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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #62

By Shirley

5/3 - 5/7/04

So, Luis goes undercover and sneaks into Crane Industries in disguise, where he manages to break into Alistair's private safe and make off with a stack of CD's that are going to blow the Cranes totally out of the water.  Hooray!!  The end is near!  All he has to do is decode them.  So he gets Hank to sneak a decoder disk out of the Police department, and he uses it night and day, decoding what Alistair wrote in those disks, making the information on them available for all to see.  Then he sets it up so he can show them to the people of Harmony at the big Harmony Founders Day Ball, so everyone will know what has been done to them, and so that Sheridan will realize that her father did brainwash her and make her believe she's in love with Antonio when she really loves Luis.  Hooray!! Finally!!

The big night arrives, and we see a bunch of people in fancy clothes moving almost robotically around the floor, waiting for the big reveal.  And then it happens.  Pictures of documents flash on the screen.  I can't tell what the heck they say, but the people there can, and they are incensed.  But then, with Beth's help, Alistair's goons break in and steal the disks, and they almost get away, only to have Luis, Hank, Sam, and Chad catch them and get the disks back.  Whew!  Almost lost 'em. 

Ok, so now we get to see what's up.  Only.......we don't.  Oh, we see pictures of Luis and Sheridan on the yacht (how did they do that?) and we see the boat blow up (again, how?) but that's all.  It ends there.  And next week we will see Alistair give Luis a choice.  He can keep the disks and reveal the truth, or he can give them back to Alistair and let his mother have a chance to live.  Anybody want to make a guess what he will choose? Can you believe it?  They have done it to us again!!  They build up this big reveal, make us believe we are finally going to see someone pay for the evil they've done, but when it gets right down to it.....nothing.

Another example this week - TC's shed.  We have waited with bated breath for five years to see what on earth he has in that shed that is so horrible, so gross or whatever that no one has ever been allowed to see it but him. It's kept under lock and key, and he goes haywire if he even thinks someone is going to go in there and see it.  What could it be?  His father's corpse, preserved ala Norman Bates' Mom?  A Santeria montage - candles, dead chickens, voodoo dolls of Julian?  TC's Little Bo Peep costume that he wears when he's feeling low to perk himself up?  No!  It's nothing but the rusty, crushed old car he was in when Julian (or whomever) crashed into him and ended his promising tennis career.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I guessed that one a long time ago, but even I thought that couldn't really be it.  It had to be something horrible.  But no, it was the car.  Another let down.  Of course, we should be used to that by now, it's happened so often, but somehow we just keep letting ourselves get suckered in again and again.

Oh, and look at Theresa.  She is finally over Ethan, has Fox at her side to support her through all the dumb things she does, and we are happy that she is finally happy and over that wimp, Ethan.  She even figures out how to get her son back from Gwen.  Oh,  it all looks so good, and we are so going to enjoy watching Gwen and Rebecca squirm, knowing their flesh and blood is growing inside Theresa's womb.  But....once again, no go.  She lost the baby.  Now, someone explain why that was necessary?  It was a good story, a great way to go, but they just couldn't let it be.  No, they have to get Theresa hooked back up with Ethan, breaking Fox's heart in the process.  Oh, my gosh, I am sooo disappointed in the way this is going now.  She's seducing Ethan so she can "replace" the baby she lost...come on.  Why didn't they just let her continue to carry the implanted baby and let it go at that?  They hate us, I tell you.  They absolutely hate us.

Well, on another front, I guess maybe they aren't so crazy about their actresses, either.  Did you see those gowns they were wearing?  Good heavens, some of them were awful.  Ok, Kay's dress was all right, I guess, but come on.  What's up with those sleeves?  I know, they have been telling us all along that Kay was going to have a Cinderella moment, but did they really have to dress her in Cindy's old dress?  And the one Charity designed that Kay changed the dimensions on.  I don't care that it was messed up by Kay's shenanigans.  It was ugly before Kay ever touched the picture.  Ugh!!  I did love the fact that the guy Ivy got for Charity to try to impress with her designs told her they were ugly, then fell all over himself over Kay's gown.  I absolutely loved it!  Rebecca's gown wasn't that bad, although it was supposed to be.  If they had taken the feathers off, it wouldn't have been bad, and I love the color on her.  Gwen's dress was great, and I also loved Theresa's, but Pilar's was a little too matronly for her.  I still remember her in that slinky black dress a while back, the one that made my sons stop dead in their tracks, mouths open, drool on their chins.  She really did look "hot", as they said.  This time, she just looked old.  Eve's dress was OK, but it seemed designed simply to showcase her....chest, shall we say.  Whiteness was a little boring, until you saw the back, and Beth's was fine.  Edna...well, what can I say.  At least she has a little more color than her usually browns and grays.  And didn't she have fun with Hank?  Poor guy.  She was really the only one who did seem to be enjoying herself, though.  I swear, that was the most boring dance I have ever seen, and there is no way I would ever have forked over $100 to go to that one.  I guess we'll still be there on Monday, at least for a while.  Man, we went through all this boring stuff for nothing.  It really does make me angry!  Hopefully it will get better, and hopefully Luis actually did make copies and put them somewhere, like he said.  Otherwise, this has just been another wasted week, and I'm getting too old to want to continue wasting time like this.  How about you?

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