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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #57

By Shirley

3/29 - 4/2/04

I'm confused.  Ok, I know, that's a normal state of affairs for a ditz like me, but I mean it's really been confusing for me because in some ways the show is still the same old same old - you know, the same people are still in the same spot in their relationships, nothing has been solved, nothing revealed.....same old same old, right?  But at the same time, the stories do seem to be moving at a faster clip.  I tell you, it's enough to make a person scratch their head and wonder what's going on.

The Chad/Whitney story, while really just idling, seems to be moving toward a critical moment, and it feels like it won't be too long before it happens.  Now, bear in mind, we have been in this position before on this show, but I have to tell you there seems to be a whole new feel to it this time.  It actually feels like it's moving on.  It is becoming more and more evident that they are siblings, that Chad really is Eve and Julian's long lost son.  I mean, all the clues are there - Alistair trying to use Chad and Whitney's relationship to hurt Eve and Julian; everytime someone talks about their son, the next scene is of Chad;  the fact that the kids were watching a talk show about siblings who were in love when they found out they were siblings - it all seems to point to a major reveal coming soon.  But, we know things that look like they are going to be one way are twisted and turned into something else, so who really knows.  It is getting more interesting, though.  I have to admit, seeing the two of them together when all the evidence points to them being siblings is only increasing it's "yuck" factor by leaps and bounds, but still, I am getting to the point that I really want to know for sure, and the show seems to be getting to the point that it really wants to tell us, too.

Luis seems to be getting close to finding out Alistair's secrets, which will finally end his reign of terror over Harmony and get Luis and Sheridan back together in one fell swoop.  Now, this is the part of the show I have been wanting to get to for several years, so I am really excited to think that maybe, finally, at last Shuis might actually reunite!!  I can't say I am enjoying seeing Luis in that God-awful disguise, but hey, if it gets the job done, why should I complain?  I can always pull up some of my inventory of Galen Gering photos to drool over each day when the real Galen is covered in all that gory makeup and overalls, right?  Yeah, I can handle it, at least for a while.  But now what is bothering me is the fact that Beth is squealing like a stuck pig to Alistair.  What on earth was she thinking by going to tell him what Luis was up to?  What did she think would happen?  She had to know he would go after Luis any way he had to in order to stop him from finding out all the Crane secrets, right?  How dumb is she?  And the way Alistair was glomming all over her while she was there was just sickening.  Having that old coot pawing me would be unbearable, so I don't know how she can stand there and take it.  I would just stay completely away from him at all costs.  Well, anyway, she has turned into Alistair's little snitch, and now Luis is in even more danger.  But I guess it will all be worth it if it gets Shuis back together again and sends Antonio packing.  Go Luis!!

The story I'm really not sure of is the Ethan/Gwen/Rebecca one.  I have a feeling the two women will be exposed for their scheming sometime soon, but I'm not totally sure of it.  This whole thing with adopting Little Ethan is just so obvious to me, but Ethan can't seem to understand that his wife is scheming right along with her evil mother, or else he really doesn't care.  Maybe he feels so guilty about what happened with the baby that he is willing to overlook anything Gwen does at this point.  I don't see how that can continue, however, since he has always been such a stickler for truth, especially from Theresa.  In many ways, I feel he deserves all the lies and schemes Gwen is involved in since he turned his back on his real love to marry the pregnant Gwen.  Finding out what a lying, scheming witch she is will be just payback for the pain he caused Theresa, in my opinion.  I am also rooting for the spoilers/rumors I've been hearing to be true - that Theresa actually does manage to be implanted with Ethan and Gwen's fertilized egg and she becomes the surrogate mother of their child.  Especially if she uses that leverage to get her own son back.  And I can't wait for the day Rebecca learns her grandchild is being nurtured by the "immigrant" body of the woman she insists on calling "Tacosita", among other things.  Oh, the look on her face when she finds out would be worth all the waiting we've done to get to this point.   Anyone want to make any bets on whether she passes out, screams bloody murder, or loses her lunch on the spot?  I'm holding out for some of each, I think.  Oh, I sure hope it will really happen!!

What's left?  Oh, yes, Pilar, on top of all the other bad things that have happened to her and her family lately, now has a possibly terminal blood disease.  That poor woman just can't catch a break, can she?  But I tell you what, sick or not, she sure did a job on Rebecca the other day, didn't she.  Man, I was so hoping she would take the poker and....oh, never mind.  But it was an appropriately horrifying thought, and perfect payback for the scheming wench.  Maybe another time.

Another situation was Charity's foray into clothing design.  Man, if that's the best she can come up with, maybe she needs to go work with Kay in the fish packing plant.  That was a truly horrendous outfit, and personally, I didn't think Ivy's idea was that much better, either.  Maybe it would be better on a live model, but on that virtual model, it was just a shapeless mess.  It looks like she and Miguel might be getting back together before long.  I sure hope nothing happens to Maria because of it.  But if it does, Kay's revenge will make what's gone on up until now seem tame, I'm sure.

Well, that's about it for now.  I hope some of these seemingly senseless things will be made more clear next week.  At this  point I guess I'd have to say at least it seems to be moving, which is more than it has in quite a while, but it is just kind of snail-like movement.  If you see a snail now, then look back two minutes later, you can see it's moved, but it you sit there and watch it, it seems to just be standing still.  But, in the great scheme of things, snail movement is better than no movement at all, right?

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