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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #63

By Shirley

5/10 - 5/14/04

Those of you who are not in the mood for a huge, angry rant, move on to the next item on this page because that's exactly what I am putting out here.  I just want to warn you first.

All right, here goes.  What in God's name is JER thinking?  Ok, I've been upset with him before.  A lot, actually, but this time he has gone way too far.  Now, that's saying a lot, considering he's given us Sheridan dying - how many times?  Three? Four? - and he's yet to give us one couple who's actually happy for more than 20 minutes.  He turned Ethan into a simpering wimp, jumping through Gwen's hoop, and made TC into a maniacal idiot, beating the tar out of anyone he gets upset with.  He has allowed Beth to get away with kidnapping and killing Sheridan and stealing her baby to pass off as her own, with nothing being done to remedy it yet.  He has turned Grace from a loving, respectable wife and mother into a horny broad who chose to drop her beloved family and take off with a total stranger she was told had been her husband just so she could "find out what it would be like" with him.  He has turned Eve into the worst of all the characters, even though she is supposed to be decent and ethical, by having her allow everyone she claims to care about to suffer just so her own secrets remain secret.  All of these things and more he has put us through, and I have griped about it each and every time.  But believe me, that was nothing compared to what I'm about to explode with.

What the heck is the idea of bringing Katherine Crane back from the dead and letting us in on the fact she has been alive and well in Mexico with Martin Fitzgerald all this time!  And they have been living with Pilar's family, including Paloma, the daughter she had to give up because her beloved husband just up and left her with five kids and she couldn't afford to take care of all of them.  Ohmygod!!!  Not only does he go against everything we have been told all these years, but he expects us to believe these loving people are actually cold, heartless, selfish jerks that have been living high on the hog while Pilar and family have been struggling and Sheridan has been trying to deal with the "death" of her mother and thinking she possibly killed Martin!  I swear, if I had any respect for the talent and ideas of this guy before, I certainly wouldn't have now.  This really takes the cake as far as dirty, low down, immoral storylines go.

Where on earth does he come up with these perverted ideas?  Who are the people he hangs out with?  Do any of you know real people who would do the kind of things he has his characters doing all the time?  Do mothers leave their kids anywhere it's convenient so they can go out and socialize with their friends or have a tryst with someone else's husband?  And if so, does your whole town think of them as the world's best Mom?  Not in my world!  How about someone who is supposed to be a decent person who thinks nothing of backstabbing their best friend, or lying about important things, or any of the other myriad of things these people do each and every day to those they are closest to?  Never!!  Yet JER's world in Passions is crawling with these people.  It's hard to know who to like when even the good guys are pulling stuff like that.  And now we are presented with the worst case of lying, cheating, and backstabbing yet.  I just can't believe he would do this.

Katherine has been dead this whole time.  We have never had any doubt, since every time Sheridan has died, she has talked to her in heaven.  Or is Katherine really her mother?  Is her real mother dead, and Katherine is only the woman she was told was her mother?  To tell the truth, I don't think I really want to know.  And by the way, where was Alistair's famous spy cam network when his wife left with his rival?  I thought he saw and heard everything anyone in Harmony did any time of the day or night.  Yet he believes she died, so much so that he has been making Sheridan pay for her death, since he believes her birth is what ultimately killed his wife.  What gives?  And the worst thing is knowing that Martin just left his wife who loved him so much she has never even considered finding another man as well as his children.  And he never sent them one red cent of support!  What kind of lowlife is this guy?  Oh, I'm sure JER will come up with some plausible explanation, and some may accept it and go along with it, but not me.  And I certainly hope the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan won't accept it, either.  The one thing that might make me feel better about this whole thing is seeing Luis take a 2 x 4 and use it to beat the living daylights out of Martin! And then maybe Pilar can tear Katherine's hair out one at a time, and claw her eyes out, and......well, you get the picture.  Nothing else will give me any measure of satisfaction with this senseless, useless, ignorant, evil, insane story!  Nothing!

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