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Shirley's Opinion #67

By Shirley

6/14 - 6/18/04

What a week.  Oh, not that it was all that good, but it was a good mixture, and that's something to cheer about, right?  We all know there have been many, many weeks of nothing good at all, so I think we need to cheer when we have the chance, even if only half-heartedly.

First of all, hooray for Shuis!!  Sheridan finally remembered she really loves Luis, at last.  But.....was anyone else as unimpressed with her "remembery" as I was?  I mean, after all the things he has done to help her remember, even taking her on a sexy get-away (ok, he kidnapped her) to a deserted island, and all it took was watching him walk through the door on his way to jail to do it?  Don't get me wrong.  I loved the flashback montage.  I really did.  But it just seemed like such an anemic method of remembering to me.  I know, I'm being entirely too picky about it, but it just wasn't the big Oomph I was waiting for.  It just doesn't seem as good as I thought it would be.  And of course we already know they aren't really going to be together for a while, yet, so maybe that's what's dampening it.  It just feels too much like the big reveal of what's in TC's shed.  The same kind of "Is that all there is?" feeling of the kid who only gets one present for Christmas and it's a pair of new underwear.

I'm still trying to figure out why Theresa broke up with Fox.  I thought she was going to confess what she had done, or at least the general outline of it, and then Fox would get angry and run to Whitney, but no.  She told him she can't be with him anymore because she loves someone else more.  Now, all of us know she meant Little Ethan, and that simply makes no sense without being said in the context of her having done something horrible but it's only because she loves him so much.  I simply have the feeling that the writers aren't even trying anymore.  They say "Let's take the story this way" and then either take the shortest path, or else simply transport the characters to where they want them, leaving us with no explanation of how they got there.  It just feels like they are skipping steps at every turn.  I'm not sure what the outcome will be for these six characters (Fox, Theresa, Ethan, Gwen, Whitney, and Chad) but I sure hope they do a better job of giving us the story from here on out.

Now, I'm really confused here.  Just when did Liz become Eve's half sister?  Oh, yeah.  When the writers decided to have Aunt Irma be the pivotal character in the secret-leaking game.  Well, once again, the writers have taken a short cut from left field.  I really wish they would stop that, you know?  Anyway, now we find out that Eve has locked up her poor old Aunt Irma to keep her quiet.  First off, let me say I think Aunty is right where she belongs, personally.  That lady is wacko!  But at the same time I keep asking myself how Liz, even as a half sister, wouldn't have known something about her at all, especially since Aunt Irma supposedly was around Eve quite a bit while she was growing up and knows about everything that happened to her.  It just doesn't make sense and is another example of loose writing habits.  I mean, since Liz has been gone all those years, it isn't surprising she wouldn't know their Aunt was in a nursing home, or that Eve had secreted her away when she really doesn't need to be there.  Why take the step of changing them to half sisters after all this time?  Well, it's just one of those things that will never have a satisfactory explanation, like why it rains every time you wash your car.

I did love the connection between Julian and Ivy this week.  I thought it was one of the better written scenes, actually, and fit quite nicely into both their old personalities and their new ones.  I like the way they could finally resolve the fact that neither of them wanted to be in the marriage in the first place, and they need to get over it and get on with their lives now.  I loved how Ivy finally showed some interest in what's going on with Fox, too.  Poor kid certainly never had a mother's love growing up, but I guess maybe it's better late than never.  It has brought back the Ivy that began the show, and I have really missed her a lot.  While Julian's transformation has been an enjoyable one, the changes in Ivy have really bugged me, since I started out admiring her and the person she was and ended up seeing her as an evil, selfish, heartless witch, with a capital "B".  I certainly like the original better, in her case.

Finally, what can I say about Kay?  I know she's done horrible things, but I also know she did it out of her immense craving to be loved, and I can't overlook that fact.  All she's ever wanted is to be loved, and she never felt it from her mother, especially since Charity came to live with them.  She placed all her hopes for love on Miguel, and has tried to guard them very jealously, and that's what caused her to do the things she's done.  I really do feel sorry for her.  Now she will never be able to have the family she wanted to have because of that all-consuming need to keep Miguel.  I hope this means she will be through with him for good.  I also hope it doesn't turn her even more bitter and resentful.  I would love to see Kay turn her desire for a family into a driving need to help kids whose lives aren't very happy.  You know, like a foster mother, or something like that.  And I really want someone to come to town who will love her like she needs to be loved.  And in light of what has happened to her, I hope more than ever that the rumors going around of Charity and Miguel leaving and taking Maria with them are untrue.  That would be too much to bear, in my opinion, and as tired as I am of the things going on already with this show, it might just be the straw that sends me looking for something else to watch.

Well, next week seems as if it could be an exciting one, so I'm looking forward to it with some anticipation.  Hopefully it will be somewhere near as good as it seems it could be.  I will let you know whether I think it is or not next time.

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