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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #71

By Shirley

7/5 - 7/9/04

Hi, everyone.  I'm back for another complaint session.  I guess you're getting used to it by now, though.  Anyway, if it weren't for complaints there wouldn't be much to say about the show, right?

Well, I know we get older as we age,'s taken Aunt Irma five days to get into Eve's house and spill the beans about her secret past to TC, and she still hasn't gotten it done!!  We started the week with her at Eve's front door and ended with her making a pit stop just as TC was getting home.  Oh, yes, she came close a couple of times, but it still didn't get done.  Not that Liz isn't doing everything in her power to make it happen, but something keeps coming up.  First TC was called out on and "emergency" and had to leave before he could meet Aunt Irma.  Of course, there was no emergency, it was just Julian doing what he could to keep Eve from having to confess to TC, but it got him out of the house for a few days, anyway.  Poor Aunt Irma has had to sit there, bored to tears and getting grouchier with each day that passed.  All she wanted to do was go to the local casino and gamble for a while, but she had to sit in that house doing nothing and drinking tea until she finally couldn't hold it any longer and had to go to the little girl's room.  Of course, she went through the bathroom door just as TC came in through the back door, but hey,  We had to have a cliffhanger, didn't we?  Oh, we did get the obligatory misunderstanding of what was actually going on when TC walked in solemnly and told Eve they had to talk.  She, of course, thought he had heard the news, when he had really heard about Antonio's death.   But here's the part that makes me crazy.  They decided they had to tell Liz, since she was close to Antonio, and  tried to let her know what was up. but she pushed their need to talk to her aside so she could smirk and let TC know HER surprise couldn't wait and it would blow him away.  So instead of saying "No, Liz, this is something you really need to hear now", TC just caved and said "Ok, bring give me my surprise."  Now, I don't know about you, but I think the death of a friend trumps some lame surprise, don't you?  Why didn't they insist that she shut up and listen?  Well, actually, again, we have a cliffhanger.  I guess it will bring us all back on Monday, won't it?

This week, everyone in the young unmarrieds quartet learned that Fox's mystery love is Whitney except for Chad.  He's still stumbling along in his delusional world, getting set for a night of romance and love with his woman.  Poor guy has no idea he's turned into second best instead of #1 in her heart.  I wonder how she will handle it?  I know that Chad is her half-brother (at least he is supposed to be) and she will need someone to lean on once they learn that, but she doesn't know that yet, and having her be with Chad while yearning for Fox is as bad as.....well, Fox being with Theresa while yearning for Whitney.  All in all it's kind of a yucky situation to me.  I think Theresa has been really good about all of it, too.  She was supposed to be falling in love with him, but now it's like, "Oh, no we were just friends with benefits", as they say.  Personally I don't find it a really good thing to put out when there are so many teens watching this show, but then their are a lot of things about soaps in general that probably aren't really good for them.  Anyway, the last we saw, these two were getting ready to call it a night, with Chad wondering who the mystery woman is, and Whitney wondering what to do.

I guess Kay's chickens are about to come home to roost.  There she is, lying in the hospital seeing that no matter what, she will never have Miguel.  It is finally really sinking in, and she is totally heartbroken.  She almost died, she can never have more children, and she'll never have the man she has loved since she was a little girl.  I agree with her musings the other day: how much more can she take?  I know, she has done terrible things, and I have mentioned this before, but I am of the opinion that this girl wouldn't have turned to the dark side had she been given even one break from one of the people most important in her life.  She had always been the last in line with her mother, behind big brother Noah and little sister Jessica, and then along comes an unknown cousin, Charity, who is jumped to the head of the line, moving Kay even further down the line.  And on top of all that, the guy she's in love with and who was supposed to be her boyfriend when they got old enough (which they were just getting to be) falls head over heels in love with that same cousin and totally forgets Kay is even alive most of the time.  Now, I don't know about you, but that would make me upset.  Maybe she shouldn't have done the things she did, but you have to understand why she did them.  Anyway, now she sees the writing on the wall, and it's a sad thing to watch.  I am certain Tabitha will come up with some scheme to try to get Charity to leave after all, but I think it will only backfire on Kay yet again.  I don't know how much more she can take, but I'm thinking one more problem might be the breaking point for her.  We'll have to wait and see, but I have a feeling she is not going to be the same feisty girl we've gotten to know all these years.

Gwen is still yakking about nothing but Theresa.  Personally, I can live without hearing her whine, but I guess it's part of the story and we have to put up with it.  Of course, Ethan doesn't help by keeping Theresa's name at the tip of his tongue, ready to jump out of his mouth at any moment, but she should really be used to it by now.  As I've said before, she knew Theresa was his first choice and she should have passed on the marriage offer.  She has only caused more pain for herself by jumping at the chance to take him away from Theresa, so I have no real pity for her.  I do feel badly for her loss of the baby, but she did it to herself.  I just wish Ethan would either make up his mind to forget Theresa altogether, or else let Gwen know and get a divorce.  He simply isn't being fair to either of the women the way things stand now.

And last, but certainly least, we still have Katherine and Martin whining about all they've missed.  Well, tough.  They did it to themselves.  Yes, Alistair is evil and she couldn't have stayed with him any longer, but I would have a lot more respect for the both of them had they just killed the old goat instead of running out on their kids.  Even if Martin had then divorced Pilar and married Katherine, at least it would have been an honest way to handle it.  The way they did it is just wrong on so many levels.  They have no right to complain about it at all.  We did finally learn what happened back then, and who the person under the sheet that Sheridan found was.  That's something, I guess.  But I just keep wondering, if Martin was under the sheet, where was Katherine?  They make it sound as though they left right then, but if he was under the sheet, they couldn't have.  Maybe they are making it so we think Sheridan saw Martin after he had been stabbed, but really it's too separate times.  I mean, wouldn't Katherine have been there protecting Sheridan if she were still there?  I don't know, she has shown she's not much of a mother, so maybe not.  All I know is, I wish their story would hurry up and finish so they can disappear again.

That's about all I have for now.  Hopefully some of the questions I have will be answered this next week.  I guess it depends on whether or not the writers will have the show on normal speed or super slow motion.  And if it takes five more days for Aunt Irma to spit Eve's story out, I think I'm going to vote for some nice strong sedatives for her.  Heck, she couldn't move any slower anyway.

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