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Shirley's Opinion #60

By Shirley

4/19 - 4/23/04

I have a confession to make.  As you may or may not remember, I have been a huge Ethan/Theresa fan since the show started.  Sure, I have been upset with Ethan because of his wishy-washy attitude, and because he allows Gwen and Rebecca to lead him around by the nose, but I have always felt he and Theresa should be together, and will be at some point.  I have liked Fox, but never really thought he and Theresa would be that good together and that he would eventually end up with Whitney.  Well, after the last few weeks, and especially after this week, I have now officially become a Therox fan.  I am moved by the way he takes care of her, is always there to support her and help her do what she feels she has to do even if he doesn't think it's such a great idea, and is willing to stick up for her when everyone else is ready to throttle her.  Well, after yesterday when he actually stepped in front of her, willing to let himself be sliced and diced by Gwen and her broken bottle rather than let her get to Theresa I am totally in the Therox corner.  Ethan has shown himself to be too weak to stand up against Gwen and her Mother-from-Hell time and time again.  He stands there looking like he wants to cry, and he makes halfhearted attempts to get them to stop torturing her, but he still goes along with them in everything they do to her.  Sure, he says he will give Little Ethan back, and he was paying Woody and helping behind the scenes with Theresa's defense, but come on.  That's the wimp's way out.  No, Fox has shown he truly loves her.  He has shown he inherited his father's capacity to sacrifice all for the woman he loves.  And he is always there for her when she needs him, never putting her down or talking to her like she's a child.  Yes, I have changed sides in this whole thing and I am now squarely in the Therox corner.  Ethan can keep his psycho, vindictive bride and the witch that spawned her.  He deserves them both.  Theresa belongs with Fox.

Ok, now on to other things.  Luis is getting closer to getting the goods on Alistair.  He's still waiting for the decoding disc to open the files and let him see what he's got, but he's getting there.  He almost had Sheridan convinced he's on the right track, too, but leave it to Dooftonio to talk her out of it.  Grrrrr, I am so not liking him with Sheridan!!  Sorry all you Antonio fans, but I just can't stand him now.  Oh, he is still gorgeous, hunky, sexy - all the superlatives you can think of - but he is so brain-dead, selfish, childish, name it.  It really just detracts from all his good qualities and totally turns me off.  I am hoping Luis will get the information on Alistair soon so Shuis can be together and all this angst can be done away with.  And by the way, what on earth were the writers thinking when they did that whole dream sequence with Luis?  Didn't they realize that we would be furious when they made us think the end was finally here and they were reunited, only to yank the rug out from under us by making it all a dream by Luis?  Man, these guys like to live dangerously, don't they?  I, for one, am ready to storm the gates of their studio and let them know just how much I hated that stunt.  It's a good thing I have to work and can't get down there!  Ok, they'd probably see me out there and laugh, but I can dream, can't I?  I mean, everyone on this show can, so why not me?

So, did you all get as queasy as I did when Kay dove into the fish gut tank to get those tickets to the dance?  Yuck-ola!!!  Man, I sure hope that dance is worth what she went through to get the tickets, but I have the definite feeling it won't be.  Miguel and Charity have been pussyfooting all over the place lately, seemingly destined to reunite soon.  Then they are going to ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again.......Poor Kay.  Actually, I think she's better off getting rid of the wimpy boy-toy.  He seems to be perfectly happy to let Kay go work in that stinky, grody fish plant while he lazes around the house dreaming of Charity.  He isn't even watching the baby, for goodness sake!  He's supposed to be doing his school work but all he does is sit around pining for his lost love.  What a man!  Just what I want for my daughters.  NOT!!!  Well, as I said, good riddance to bad rubbish.  Maybe now Kay will be able to find a real man, someone who will love her unconditionally, like Fox loves Theresa.  Then she will be able to settle down, get her life in order, and live happily ever after with the family she deserves.  I can't wait for that day to get here.

Well, the big Founder's Day Dance is coming up, and it promises to be an exciting time.  It looks like a lot of things are going to start popping around Harmony.  Secrets will be revealed, love will grow while hearts will break, and a lot of people in that little village will never be the same when it's over.  I can't wait for that!! 

All in all, this was a pretty good week, in my opinion, and we were rewarded with the looks on Gwen and Rebecca's faces when they realized Gwen's baby is now growing in Theresa's womb - or as Rebecca put it, her grandchild has to spend 9 months in a Mexican prison - and I think it is fantastic!  I have to say I am so tired of all the Mexican put downs used by Rebecca that I could scream, but I think that was a totally wonderful way for her to see what's happening.  It is such just rewards for all her evil, racist actions over the years.  To have her grandchild nourished and growing inside one of the very people she feels so superior to is absolutely the best revenge against her I can think of.  I just hope it all works out ok.  I am somewhat worried by the fact Theresa was crowing about knowing she's pregnant as soon as the implant was finished - that's impossible, actually.  But then, this is Harmony, so it could happen.  But I have the terrible feeling it is foreshadowing the outcome of the pregnancy not taking hold.  And if that's the case, the scenario of her sneaking in and seducing Ethan disguised as Gwen isn't as far-fetched as it might seem.  Oh, good heavens, I hope I'm wrong.  That would really be too much.

Ok, on that horrible thought I will close for this week.  Here's hoping this coming week will bring us more action, more happiness for Harmony's residents, and good luck for the good guys for once.  Hey, it could happen!

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