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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #52

By Shirley

2/23 - 2/27/04

Ok, Ladies and Gentleman, I have a news flash for you.  (Ok, a lot of you may have already figured this one out a long time ago, but it just occurred to me this week)  Anyway, I have finally figured out the true source of evil in Harmony, and it isn't Tabitha, Hecuba, Julian, or Alistair, although they do a pretty good job of being evil, too.  No, it's not the obvious choices that are at the bottom of all the evil in Harmony.  It is the one you'd least expect, as it usually is in any good mystery.  Anyway, here is how my theory goes:

The evilest person in Harmony is......EVE RUSSELL!!   Now, before you start laughing at my stupidity, let me explain why I believe this.  It will make sense, I promise.  I hope so, anyway.

Ok, stop and think about all the rotten things that are going on in Harmony right now.  Grace is with David, thinking he's her first husband, and Sam and Ivy have almost done the deed again after all these years.  Rebecca is married to Julian, who can't stand her at this point, and she has Theresa and the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan reeling from losing everything they had in one fell swoop.  Theresa's son is now in the process of being adopted by Gwen and Ethan.  Whitney is about to become the wife of her own brother, and she has been drugged by Ivy and shot by Chad's ex-wife.  One old man is dead, as well as one of Eve's oldest friends.  And that's only part of the problems we can lay at Eve's doorstep.  Why?  Because she refuses to tell the truth about herself!  Now, I don't know about you, but that is the epitome of evil, in my book.

We all know Alistair is evil.  He always has been, so that's not a shock.  He has done things to, or allowed things to be done to, most of the characters on this show.  Horrible, evil things.  But we know it's coming from him, so it's not that much of a shock.  What is a shock is that Eve Russell, the most upstanding, kindest, most talented doctor ever seen on this earth is allowing and even helping him do much of those things.  She knows of a lot of the things he has done, yet she doesn't tell anyone about it.  Why?  Because if she did, he would let the world know about her past.  She is protecting herself rather than those she is supposed to love.

Then there is Ivy.  She set a plan in motion to hire David to come to town and play on the fact Grace remembers nothing about her past before she met Sam by claiming to be her first husband, whom she never divorced.  Eve found out about that plan, but has never let Grace in on the secret.  Why?  Because Ivy knows about Eve's past with Julian, and will tell all if Eve doesn't keep quiet.  I mean, she even drugged and almost killed Eve's daughter, Whitney, to keep her quiet, and Eve just went along with it!  Just to save herself!  Now, that is truly evil, right?  I mean, her "best friend" is now separated from her family, and the family is falling apart piece by piece, but still Eve says nothing.  Some friend!

Then there's Theresa.  Rebecca took her son away on trumped up charges, and now she's working to get Gwen and Ethan to adopt him.  She forced Julian to marry her in the first place and now she's forcing him to go along with her vendetta against the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.   She forced Luis out of his job, as well as Pilar and Miguel, and now Theresa has lost her job, too.  Plus, they are being evicted from their home by Rebecca.  Why?  So she won't tell TC the truth about Eve.  Eve knows all this and does nothing to stop it.  I can understand Julian, since he was always a chip off Alistair's block until he met Timmy and got closer to Eve, but the good Dr. Russell?  No, she's just plain evil!

Oh, and let's not forget Liz, Eve's little sister, who holds a grudge longer than anyone I have ever known.  She has done nothing but cause pain and problems for everyone in Eve's family, yet Eve does nothing to stop it, except whine and beg her to stop.  Yeah, like that's going to work.  No, Liz is given free reign to do whatever she wants to do to Whitney, TC, and even Simone, although for some reason she really hasn't done much to her.  And Eve could end all their pain in one easy step.  But does she?  No!!  She has to protect herself, make sure her family never knows the real Eve, her real history.

All this evil could have been prevented had Eve simply told the truth from the start.  I mean, if TC really loves her, why should she be afraid of losing him?  It's her past, and it's over.  She really must think he doesn't love her at all if she is so afraid to tell him the truth that she would let everyone she knows suffer instead.  And if that's the case, then she needs to leave him.   Everyone makes mistakes.  No one is perfect, so why try to pretend you are?  You are who you are, mistakes and all, and anyone who truly loves you will accept you as you are, mistakes and all.  It is really stupid of her to have lied to TC in the first place, but to have kept those lies going all these years is the height of stupidity.  And selfishness, too.  And now, when everyone she supposedly cares for is crashing and burning because she insists on keeping her secrets, come what may, she really needs to step up to the plate and come clean, no matter what.  Not to do that is simply evil.  Period.  Julian, who loves her more than his own life, is now living a life of total, abject misery.  TC, who supposedly loves her the same way is watching his life turn from the fairy tale existence he had assumed to be true to a tattered shambles, and he's more confused than ever, wondering what on earth is happening to his perfect family.  Grace has made a bad choice, thinking it was the only one she could make under the circumstances, and now she is totally miserable, watching her family fall apart and not being able to do anything because they have all turned their backs on her.  Sam is being swallowed whole by that Black Widow Spider, Ivy, and he has no clue it is happening.  All he knows is, his life has been turned upside down, with the woman he loves choosing to be with another man, and his children's lives falling apart bit by bit.  Whitney and Simone, Eve's own daughters, are at each other's throats, and Whitney is on her way to marrying her own brother, all the while hating her mother for being a whore and having an affair with Julian Crane.  At least that's what she believes, and Eve won't tell her the truth, either.

Add to all the above the fact she ran down a helpless old man who knew about her and her love child with Julian, and she burned down his apartment afterward, too.  And there was the death of her ex-best friend who was about to tell Chad that Eve is his mother.  Now, I don't know Eve had anything to do with that one, except for the fact that if she had been honest about everything, the death may never have happened.  But she is at least partially guilty of that murder, too.  So after all is said and done, it becomes very apparent that the real harbinger of evil in Harmony is Dr. Eve Russell.   After all, if she would take the bull by the horns, stand up and confess her sins to everyone, and then tell them all she knows about everyone, all the pain that is currently going on in Harmony would be over, except for the hard feelings.  And those would eventually be worked out so everyone could go on living the lives they want to live instead of having all the pain and heartache they have now.  Now, does anyone know Eve's middle initial?  Wouldn't it be appropriate if her middle name were Lynnette?  Can you imagine it?  Dr. Eve L. Russell.  Now, that would really say it all, wouldn't it?

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