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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #53

By Shirley

3/1 - 3/5/04

Ok, this week was all right, I guess.  Nothing has really changed since last week, at least not too much, but there is a glimmer of hope that change is on the horizon, so that is a good thing, right?

Man, Rebecca is sure being a royal pain in the Lopez-Fitzgerald's sides, isn't she?  Can you imagine having someone so angry with you (for something you really didn't do, by the way) that they would take everything away from you and your whole family, too?  That woman is more of a witch than Tabitha ever thought to be!  She really needs to have her comeuppance, and soon.  And now Gwen is scheming with her again.....say it isn't so, JER!!!  I mean, I was getting to really like Gwen for the first time.  I admired her concern for Sheridan and the way she was willing to believe her friend could actually be telling the truth about the baby Beth says is hers.  She even put herself in danger's way trying to investigate, to find out if Beth really had a baby or not.  She even seemed to feel bad for her arch enemy, Theresa, when her mother took her son from her.  Now, all she wants is to adopt that very child and she doesn't care what happens to Theresa, Pilar, or any of them.  Now, that just isn't right, you know?  Rebecca is not only the Queen of Mean, she is also infectious!  I sure hope she gets stopped soon.

Julian and Eve are getting closer, and that's a good thing.  They are so good together, in my opinion.  Ben and....ohmygosh, I can't remember her real name!...the actress who plays Eve have so much chemistry it radiates off the screen when they are together.  It is always a joy to eavesdrop on their trysts, even if it is somewhat painful, knowing he is in agony with Rebecca and she is about to break TC's heart.  Ok, TC's a bully and I wouldn't stay with him for five minutes as written, but still, he is her husband and the father of her two girls, and having him finding out she really loves Julian is like kicking him in the solar plexus.  Especially since Julian is his most hated enemy, for whatever reason. But all that aside, watching Julian and Eve together is worth all the pain it will cause.

It looks like Miguel and Kay might be getting closer.  I never thought they would get together, and it wasn't even anything Kay did that caused it, either.   Miguel is still drooping around because Charity is throwing herself at anything that moves, and that's kind of a downer, but it looks like Kay is happy.  And she even got a job at the fish cannery so she can take up the slack left by Miguel losing his job.  Now, I've got to tell you, I am waiting with bated breath for her first day on the job.  You and I both know she is going to go crazy working in that place.  I can't wait to see how she gets out of working while there, or else how she goes about settling down and doing what she has to for her family.  Either way, I think it will be interesting to watch.

Was anyone else upset that Sam didn't tell Ivy to go wait for him at the table while he and Grace finished their conversation?  I mean, what was that all about?  Here he is, wanting his wife back, and she comes to him to say she wants him back, too, and he lets Ivy butt in and just stop their conversation.  Hey, this is the police chief, for goodness sake.  He should have more backbone than that.  Sure, he didn't know what it was Grace wanted to talk to him about, but courtesy dictates that he listen to her, not let someone come in and interrupt.  That was just rude, as well as showing  what a weakling he is.

Well, Sheridan and Antonio are still together.  Yuck!!  This could really get annoying if it goes on too much longer.  Don't the writers remember the uproar when she was on the island with him and they just kept dragging the story out, keeping her and Luis apart all that time?  I sure hope they do, because another long separation might just be the nail in the coffin that kills this show.  And while we're talking about them, can someone explain a couple of things to me?  Antonio went out to get Chinese for dinner, ended up in the Book Cafe talking to Beth, then ran into Alistair on the dock before heading home....with no Chinese food!  What happened there?  Did I miss something?  And later, after he got home and fought with Luis, as he and Sheridan kissed inside the cottage with Luis watching through the window, a storm came up.  It was the end of that day's show, and Luis was yelling at God, asking why he was doing all this to him and his family, and these ugly, dark clouds roiled up, covering the sun, with lightening and thunder rolling....and then the next day, there was nothing!!  The first we see of Luis is him walking into his house, and the sun is shining, no storm is sight!  What's up with that?  Ok, small fish to quibble over, but it just bugs me when they are so inconsistent.

There wasn't much else going on this week.  Most of it revolved around what Rebecca is doing to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and why.  I really hope this story line doesn't last too long, too.  I am waiting for the miracle to happen that will save their home and get them all back to work.  I'm not sure what that will be unless Eve finally confesses all her lies, and I'm sure that is about as likely to happen as it is for me to win a multimillion dollar Lotto drawing, so I have a feeling it will be with us for quite a while.  Here's hoping I'm wrong, though, because this is all just too much to deal with.  That poor little guy being ripped away from his mom and used by Rebecca to get revenge, then everyone losing their jobs and their home with no one who can help them's just too Simon Legree-ish for my taste.  Evil for evils sake is never very entertaining, at least not for me.  I'll watch it for a while, but it just better not go on for too much longer.  I wonder if you can sue a TV show for mental anguish, pain, and suffering?  Maybe we ought to look into that.  Anyone know any good lawyers out there?

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