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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #54

By Shirley

3/8 - 3/12/04

Well, this week started out giving us hope that some of the stories we have been so interested in for so long were finally going to take their first step towards resolution.  I don't know about you, but I was cautiously hopeful that by week's end, love and common sense would finally reign in Harmony.  Well, I guess that's what I get for thinking.  And for paying attention to the spoilers.

The week started with the hope that Sheridan was finally going to wake up and remember she loves Luis, not Antonio.  Now, I know better than to believe it would be that easy.  Really, I do.  But you know how hope is.  It just won't let go once it gets ahold of you, so I really had high hopes this would be it.  And she actually did remember.  When she heard Whitney singing the song Luis had requested, the memories of her and Luis began flooding through her mind in a cascade, coming faster and faster, driving her to jump up and run out of the club, straight to the places that were so important to her and Luis.  Oh, hooray, it's really happening, I thought.  But then, so did Luis.  That is never a good sign, you know?  Just as soon as he begins believing he's won, getting so sure that he has her back, she proves him wrong.  Now, I don't know for sure, and I have heard from some who see the shows a day ahead of us that it's not true, but the scuttlebutt is that she chooses Antonio again.  Again!!!  Even after remembering all the loving times with Luis, even after saying she remembers loving him, she still loves him, etc.  Now, as I've said, I have heard differently, but come on.  We all know it won't work out the way we want it, don't we?  I mean, this is Passions, for goodness sake.  No one can actually be happy here, right?

Now we come to Eve and Julian.  We were told Eve's secret finally comes out at the Blue Note, she is finally exposed, and the show built up to that all week.  And when Charlie came in and started shooting his mouth off, I just knew that it was finally going to happen.  At last, TC would know the truth, and Rebecca, Ivy, and Liz would have nothing to hold over Eve's head any longer, so she would be able to spill all and bring happiness back to the couples of Harmony.   Now, we did get an inkling all was not going to go that smoothly at the beginning of the week.  TC attacked Julian and beat him to the point he was thought to be dead, yet Eve did nothing to stop him.  Come on, all she had to say was Julian wasn't trying to kidnap her, he wasn't harassing her, she wanted him to hold her and she wanted to leave with him.  TC would have at least taken a break, giving Julian time to recuperate while he went after Eve, trying to get her to put it into words even he could understand.  But no, she just meekly kept whining "No, TC.  Stop, TC.  Please stop, TC."  She didn't jump in, throwing caution to the wind, risking her own life and limb to save the man she loves.  She didn't even fight very hard to get to him and check him out after TC pronounced him dead.  I mean, she's the doctor, not TC, so why wasn't she trying to check him out, give him help of some kind?  We go right back to the fact she is plain evil, protecting herself over everyone else.  Thank God it turned out TC was wrong and Julian didn't die, no thanks to Eve.  

Another thing.  Sam arrested TC for murder when he thought Julian was dead, yet let him go when it became apparent Julian was ok and refused to press charges.  But people, assault and battery is not a crime that needs to have the victim press charges in order to prosecute.  It is a local, state, and federal crime, and as such only needs the policeman's knowledge that the attack took place.  I really wish these writers would check things out and get a clue, you know?  But I digress.  Even after the drunken Charlie spilled the beans on Eve and Julian's past, it was all swept under the rug again by the end of Friday's show.  One punch from Rebecca, who wants to keep the secret and let it out on her terms, and the whole thing was over.    A few words from her, a known liar, and all the charges just vanished into nothingness.  And then Julian got the picture from the old drunk and threatened him to keep his mouth shut, and everything is right back where it started from.  OHMYGOD!!!  Could someone please clue these people in to the fact that viewers actually like to see stories end at some point?  That we love seeing evil characters get their due, one way or the other?  That we get tired of  seeing the same story over and over and over, day after day, week after week?

By the way, was anyone else bugged by the fact once Whitney started singing she just never stopped?  I mean, have you ever heard songs that last  over an hour each?  It was so unbelievably boring after a while that even if we liked the song when it started, we were more than tired of it once it ended and could only heave a sigh of relief and pray that she wouldn't start another one.  At leas that's how I felt.   I guess the songs are like the stories - they just never end.

Ok, enough complaining for now.  Do you ever wonder why I keep watching when it is so obvious that most of the time I hate what is going on?  I do to.  It's not a good feeling, you know?  I mean, I have to be a masochist to keep subjecting myself to all this repetition, all the while moaning and complaining about being so tired of it.  But God forgive me, I just can't seem to help myself.  I still keep hoping the end is in sight.  The problem is, I think the end of the show will come before the end of any of the stories will.  Now, that is a horrible thought.  Say, do you suppose we have been placed under one of Tabby's evil spells and that's why we can't stop watching no matter how bad it gets?  Just a thought.

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