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Shirley's Opinion #69

By Shirley

6/21 - 6/25/04

This was a week to remember, wasn't it?  It was the week Fox and Whitney got together and got busy - but not really.  It was the week Antonio kidnapped Sheridan and Alistair blew them to pieces in his corporate jet - but not really.  It was the week Pilar learned Martin really is still alive - but not really.  It was the week Liz finally spilled the beans, telling TC all about Eve - but not really.  And it was the week Charity finally decided to stay away from Miguel - but.....well, you get the picture.  I guess you could say this was the week that almost was - but not really.

I still don't know what to think about Fox, Whitney, Chad, and Theresa.  One day I love them all with their respective partners, then I think not.  I want Whitney with Chad, but he's supposed to be her half-brother, so maybe not.  Except I'm still figuring they will do a 180 on that one, too, and he won't really be Julian and Eve's son after all.  I could say that nah, they wouldn't lie to us like that for five years and then switch the whole thing around, but do the names Martin and Katherine ring a bell?  We know full well they most certainly would do that to us, so who knows what will happen.  Anyway, I do love them together.  However, Whitney has been lusting after Fox as much as he has been her, so it's beginning to look like it won't matter whether Chad and she are siblings are not.  I have to say right here that there is just something wrong with this whole scenario.  Number one is the Chad/Whitney sibling story, which may or may not happen.  But be that as it may, the part that is bugging me more is the way Fox can back stab the one guy who has been there for him from the beginning.  That's not my idea of friendship, when you can go after their girlfriend (or boyfriend) and not give them a second thought.  But I like Fox.  He is a good guy, so this makes no sense to me.  Oh, he could have feelings for Whit, but as a friend he should get over it.  And once he got together with Theresa he should have gotten over Whit totally, but you could see in every look he gave her, every move he made, that he still wanted her badly.  And you could see she wants him, too.  Which is another thing that bugs me.  She is Theresa's best friend, yet she lusts after her boyfriend like that.  Now, I don't care what anyone says, that is just not cool.  I used to like Whitney a lot, thought she was the one person on the show who reflected what true friendship really is, but then she started turning on Theresa, running to Gwen to snitch, taking everyone's side on every issue except Theresa's, and now lusting after her guy.  I am starting to see just why Simone resents her so much.  Now, you could say it doesn't matter that Whit wants Fox, since Theresa still wants Ethan, but the fact is, she can't have Ethan, at least not now, and Whitney needs to respect that.  She needs to force herself to stay away from Fox out of respect for her friend.  Sure, Theresa has broken up with him, but Whitney knows she still cares for him so for her to go after him now is just plain wrong and disrespectful towards Theresa.  No, this story is taking some weird turns, and I'm getting more confused than ever at this point.  I really am not sure who I want with whom, but I do know that friends need to respect each other and not make moves on the guys/girls the friend has feelings for.

Ok, all that long rant just to get to the point that I am so tired of all the dreams made to look like reality!!  I actually thought they were getting it on this week, and it upset me for the reasons I gave above.  They need to stop all that and do it quickly.  I guess with Chad and Theresa walking in on them in each other's arms it could signal some kind of movement toward settling all this, but I am willing to bet they will explain it away and Chad and Theresa will swallow it whole.  But then, maybe, just maybe, Theresa will have a clue, since she was already suspicious of Whitney begging her to come up there.  She's a smart girl and maybe she'll figure it out.  I sure hope so.

