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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #65

By Shirley

5/24 - 5/28/04

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like our wish is about to become granted.  I say "looks like" because, as we all know, things are not always as they seem on this show.  But, with any luck, our prayers have been answered and the most beautiful couple on daytime TV will soon be reunited.

Now, before we all start cheering, let's take a look at what's going on.  Luis has kidnapped Sheridan and whisked her away to an island somewhere off the coast of Harmony to help her remember she loves him.  Now, we all know it didn't start out that way, but once Alistair made off with Dr. Ackland, who was supposed to tell Sheridan the truth, it seemed to be the only way to go.  So he grabbed her, stuffed her in the back seat, and took off.  Now, I've got to say, Ms. Sheridan has a lot of new talents I never knew she had before.  She starts out in the back seat, and lickity split, as quick as that, she is up in the front seat.  I'm still wondering how that happened, but I guess stranger things have happened.  Like, for instance, the way the kidnapping is a last-ditch effort on Luis' part to force her to remember she loves him, yet when they get to the island, he has enough stuff stashed on that boat to last a year or two, at least.  Where did it come from?  Beats me.  The only thing I can figure is that they waited an awful long time on the dock before the old man that runs the boat rental business finally told them their boat was ready, so maybe he put it all there.  Maybe it comes with all the boats he rents - a kind of emergency supply stash, just in case you get stranded on a desert island while out fishing, ala Gilligan.  Yeah, that could be it.  But wait, there's more. 

When Sheridan was in the cottage, and Antonio was leaving to talk to Pilar, she only had her dress on, not her jacket, and that dress didn't have a back on it.  There were only a couple of thin straps crossed over and tied.  However, when they got to the island and she took off the jacket, there was a bathing suit underneath.  Now, why did she have that suit on?  Was she planning to jump off the plane they were taking to St. Lisa's somewhere over the ocean and then swim the rest of the way there?  And if so, still you have to wonder when she put it on, because she sure didn't have it on while she was all ready to go, waiting for Antonio to get back.  No, that lady is some kind of fast change artist, and probably, while she was still in the back seat, she slipped the suit on, got her dress and jacket back on, and then climbed into the front seat.  Yeah, that must be it.

Anyway, they end up on an island, where Sheridan is still furious at Luis for taking her away from the "man I love".  He just laughs it off and goes fishing, catching dinner for them to bond over once it's cooked.  And then, strangest of all, he decides to go treasure hunting.  Says he spent a lot of time there, looking for the lost treasure of some  pirate, but never found anything.  So, he goes and jumps in the lake - er - ocean, and she follows, and then begins one of the biggest mysteries of all:  How on earth did these two end up with the lung capacity of elephants?  I mean, they were down there swimming for several minutes, and wonder of wonders, he actually finds the old ship this time.  They go inside, find a chest, open it, and find all kinds of treasure.  Then they kiss.  Not a little peck n the cheek, either.  A big, long, sloppy kiss, the kind dreams are made of.  And still not one breath of air all this time!  It's amazing, I tell you.  Then they decide to go back.  She swims ahead, never noticing that Luis gets stuck on an old hook or anchor and then gets pinned down by a huge, heavy beam, not allowing him to move or get loose.  He passes out.  Now, human nature is such that once your lungs get empty of air, you are going to take a breath, not matter what you're breathing.  That means he, at some point, must have gotten two lungs full of water.  Add to that the fact that once you pass out, your body takes over and holding your breath is not even an option at that point, so maybe he breathed in two lungs full of water, expelled them, and breathed in two more.  I don't know, but by all rights, he should have been done for.  Anyway, while he's back there breathing water, she makes it to shore and goes about her business, never noticing that he didn't follow her.  So....just how oblivious is this girl, anyway?  LOL!! Be that as it may, she finally decides he may not have gotten out of the water, swims halfway back, figures maybe he did get out, only further upshore, and starts to turn back!!  Holy crumolies!  What was she thinking?  Ok, she stopped herself and went on and found him after all, but you really have to wonder about her thinking abilities, don't you?  All's well that ends well, though, since she finally found him (and man, when did she turn into Superwoman?  Did you see the way she tossed that heavy beam like it was made of balsam wood or something?) and brought him back to life.  I tell you what, these two really need to stick to each other.  How many times has each saved the other's life so far?  I've lost count.

Wow, how about Faithless, or Evil Faith, whichever.  I prefer Faithless myself.  Anyway, Tabby tries to get her to "do away with" Charity, but of course it backfires.  Kay, bless her heart, refused to allow Tabby to have Faithless kill Charity, showing she still has a heart in there somewhere, and talks her into having the Evil Faith persuade Charity to leave Miguel alone.  Now, contrary to the storyline, I happen to think Faithless showed a whole lot more restraint in dealing with Charity than I would have.  About the third time she whined "Why?" at me, I would have strangled her!  LOL!  That girl really is dumb as a stump, isn't she?   What part of "If you don't leave Miguel alone, many people will suffer" doesn't she understand?  "Why, why, why, but why, why.." UGH!!  I was glad when the show was over so I didn't have to hear any more of that, you know?

And how about the fact that Eve was actually the one who ran into TC, ending his tennis career?  There was Julian, doing what he's always done - protecting Eve from being blamed for anything, throwing himself in front of the bullet for her.  Or, in this case, the flying fists of TC.  Man, that guy sure deserves better than he's gotten over the years.  No wonder he's been such a creep.  What did he have to look forward to?  The one woman he loved more than his own life married the man who hates him the most, and she hated him, too.  I really feel so bad for poor Julian, and it's all Eve's fault.  Well, ok, Alistair had a big part in it, and Julian could have been stronger and stood up to him, but he was young and didn't know better.  I don't blame Eve for hating him, either, but she really shouldn't have allowed him to take the blame for all the things she's done, either.  I know, she didn't realize she had been driving when the accident happened with TC, but she did know she was allowing Julian to be blamed for all the other stuff, and that's just not right.  She had better come out and confess all now, that's all I've got to say.

Ok, the rest was just the same old stuff, ongoing, so I'm not going to waste space with it.  And I really don't want to get into the Martin/Katherine story again, either.  Nothing has changed in my opinion of them or their story, so I'm not getting into it again.  Maybe next week, if there's anything new.  For now, though, that's about it.  I am waiting to see what this pirate thing is they showed us in the previews, and hoping it's not going to be so stupid I'll be sorry I watched, and I'm hoping this will be the week when Eve comes clean with TC.  But I doubt it very much.  Anyway, I'll be back next week, God willing, and give you my take of what I've seen during the week.

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