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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #49

By Shirley

2/2 - 2/6/04

This week was a pretty good week in most ways, but there were still areas that I really hated.  So, what's new, right?  The thing I am most grateful for is that the stories still seem to be moving along now.   The things I am least happy about...well, we'll get to those in a minute.

We found out Alistair wants Sheridan dead because he feels she killed her mother by being born, although we have heard that before and I complained about the non-secret last week.  But it is some movement forward, and hearing Alistair say it himself shows that.  I am still upset that they keep giving her those horrendous "treatments", although there were fewer this week.  I can't believe no one has stopped them yet.  I noticed that this week, Dr. Ackland, although professing to not want to continue doing that to Sheridan is moving along on his own, zapping her whenever she says the wrong thing.  I guess being a ghoul grows on you.    I know there are going to be some more of these moments next week, but I hope it will only be Monday.  I really can't take much more of this.

Whitney is getting closer to revealing Eve's "sin" to TC.  I'm still mystified by the fact she seems so eager to tear her Dad's world apart that she will tell him things she has no facts to back up.  I guess she just hasn't mastered the concept of learning what the truth is before you try to tell it.   Well, so far Eve has managed to stall her, but with Liz in her ear, whispering all kinds of evil things to her, I doubt we will have to wait much longer for her to spill the beans.  I am truly sick of Liz, by the way.  I have been for a while, but it's just getting worse every day.  And now Simone is back, running her mouth as usual.  And of course, she has already started yapping about Chad again, too.  Oh, what a happy day at the Russell house.   I thought it was great of Julian to try to help Eve out, but I'll deal with him later.  The final complaint I have for the Russell house scenes is the way Eve had to ask TC's permission to go check up on her patient, Sheridan.  I was speechless over that one.  What kind of doctor needs her husband's permission to go do her job?  That was just too unreal.

Ok, now for Julian.  Have I ever told you how much I am loving this guy?  Ok,  I know, only about a zillion times, but come on!  He is my hero.  Luis and Hank may have the virile, youthful looks, but Julian has what every man needs - good looks, intelligence, and a good heart.  The way he came to Eve's aid when Whitney was badgering her was so romantic.  He didn't care that TC would go off on him as soon as he stuck his face in the door, he did what he had to do to save his beloved Eve.  Good for him!  And the way he stood up to, that was my favorite moment all week long.  He has finally found a backbone, as he said, and he is willing to do what he has to to stop that old man from hurting either Eve or Sheridan.  I actually cheered when Alistair hit the floor.  And I also loved the way Julian advised Luis about doing whatever he had to to save Sheridan.  Luis was shocked and disbelieving, of course, but soon realized Julian was serious.  I just hope this keeps up, and that Alistair doesn't kill Julian now.  I hope Julian will write a letter and give it to someone, to be opened if he should die.  He could put down everything Alistair has done over the years, and let him know it exists and that if Alistair does anything to him or Sheridan the letter will be opened and the whole world will know about all the evil, illegal things he has done.  With any luck, Alistair would then spend the rest of his life in prison.

Fox and Theresa seem to be getting closer.  I think she is pushing him too hard, but I guess maybe I'm too old-fashioned.  I just can't believe how she jumped right from loving Ethan with all of her heart to loving Fox almost overnight.  And she really believes he can stop loving the woman he always talked about (Whitney, of course) and be falling for her now.  That girl really has no clue, does she?  I mean, I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid when I was young, but once I got  older I realized that was not reality and could never happen.  Theresa seems to have never grown up, never realized that childhood fantasies are fine for a child, but it gets pretty stupid as you get older.  She really needs to get a grip.

The rest of the crew didn't show up much this week.  Charity was still selling her wares at the ski lodge for a day or two, but now they seem to have decided once she doffed her top, there was nothing more to know about.  I think it would have been a little more realistic if they had just had her meet a new guy there and start getting to know him, ignoring Miguel in the process.  This going from an almost angelic saint to a dime store Lolita in the blink of an eye is just too tacky and unreal for me.  But, then, I'm not in charge, am I.  Oh, well.  I guess it's no big deal.   Beth went after Gwen again, although for the life of me I can't figure out how having some tin cans fall on her could have done more than knock her down.  I guess if it hit her just right it might knock her out for a couple of minutes, but for Beth to think she has finally killed her is ridiculous.   Oh, and we did learn something about the instantaneous coupling of John and Simone.  She has no idea where they stand or what they are doing.  Ok, so she knows no more about it than we do.  I guess I don't feel so stupid for wondering why they were together at the lodge when there was never a hint of any kind of relationship before.   Apparently Simone didn't know about it either.  Way to make an impression, there, John.

Ok, enough for now.  Boiled down to the bare bones,  this week was an ok week, with enough dumb stuff to keep me complaining.  About par for the course, I guess.

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