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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #50

By Shirley

2/9 - 2/13/04

My, oh my, oh my, what a week this has been.  Up, down, side to side - you just never knew which way our friends from Harmony were going to go this week, did you?  When the week started we were expecting Whitney to blow the whistle on Eve, and we were wondering whether Sheridan would make it out of that torture chamber alive and intact or whether Gwen would make it out of the garage in one piece.  Oh, yes, and whether Ivy would finally have her way with hunky Sam.  Well, we got some answers, but if you are like me, we were left with more questions than we had started out with. Whitney gonna blow or not?  So far she has said nothing, but she's still in boiling mode, so you never know.  Chad is back, and although she was trying very hard to push him away, by Friday he seemed to have wormed his way back into her good graces.  What a Valentine surprise, right?  But we have to ask ourselves whether any good can come from even the most romantic of gestures when it's bankrolled by Alistair Crane.  I do have to say it appears the question on a lot of people's lips for the last few months has been answered, since it became pretty clear that yes, Chad and Whit are half siblings.  I know, they have told us point blank since he first showed up in Harmony that he is Julian and Eve's love child, but Alistair's plan to use his union with Whitney to cause pain to Julian and Eve leaves very little doubt for those who thought it couldn't possibly be true that yes, it actually is, and yes, they actually would do that to us.  Kind of sends shivers down your spine, doesn't it?  Anyway, by the end of the show Friday it looked like Whitney was impressed by Chad's romantic gesture and Alistair's plan might actually have a chance.   And as an added bonus, Fox's surprise for Theresa was also very sweet and romantic.  Man, where are all the guys like Chad and Fox out here in the real world?

Sheridan, who was half dead when the week started, stubbornly held on to her love for Luis, no matter what voltage they zapped her with, and it looked like they were going to fry her before it was all over.  But, thanks to Theresa, it didn't happen.  Can you believe Antonio?  He claims to love her, yet he would rather allow her to go through all that torment than save her so she could live her life with Luis.  Ok, so it hurts to lose the one you love, and it's somewhat humiliating the way they played him, but still, if you love someone you have to put their happiness and well-being ahead of anything else.   But our doof Tony refused all pleas from everyone, even his mother, to even let Eve check her out to make sure she was really ok.  Unbelievable!!  But, once Theresa reminded him that he had to do what's right, he finally relented and they found out just how badly off Sheridan is.  Oh, they don't know it was electroshock they used on her, but they do know she was in really bad shape.  Now, out on the regular floor, she is about to make the decision as to whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.  Now, we have all heard she chooses Antonio, and the foreshadowing on the show this week sure points to that, but here's the thing - after the last treatment, she still remembered Luis and told the doctor she loved him, and when she awoke after her rescue, her first word upon awakening was his name.  I could be wrong, but I have a theory, worked out with someone I spoke with a couple of days ago.  This is what I think.  Now, I would never presume to say this is what will happen, but it does make sense under the circumstances.  I think Sheridan will choose Antonio, but only to save herself and Luis from Alistair.  I mean, think about it.  How many times did Dr. Ackland tell her he was giving her those treatments because Alistair wanted her to forget Luis, and he would have to continue doing it until she did forget him?  And also, she might have heard the two of them talking about it right in front of her, and about the fact Alistair would just as soon kill her as wipe out her memory.  Then, if you go to, the sneak previews have three clues.  On Monday, Sheridan makes her choice.  On Wednesday, she and Luis share a passionate kiss.  And later, it says Alistair hires a hitman to kill her, so I am thinking she chooses Antonio, but really still loves Luis and lets him know that, and since Alistair sees and hears all, he will realize she's pulled a fast one and order her killed.   So, what do you think?  All I know is, if she does choose Antonio and sticks with it, I'm going to be extremely upset.

Beth struck again, knocking a shelf full of cans on Gwen's head last week, but it turned out that she didn't really do that much damage to her.  Well, what did we expect?  Beth hasn't shown the ability to do anything right so far, except she managed to get Sheridan's baby and so far not get caught.  I really was ready for her to go bye-bye several months ago.  You know, have her go to the looney bin and plot with Norma or something.  Anyway, by Friday she had gone totally bonkers again and attacked Dr. Culver with the help of Edna and Precious as Ninjas.  Now, it was funny to see the two of them somersaulting in there, but the whole time I kept thinking it was one of Bethy's fantasy moments.  Imagine my surprise when it turned out to have really happened!  And only Gwen saw them leaving, even though Ethan and a nurse were walking right beside her. Oh, well, as I always say, JER never bothers with common sense, so what's new?

As for Ivy, she was foiled in her seduction of Sam, thank goodness.  I don't think I could have watched much more of that.  She is so slimy, at least in my opinion, that the thought of her with hunky Sam just makes my skin crawl.  You might as well have Alistair hook up with Charity.  It would be the same Yuck factor.  I was surprised that Grace had the nerve to go in and tell her to stay away from him, though.  She has no right to say anything as long as she insists on staying with David.  Now she is realizing what a colossal mistake she made by choosing him, not only because he is forgetting her and going for Ivy, but also because her family is falling apart.  Jessica hates her and is having problems in her relationship with Reese, thanks to the saintly Charity, who quickly became quite tarnished and almost raped poor Reese.  And now she's chasing anything that moves and wears pants, which is just more than Grace can bear.  I found it disturbing that she fought so hard against believing Charity could do something like that even after she was told by her own daughters and their friends, yet when Kay went bad, she was more than willing to believe that.  True, Kay did do horrible things, but Grace never really questioned that she did them, even for a second.  I still don't think Grace is a very good example of motherhood.  Just my opinion, though.

Well, I guess we will have to wait to see what next week brings, but I am still impressed with the movement in the show these days, and that makes it easier to "wait and see".  At least we know we won't have to wait five more years for some answers, right?

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