As for Antonio/Sheridan/Luis/Alistair, this was another of those weeks that looked like it had promise, then fizzled out.  I like the idea Antonio followed Alistair's urging and took off with Sheridan.  It fit his personality and just seemed so right, you know?  But then the plane blew up, and Sheridan was supposed to be dead - AGAIN! - and it started downhill from there.  I had just barely gotten the thought "Oh, no, not again!!  Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!!!!!"  moaned in my mind than Luis walked in to the lounge and there she sat, in one piece.  I was shocked, I tell you.  Then, when she gave the explanation, I was dumbfounded.  Antonio finally came to his senses?  He stopped the plane and let her out?  And no one in the tower noticed the plane sitting in the middle of the runway while this happened?  Never mind the fact that now it would have had to go all the way back to the beginning of the runway so it could get up enough speed to lift off, by the way.  No, according to the controllers, the plane had taken off as scheduled, it was gone and they could do nothing at that point.  But then for some reason it was circling the town, in plain site of the guys in the tower, and it just blew up in midair.  I tell you, if the writers are older than junior high kids, it would surprise the heck out of me.  Ok, so write stories that are strange, with witches, demons, evil spells, angels, and a guy who has cameras and microphones in every room in every house and business in town.  Fine.  But come on, now.  At least make the normal, everyday facts of nature and life work like they are supposed to, ok?  Now, I know Chris, who plays Antonio, has left the show and they aren't supposed to be replacing him, but I know they are never going to find his body.  They are going to say he is dust all over Harmony and they will never find anything that even resembles anything they could get DNA off of, but he will be back.  I am as sure of that as I am that the sun will come up tomorrow.  I just hope they make him more believable next time.  Anyway, Sheridan didn't really get kidnapped, she didn't really die in the explosion, and all's right with the world.  Except that was one of the lamest stories I've seen all week.

Does anyone believe Martin will really talk to Luis on Monday?  He is looking like he might, but I don't think so.  I think he will sneak back into town, only being brought to light after Alistair is found dead, and he was photographed leaving the spot in a hurry.  Then they'll recognize him and know he's still alive.  And believe me, Alistair will be killed, or at least it will look like he's killed before too long.  At this point we have heard Martin, Luis, Dr. Kirkland, Julian, TC, and Eve threaten to kill him, so you know it's coming.  I hope it doesn't take too long, either.  I am really tired of him.  Anyway, I can't help wondering how Pilar knew it was him on the phone when he didn't make a sound while she was listening?  Is she psychic, too?  I have to tell you, that was one of the  weirdest things I've seen in a long time, but she was right.  I really can't wait for him and Katherine to get back to town and have the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan find out he left with his lover, putting her health and welfare above his own wife and kids all those years.  They really are trying to make their decision brave, wonderful one, aren't they?  They want us  to feel sorry for and admire these two cheaters, liars, and thieves, but I for one will never feel that way.  I detest them both and nothing they can say or do will change that.

One more time they got us with their dream sequences when we thought Liz had gone and brought Aunt Irma home to blow the whistle on Eve.  Of course, she had only just asked the institution about faxing permission, so it seemed awfully fast, but stranger things have happened.  But, it was all just Liz fantasizing about it.  I think when she gets Aunt Irma there, something will happen to make Liz look stupid and Aunt Irma totally senile, while TC will believe whatever Eve tells him.  I just don't see it ending at this time, although it would be nice.  But please, make it an ending that makes sense, not just whatever you can think up in two minutes time.

As for Charity, that girl will never get a clue.  She constantly says she doesn't want to be with Miguel any longer, that he has to stay away, yet she is always hunting him down, or sitting with him when he hunts her down.  Just run, silly.  If you really don't want to be with him, just run when you see him coming.  Or better yet, get out of town and stay out.  That sounds easy, doesn't it?  So why hasn't she thought of it yet?  She's really giving blonds a bad name, isn't she? 

Anyway, this week was full of almosts and coulda beens, but short on real, actual stories that grabbed us and made us want to come back.  I really am so disappointed in the writing lately.  I have never thought it was as good as it should be, but it's really gotten sloppy and boring lately, and I certainly hope they pick it up, and soon.  It seems the sound of fans in retreat is getting deafening as we speak, and it will only get worse if someone doesn't get writers who know what they are doing soon.  But that's just my opinion.  Then again, that's what I'm here for, right?  See you all next week.

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