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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #56

By Shirley

3/22 - 3/26/04

Do you ever wonder why things happen?  You know, like when someone walks into a store right behind you and bells go off, scaring the bejeebers out of you, and you find out it's because they were the gazillionth person to walk through the door so they won a shopping spree or something.  And you know that they were supposed to come in before you but they stopped to look at something in their pocket and came in right after you.....why?  How come things worked out that way?  It could have been you, should have been you, but it was them instead. You walk away shaking your head, wondering why, over and over and over, right?  Well, that's how I am beginning to feel about our favorite show.

Eve and Julian should have married way back when and raised their child themselves.  They should have been happy, whether they had the Crane money or not.  Yet they aren't.  Not really.  Oh, Eve has been pretty happy, I guess, with TC and her girls, but there has always been the memory of her son, thought to have died at birth, and the memory of him being taken away, not really dying.  And Julian...well, he's had money and power and a beautiful wife, but never love.  And he became a hateful monster, able to do the most wicked things to others without even blinking.  Why?   Both their lives would have been so much happier the other way, yet it didn't happen that way.    Now they are both realizing what a mistake they made, what they could have had if only......

Then there is Shuis.  They should have been married a long time ago.  They should have two or three kids by now, living a happy and productive life, secure in each other's love and in the basic goodness of life.  But, of course, it didn't happen that way.  They have been tortured over and over again, both almost dying several times each, and now they are apart and miserable.  It looks at though they will never be happy again.  Between Alistair, Beth, and Antonio, they have been torn apart at the seams, tossed around like rag dolls, and left feeling a deep and lasting pain that has no remedy in sight.  Ok, Sheridan isn't really aware of it, but she is feeling it.  You and I both know she is.  Why?

The same can be said for Sam and Grace, Ethan and Theresa, Miguel and Charity....all of them are with others, trying to be happy but not able to.  Not really, anyway.  Sam has been snared by Ivy like a rat in a trap, his heart shredded like cheese by the very woman he is now getting closer to, while Grace has met the same fate.  She is now with a man she never met before in her life, yet she believes he was her first husband, thanks to Ivy and David, and she is totally estranged from the man she loves and her children, even though it is by her own doing.  I mean, she chose David over Sam, but she was trying to do the right, moral thing.  She never realized she has been had.  Why?

Ethan is with Gwen, trying to be happy, but knowing his heart really belongs to Theresa.  She is now with his brother, Fox, who has been very good to her, but who really loves Whitney, who is now with Chad, her own half-brother....get the picture?  Nothing works right for anyone on this show.  Ever.  Even when it looks good, it turns out to be awful.  Why?  And Charity gave Miguel up so his baby daughter with Kay could live, but now she's miserable.  She has turned from being a really good, almost saintly young lady, to being the town tramp, more or less.  She has even stolen her cousin's true love, Reese, because Little Endora gave him a body to die for.   Miguel, for his part, is still hurting by her rejection, but seems to be turning toward Kay somewhat, which makes her very happy.  But how can you be happy in a one-sided relationship?  I mean, everyone knows he really loves Charity.

I don't know why I keep watching this show.  I really don't.  It is the most depressing show I have ever watched in my life.  I have been watching soaps since the mid sixties, and before that, I listened to them on the radio at my grandmother's house where, as a small child, I was left while  Mom and Dad  went to work.  That's a long time, and I can tell you that in all that time I have never seen or heard a soap that was as depressing as this one.  Sure, there was heartache and pain, couples falling in and out of love, etc., but it wasn't every couple on the show, all the time.  There would be one or two couples having problems, while the others would be in varying stages of happiness in their lives. The writers on this show won't let anyone be happy for more than a day or two, and haven't for several years.  I have heard there is a group of disgruntled fans out there who are seriously thinking of filing a class action lawsuit against the show, the writers, the network, etc., for causing them to be continually depressed, ruining their lives.  Now, I have no idea if that would work or not, but hey......I am beginning to think it might be a good idea to join it.  I mean, sooner or later I am going to have to start taking some kind of anti depressant to combat all this doom and gloom I am  force-fed every day, so I might as well make them pay the pharmacy bills, right?

Ok, so that's going a bit far, but you and I both know this show is pathologically depressing.  I don't think it's too much to ask that the writers find a way to make some of the residents of Harmony really, truly, happy.  And not just the evil ones, like Alistair, Ivy, David, Tabby, and Kay.  No, it's time the good guys got to be happy at last.  As a matter of fact, it's way past time.  But, do I think there is a chance in heck that this show will change for the better, and happiness will start breaking out all over Harmony any time soon?  No, not on your life.  As a matter of fact, I am of the opinion that they are planning to take this show off the air before too much longer, and once the final air date has been set, then and only then will the secrets start to be revealed and the couples start to actually be happy.  And then "The End" will flash across the screen and it will all be over.  All those years of pain and unhappiness for maybe ten minutes of joy.  I'm not sure it will all have been worth it, so I have to ask what the reason was for starting this show in the first place.  Why did they think we would enjoy being driven to Prozac day after day?  I don't think we'll ever know the answer to that question, but I can tell you one thing.  At this point, it looks like we will still be watching when the final curtain does fall and Harmony fades back into sleepy little hollow it came from once again.  Why?

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