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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #51

By Shirley

2/16 - 2/20/04

Aaaarrrrgghh!!  This had to have been one of the worst weeks in a long time.  I am so frustrated and disappointed I could scream.  I can see a long spell of run-arounds and repeating stories again.  Just when I thought we were over all of that.  *sigh*

Well, obviously I was wrong in my assumption that Sheridan was faking her choice of Antonio.  I should have known that would require more intelligence than most Harmonyites seem to possess, I guess, but I just keep wishing things would work the way they should.  Now it looks like we are in for another year or two of Sheridan's amnesia story which doesn't do much for my hopes for this show's improvement.  We still seem to be on the never ending merry-go-round of Sheridan dying, coming back to life, being kidnapped, dying, being saved and brought back to life, forgetting everything she ever knew, coming to her senses, dying, being brought back to life....well, you get the picture.  We've lived it long enough to know it by heart, haven't we?  All I can say is YUCK!!  Thumbs down on this move.  And if I have to see her kissing Antonio again, I am going to hurl!!  The only thing worse is watching Luis kissing Beth...ung-ugh,ooh, gack!!  That sends shivers down my spine and back again.  Double yuck!!

Alistair is still stirring up trouble for everyone.  Man, I wish they would kill that evil old pervert, and do it soon!  I am so sick of him.  Can you believe what he did to Dr. Culver?  Can you believe Dr. Culver could be such a creep?  Where do they come up with these ideas?  All I know is now Gwen won't find out about Beth and that means another year or two of her schemes and dopey looks.  Oh, angels in heaven, save us from these writers....PLEASE!!!!!  On top of that, I am willing to bet Alistair is the one who told the doctor to say that Gwen can't have any more children, too.  How else could he get her mind off Sheridan's baby and keep her from finding out about Beth?  I mean, sure, Dr. Culver won't tell her what she wants to know, but you know that woman would just keep digging until she found what she wants to know, so how better to stop that than to give her something else to dwell on?  That man knows everything that is going on all over that town, and that's just too spooky.  Give me witches and demons over Alistair Crane any day!  And just what kind of transportation does he have?  He managed to get from the restaurant to the orphanage to Beth's house before Luis, Antonio, Sheridan, and Beth could go from the restaurant to Beth's house.  He either uses the Batmobile, Star Trek's transport, or he knows more shortcuts than anyone else in town.

Ok, now someone please explain to me how Beth didn't know that baby wasn't the one she had been raising since birth?  I mean, I knew it was a different baby, thinking it was just a cast change, but she didn't.  Ok, Luis didn't know it either, but come on, he's rarely around the baby.  Beth, however, is supposed to be caring for him day in and day out, yet she didn't realize she had the wrong baby?  LOL!!  Give me a break!

I guess Chad and Whitney are going along ok now.  No real sparks, but they are at least together again.  We didn't hear anything from TC or Liz, which is always a good week, and Eve's scenes were restricted to taking care of patients until Fridays episode when we got a steamy kiss between her and Julian.  Of course, wouldn't you know the one stolen moment they got was at the exact time Whitney showed up at the door of the room they were in - with the door open, I  might add.  Well, I'm sure we'll hear about that next week.  Man, one little kiss and all heck breaks out!

Talking about breaking, what about the header Theresa took from the second floor window?  Now, I saw Gwen push her out, but Theresa swore it was an accident.  I wonder what's up with that?  Hopefully they will explain it.  At least Theresa finally said what everyone has known all along this week.  Gwen is responsible for her baby's death.  I thought that would never come out.  I almost cheered when I heard the words coming from Theresa's mouth.  True, some of the things she said were kind of unthinking and rude, but it was the truth and needed to be said.  Of course Gwen won't accept any of the blame, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

What on earth was up with Jessica's voice?  I mean, they don't need to have an emergency siren in Harmony.  They just need to have Jessica start screeching and the whole town will hear.  Could you believe how everyone around there heard her screeching at Reese?  LOL!!  I mean, no one in that town can hear what is being said right beside them, yet they all heard her yelling while inside her house with the windows and doors closed.  Amazing!!  I do understand her anger, though.  I mean, Charity practically has a house of ill repute going in her upstairs bedroom and no one does anything to stop it.  And then there goes Reese like a mouse to a block of cheese.  Poor Jess had to be hurt by all that.  I hope Grace is really aware of what she's done, and more than that, I hope David realizes it and finally tells her the truth.  I can't believe that guy can be so cruel to everyone.  Maybe this story is going to finally start moving  now.  I sure hope so.  In my  opinion, what needs to happen is they need to finish up all these stories quickly, just get them all over with, and then start working on the repercussions from all that's happened.  But keep the stories moving.  This show is not only slower than molasses in January, it has earned the new Non-speed Title of the Universe for being the slowest thing ever created since time began.  I think my seven-month-old granddaughter will be old and grey before anything is ever ended on this show.  It makes me wonder why I spend so much time watching it when I won't be around for the payoff, if it ever comes.  I mean,  I have been waiting over five years for Shuis to be happy and it hasn't happened yet and shows no sign of ever happening, especially since we are back on the old merry-go-round again.  I am running out of years here.  Someone had better speed it up or I'm going to go to my grave the most unhappy person who ever lived, and if I do, I will make it my mission to find JER wherever he is and haunt him until the day he dies.  And then I'll grab ahold of his ankles and not let him leave this world, either.  I mean, why should he get his payoff when we can't get ours, right?

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