's what impressed me this week.  Here's hoping next week will bring some answers and clarification for us.  And I swear, if Aunt Irma is still sitting at Eve's house with not one secret revealed next Friday, I'm going to scream.  Two weeks is enough.

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