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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #64

By Shirley

5/17 - 5/21/04

Sorry about this, everyone.  I thought I got it all out last week, you know?  I really thought it was over and done with, but then I made the mistake of watching the show this week and it all came back - in spades!  Yes, I have to complain about the new couple they are shoving down our throats again. 

I really thought I had said everything possible last time and I could move on to new subjects, but I just have to tell you that now I have decided I actually hate these two people.  I know, they aren't real, but I swear, I do hate them both.  Now, that's a horrible way to have to start out thinking about new characters, but really, the writers have left me no choice.  Did you watch and listen to those two this week?  I was flabbergasted, I tell you!  How in God's name can two people be so heartless and evil, while supposedly having been such good, decent human beings for the last five years?  OK, I know, Eve is still there, but I'm beginning to think these two have surpassed even her in evilness.

OK, here's what has me so upset.  I cannot believe they can sit there talking about the life they've led and how happy they are with it while knowing all the pain and problems they left behind in Harmony.  And they are happy and proud of it!  They smile, and simper, and get all lovey-dovey while talking about the fact they are both adulterers and just up and took off, leaving behind their children and his loving wife to face all the pain and hardships they have suffered all these years.  It is absolutely maddening, I tell you. 

What are these writers thinking, giving us characters who are just sickening examples of the worst kind of human behavior?  I mean, we put men in jail for taking off and failing to support their minor children, yet they want us to admire and feel sorry for this jerk who left the wife who loved and still loves him with all her heart to face life trying to raise five children she couldn't afford? His actions caused her to have to send one of the kids away for years because she couldn't afford to take care of her, yet he was living in luxury all the while.  JER, what on earth are you thinking?  These are not nice people, no matter how hard you try to convince us otherwise.  You really need to get a better class of friends if these are the type of people you think are decent.  You couldn't be further from the truth.  And to do a total 180 degree turnaround on them while introducing them to us is a really stupid move.  We would like to care about these people, you know?  We have cared about them, actually, yet now you bring them on with no redeeming qualities whatsoever?  We haven't even been given the chance to try to like them.  Bad move, in my opinion, because it's only going to go downhill from here.  Once they get back to town and everyone realizes who they are and begin feeling the pain of their betrayal, it certainly is not going to make us like them more.  What a mistake.

OK, now on to other subjects.  Like Shuis, for instance.  I hate to hope too much, because we have been here before and been sadly disappointed, but it looks like we may finally be getting our wish next week.  They may actually reunite for good.  Or at least for a while, anyway.  As long as it really happens and it lasts longer than a few days, I will be thrilled, though.  After all these years, to have them together and happy would be such a good thing that I could even forget about the new guys.  Nah, not really, but it could make it less painful.

Looks like Theresa has gotten herself into another pickle (what's new?).  This time, however, I have a feeling it's going to blow her relationship with Fox out of the water, and that's not something I look forward to.  I really like her with Fox.  I know, she's supposed to be with Ethan, but I have such a low opinion of him now that I'd rather see her with Fox.  Man, the writers have pretty much assassinated the characters of all our favorite Harmonyites, haven't they?  Sheesh!  Anyway, I keep hoping Ms. L/F has grown up and given up on her plots and schemes, but no such luck.  OK, I do understand why she wanted to be pregnant with G & E's baby, but it's gone from stupid to absolutely ridiculous in the last couple of weeks.  They really need to let her grow up.

Isn't Endora just the cutest little thing?  I get such a kick out of watching Tabby with her.  Tabby is as sweet as can be with her "Little Demon", and Endora just adds to the fun.  I am enjoying this part of the show, and the whole Cinderella debacle was just too cute.  OK, Kay ended up buck naked at the end, but did she really deserve any better?  I know, I have been one of her biggest supporters, and I still think she's gotten a raw deal, but you have to admit she really should let Miguel go with Charity and find herself a real man.

I am cringing at the fact Sam is falling for Ivy.  I am hoping it is the harbinger of the return of Grace and the exposure of all Ivy's dirty tricks, but I'm not going to hang my hopes on that.  I will just have to keep fast forwarding through their "love" scenes.  Yuck!!  And the same for Chad and Whitney.  Enough is enough, you know?  We have known for years that they are siblings, yet we are forced to keep watching them go at it like alleycats and I, for one, am totally sick of it.  End this now, OK?  It is really sickening. They can find something else for Chad to do, like getting to know his real parents, etc, and Whitney can date Hank for a while.   Hey, now that's not a half bad idea.  OK, so he's supposed to be older than her, but it's no different than Ethan and Theresa.  Why not?  I think they'd make a great couple, and it would finally give Hank a real woman to love.  Let Chad be the only guy in Harmony who can't get a date for a while.

Antonio.  OK, what can I say?  The guy is as exciting as a bump on a log, except for the fact he's a good looking guy.  He is painfully dumb, sickeningly possessive of Sheridan, and totally disrespectful toward his own mother.  Gee, so what's not to like, right?  But the best part is, he's leaving pretty soon.  I know, there are a lot of women out there who love him, but....come on.  Antonio needs to get out of Dodge!  And anyway, Christopher is supposed to end up in Salem some time soon, so you won't even miss him.  And come on, be honest, it's not Antonio you want to see, it's Chris' beautiful blue eyes and hunky bod,  and you will get all that and hopefully more when he makes the switch.  And we won't have to hear him whining about "maah waaf " any longer.  LOL!

OK, that's about it.  The rest is just the same old same old for now.  I'll meet you here next week and we can talk about how the Shuis reunion turns out - if it does - and what Theresa's latest stunt is going to end up as.  And yes, probably some more ranting about the new kids on the block.  I know, enough already, but if they have these jerks doing any more mooning over how wonderful it's been for them, totally ignoring how horrible life has been for those they left behind, I will probably be back, venting some more.  Just come prepared, OK?

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