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Shirley's Opinion #70

By Shirley

6/28 - 7/2/04

This week was better than some, not as good as others.  I guess it was so-so.  I know it was only on three days this week, but you would think they would have tried, anyway.  Does anyone else get the feeling the speed wagon we were on for a while has slowed down and is threatening to stall out again?

We still have Martin and Katherine alternately whining about how horrible they are for walking away from their families and telling each other they really aren't horrible, they had to do it.  Now, as you know, I agree with the first part.  No parent I know would take off and leave their kids behind so they can be with their adulterous lover.  Well, ok, I have heard stories, but none that I could say absolutely happened.  And while I know this isn't a real couple, still it bugs me that they are still carrying on the same conversation after all this time.  I was talking to our hosts about this very subject last week, and they came up with something I hadn't thought of, but that makes really good sense. They wondered if all their conversations have gone this way throughout however many years they have been gone, and if they were, why are they still together?  Can you imagine how boring that would have to be?  Ten or 20 years of "I'm horrible for leaving them!"  "No, you had to leave them so Alistair wouldn't kill us both."  Now, these two sentences are completely interchangeable between the two of them, and either one may start the conversation, leaving the other to follow up with the second sentence and any other words of "We had to do it" they might think up.  Still, they have to be the most boring couple ever on daytime, don't you think?  Heck, I've only been listening to this for a month or so and I'm already bored to tears by it, so how on earth did they manage to stick it out through 20 years of it?  UGH!!  I have to say at this point that I don't even care, really.  They deserve each other and that whiny, repetitive conversation, but we don't.  They're the ones that left their families high and dry.  I don't know about you, but I have come to the realization that there is nothing in the world these writers can dream up that will ever make me feel sorry for these two.  They deserve whatever they get, and for the first time on this show, I am on Alistair's side in this.  Go get 'em, Al.

Then we have Antonio's explosive departure from the show.  I guess if you've got to go, that's a great way to do it.  Leave them wanting more, as they say.  Sheridan and Luis got through the shock of losing him pretty easily, so far, but that's a different story.  Poor Luis was left alone with her, and anybody with a brain could tell he was going to give in and spill the beans to her, even though the nurse said she shouldn't be told.  Poor Luis.  It isn't his fault.  He just can't say "No" to his Mama.  He's a good boy, and when Mama says "Jump", he asks "How high?", just like any good son would do.  He tried to not tell her.  Really, he did.  But Pilar is a smart lady, and she could read the looks on his face as he ducked and dodged her questions.  So when she finally said he had to tell her what he was keeping from her, of course he had to tell her.  It's not his fault she went into a spaz attack, is it?  I tell you, I wasn't sure what she was doing.  First I thought it was a heart attack, but looking at her made me think it was a stroke.  Then they started talking about seizures, so at this point I am totally unsure about what's up. Wouldn't it be a bummer if he lost his brother and his mother on the same day?  He finally gets Sheridan back and then loses his mother and brother.  Where's the justice in that?  I tell ya, these two just can't catch a break.  No happiness for these too, no siree Bob.  But there is one other thing that bothers me more than the loss of life and lack of happiness.  Why is a nurse treating her and not a doctor?  I know Eve is at home being outed by Aunt Irma, but aren't there other doctors there?  I'm not sure, but I'd say the Lopez-Fitzgerald's luck may be changing.  They have a really great case for medical malpractice on their hands.  Woody!!  Get in here!!

Fox and Theresa.  What is up with these two?  They get together, seem to be madly in love with each other, then Theresa breaks up with him for some vague reason so he trots after Whitney again, almost bagging her.  Then Chad and Theresa show up and Fox leaves, with Theresa hot on his trail.  He runs out to the cliff over the ocean and starts yelling at the top of his voice to God about why can't he have Whitney, etc.  Of course Theresa hears and wants to run away, but instead of heading back to the inn, she tries to walk right in front of where he's standing and ends up falling over the cliff.  Fox doesn't notice, of course, and goes back to the inn to find her.  When he learns she went looking for him, he realizes the scream he heard was probably her so he goes to find her and ends up saving her life.  (Aah, my hero!)  But, when they get back to the lodge, Theresa wants to tell Chad and Whit what she heard.  Why?  The guy just saved her life, why turn on him like that?  Maybe it made sense to everyone else, but I was at a total loss.  Anyway, she didn't really do it, but.....she will.  Man, these writers need a crash course in human nature!

And then there's Aunt Irma.  What is wrong with that old bag?  She claims she's in that home by mistake, but as I said before, from what I can see she belongs there.  Now Liz has managed to get her out of the home and over to Eve's house, so she's now screeching her vulgar names at Eve in the doorway of her home.  What on earth is up with her?  Ok, she's not happy with Eve's past, but she needs to get over it.  I would think she and Liz were related, not Eve.  She acts more like Liz, she carries grudges forever, like Liz.  And she bugs the heck out of me, like Liz.  I don't know if she's going to tell TC about Eve or not, though.  I just keep feeling like she might backfire on Liz, find out Eve isn't the person she used to be and stop short of ruining the life she's built for herself.  Now, it's not that I think that's what she should do, but it just seems like that's what might happen.  I guess we'll know by the next time we get together on here.  I hope so, anyway.

And I also hope that if what I think about Alistair - that he is going to be killed soon - happens in a hurry.  I am as tired of him as I am of Liz and Aunt Irma.  I still have a feeling that might be the cliffhanger they leave us with before the Olympics.  I sure hope so.

Well, I guess I'll talk to you again next week.  Let's hope there is more movement and less dumb plot twists this week.  I could sure go for that.

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