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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #59

By Shirley

4/12 - 4/16/04

Ok, so you're sitting there watching your favorite soap, wishing they would hurry up and get to the end of the story....any story.  You know it's never going to happen since you've been watching for five years with no resolutions in sight, but still, hope springs eternal, as they say.  Anyway, there you are, sitting, waiting, hoping....and one of the stories breaks!!  It takes a minute or two to realize something really big has just happened, but it only takes a second or so to come up with the "logical" answer to what you are seeing and how they will play it so it's not what it looks like.  You know, like they always do.  But then, wonder of wonders, you see that it's true.  Someone really has moved closer to finding the answer to practically all the questions ever asked on the show!!  And then you faint from the shock.

Ok, so I didn't really faint, but I did feel pretty woozy for a minute or two.  I mean, come on.  Luis actually managed to find a way to get into Alistair's office and on top of that he managed to find the safe and get his hands on the key to open it!  Now, that has to be among the top 10 Wonders of the Modern World, right?  BUT - it really isn't the real stuff.  That's it.  Alistair found out about Luis' plans and replaced all the real information hidden in the safe with some fake stuff.  Yeah, that was it, right?  But no!!  It is the real McCoy!  Alistair had a fit when he saw the stuff was missing, and he even went to find Luis and get the stuff back.  He was willing to kill him for it, until Luis reminded him others would know who had killed him and why.

Ok, so maybe I'm making too big a deal out of this, but just think of it.  Luis has in his hands the answer to every question we have ever asked about this show, every secret ever hinted at but never revealed.  He has the key to bring about the reunion of him and Sheridan, Julian and Eve and their son, Martin Fitzgerald and his family, Grace and Sam - Harmony could finally be a happy place.  He might even have the information that would let Ethan know who really outted his paternity to the tabloid, and the fact that he's been played like a cheap fiddle by Rebecca and his own "sweet" wife, Gwen.  And no doubt he can also tell us what is in that damnable shed of TC's!  Now, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, because first, Luis has to figure out how to decode all the discs, and second, there's always the chance Alistair will manage to get the discs back, especially since he has Beth working for him.  You know Luis is dumb enough to keep her informed of what's going on, and I wouldn't doubt that he might give the discs to her to keep for him.  Of course you know she would give them right back to Alistair.  But, hopefully he will be able to come up with enough information to get the stories we have been chewing on all these years finished finally and move on to others.  Oh, how I hope it is all true.

Ok, enough about that.  How sweet is the romance between Fox and Theresa?  Have you ever seen a more loving, caring partner than Fox?  He is so good to Theresa, and no matter what she does, he's there for her, either helping her do whatever dumb thing she's determined to do, or helping her out of the consequences of doing it.  I've got to tell you, I have been a huge Ethan/Theresa fan since the show started, and there is still a part of me that want's them back together, but I am really loving Fox with Theresa.  My only hope is that he is over his lust for Whitney, because Theresa has had enough pain in her life.  I know, she is to blame for most of it, and mostly because she stepped on Rebecca's toes, but she has more than paid for all of the stupid mistakes and misguided antics she has participated in and it's time for her to find real, true, love.  I am loving the kidnapped eggs story.  It is so fitting, such great revenge for what Gwen and Rebecca have done to her, isn't it?  Absolutely perfect!  I sure hope it works out the way she wants it to.  I have heard some disturbing rumors about a blonde wig and an "adulterous sleepover", but I just really hope that's all they are - rumors.  I would hate for that to happen.  I do love the idea of Theresa carrying Gwen's baby to term.  Can you imagine Rebecca's consternation at the fact her grandchild is being carried by, as she calls her, the Taco Queen?  Oh, what a just reward for all her racist remarks about Theresa and her whole family.  This looks like it's really going to be a great story.  You know.  "Rebecca, eat a live earthworm or I'll drink a whole bottle of whiskey".  "Gwen, tell me how beautiful I am and how stupid Ethan was to trade me in for you, or I'll smoke a whole carton of cigarettes."  Ok, so that's just stupid, but you get the idea.  She could hold the well-being of that baby out as a trade for just about anything she might want, and they would have to do it or risk harm to their child.  Yes, I am evil, but it's just that I've been watching too much Passions.  It has a tendency to warp you, you know?

Well, that's enough for now.  I need to go get an attitude adjustment and get the evil out of my system.  The fact remains that this is shaping up to be the best couple of months in the history of this show, if it keeps going the way it is now, and I simply can't wait for the next show.  Alistair couldn't hit the broadside of a barn when he shot at Luis, but now he has Antonio ready to do the job for him.  I wonder if he can figure out how to aim and pull the trigger at the same time?  It looks like he actually hit Luis, but it could just be that Luis tripped and fell somehow.  Well, we'll find out on Monday, right?

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