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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #55

By Shirley

3/15 - 3/19/04

It's just a soap, it's not real.  It doesn't have to make sense, it's just make believe.  It's just a soap, it's not real....oh, hi.  Sorry, just trying out a new relaxation technique.  It doesn't seem  to be working too well, though.  I am still about to explode from frustration at this show.

First off, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are unceremoniously tossed out of their home over night.  Now, any one with any sense knows it's gonna take at least 30 days to get them out, probably longer, if ever.  Yet we are supposed to believe Rebecca can get the paperwork done and served, demanding they get out within 24 hours?  And even more, she can then send over movers to set all there stuff outside on the street?  And of course, once it's out there, the rain starts.  Come on!!  Just how stupid do these people think we are?  There are legal avenues that have to be followed in order to get someone out of a house, and it can't be done overnight.  And they can't just come and set your stuff outside unless you have deserted the place.  I know, they want us to feel sorry for them and all, but for goodness sake, at least make it somewhat believable.  And to have them all lose their jobs overnight?  Has anyone ever heard about worker's rights?  Why on earth aren't they all taking their employer to court?  At the very least that would extend their working time to allow them time to put a case together, go to court, etc.  This would never happen like this in real life, I tell you.  Even Luis couldn't be suspended without an investigation.  Not permanently, anyway.

Then there's Shuis.  We are supposed to believe that a few electric shocks and some shots are going to be able to remove selective memories from Sheridan's brain, while leaving all the other memories intact?  Impossible!  I don't care that it's make believe, or that Alistair has enough money to do anything he wants, it defies imagination to try to believe this could really happen.  And the fact this old coot knows everything in the world about everyone, so he can know just when to call out his minions to stop someone, for instance Sheridan, from getting out from under his thumb?  And what father would ever sit and  watch his daughter making love to someone?  What kind of pervert do they want us to think this guy is?  How can he possibly have cameras and microphones in every house in Harmony, along with all the businesses, etc.?   No, no, no!!  It's too much to be able to stand, I tell you!

Then there is Little Ethan.  We are supposed to believe that Rebecca can make an accusation against Theresa and have CPS  (or whatever it's called there) come right out and take her son away from her?  And now he is being adopted, overnight, by them?  Please!!  Any time there is an accusation, they have to do an investigation.  Only if they enter the house and see the conditions are so bad that they present a clear and present danger to the well-being of the child would they ever just take him and leave with him on the spot.  There was nothing like that here, only Rebecca's assertion that Theresa was unfit somehow.  And they then allow a restraining order to keep her away from her son?  Puhleeeze!!  Now, after one day in court, they are going to let Rebecca adopt him?  Just like that?  Oh, my gosh, I think I'm going to have a conniption fit, here!!  It would never happen!!  And while we are on the subject of stupid things they want us to believe, how about the fact that Ethan is sitting right next to Gwen and Rebecca, yet he can't hear them talking and laughing about taking Little Ethan away from Theresa and their plans for him afterward.  Hello!!  This is a young, healthy man, with normal hearing, yet he can't hear what is said right next to him?  Oh, Lord, give me strength!!  (It's only a soap, it's not real.  It doesn't have to make sense, it's just make believe...)

Now we have Julian almost finding out Chad is his long lost son.  The proof was right there is front of him, he almost had it, but no.  It got away.  Ok, that's not so far-fetched, but it is still frustrating.  It's been long enough.  They need to let the secret out.  Which brings me to my final complaint.  I remember last January or February, we were told that during  March and on through the spring, secret s were going to be revealed "every day".  Ok, so where are they?  Oh, sure, secrets have been revealed, but not to us.  They haven't let one thing come out that we didn't already know, haven't known since the show started.  Secrets have been revealed to the characters all right, but then they are covered right back up again!  For example, TC learned about Eve's past.  It was right   there in front of his face, word for word, yet Rebecca was able to convince him that he hadn't heard what he had heard.  That it was all a mistake.  And he bought it!! Then we had Sheridan hear Beth admit that she stole her baby.  She even faced her down with it, yet Beth explained her way out of it by saying she was talking about when she took Martin from her in the hospital.  And Sheridan bought it, even apologized!  I swear, I just can't take any more.  And if Sheridan says "I remember" one more time when it isn't true, I will throw something through my TV set!!

Is it really too much to ask for that the writers let the characters, and by extension  the fans, be happy for a while?  At least one couple, you know?  I have said this before, but I will repeat it.  I can't take much more of all this doom and gloom every day.  It has to end.  Either the writers need to find happy endings for these people, or I have to stop watching.  That's all there is to it.  (It's only a soap, it's not real.  It doesn't have to make sense, it's only make believe.  It's only a soap, it's not real.  It doesn't have to make sense, it's only make believe.)  Man, it's still not working.

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