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Shirley's Opinion #48

By Shirley

1/26 - 1/30/04

Hey, has anyone heard any good secrets lately?  Yeah, me neither.  What a waste of time it was this week waiting for the big secret of why Alistair doesn't care if Sheridan lives or dies.  One, he doesn't want her with Luis because it could threaten the Crane Empire, and two, he blames her for his wife's death.  *YAWN*  How many times have we heard those "secrets" already?  I lost count.  Just about every time he has tried to kill Sheridan, though.  I tell you, if this is a sample of the big secrets that are supposed to be revealed every day this month, I have only one thing to say:  Who cares?

Ok, maybe I sound a little harsh here, but we have been waiting somewhere around five years for some answers on this show, and we were promised we would get some this month, so having the first one turn out to be such a non-secret is a pretty big let down.  I should be used to JER's double speak by now, but I guess I still get caught like a fish on a recycled worm.  I should be ashamed of myself.

They are making it seem like the identity of Julian and Eve's love child will be revealed soon, too, but now I'm wondering if we can even trust that.  Well, we all know who it is supposed to be according to everything we have been told since the show started, but who knows for sure.  The one thing I am sure of is that it will probably be just as big a let down as this secret was.  Same for TC's shed, probably.  They may reveal to TC and everyone else the truth about Julian and Eve, though.  It seems to be heading that way.  But wait....we have been here before, haven't we?  Well, who knows if we will ever know anyone's secrets on this show, and to tell you the truth, if they turn out to be as dull as this one, I don't really want to know them anyway.

Theresa was in rare form this week.  She really laid in to Ethan yesterday.  I can't believe she has finally given up on him at long last.  And now he's crying like a baby over her loss.  I couldn't believe it.  I mean, if he really loves her, why on earth didn't he act on it before?  He didn't have to marry Gwen, he didn't have to stay with her, he didn't have to give in to Rebecca and Gwen's blackmail and leave Theresa out in the cold in her custody battle.  I know he's working behind the scenes, in some ways, but she doesn't know that and it looks to her like he just dropped her flat when she needed his help the most.  I really am glad to see her kicking him to the curb, but I am not as happy about her falling all over Fox.  She is just setting herself up for more hurt.  I wish the writers would let someone on this show be happy in love, you know?  Just once.  Please!!

Speaking of being hurt, what is up with those electroshock treatments on Sheridan?  Are those not the most painful things to watch since the pit scenes?  I hate stuff like that.  And it always happens to Sheridan!  I swear, I don't see how that woman can still be alive after all the things she's been through, and they just keep piling more pain on her.  And in the most unbelievable ways, too.  I mean, aren't the electroshock therapy treatments illegal now, at least in the rest of the USA?  Of course, Harmony lives by it's own rules, I guess.

While we're on the subject, what's up with all those people who work in that hospital?  I mean, the lights are flashing, Sheridan is screaming her head off, and no one comes looking to see what the problem is?  Even Hank and Luis noticed that happening, but while Luis was worried and wanted to get Sheridan out quickly, Hank just kept saying they couldn't do anything, leave it alone.  What is he thinking?  Someone should be curious and start looking into it.  I know Luis is trying to get something done, and Ethan has filed papers, but you know those papers are going to be sitting on someone's desk for the next year or so gathering dust, so someone needs to listen to Luis and get something done now.  Any bets on whether they will or not?

Well, our little Charity has turned over a new leaf, I guess.  Thanks to Endora, that adorable little demon seed, Charity was all over the newly buff Reese.  And right in the middle of it all, in walked everyone at the Inn!  Man, doesn't anyone ever lock their door in that town?  LOL!!  Anyway, now Miguel seems to have gotten the message Charity doesn't want him, and she has decided to become Lolita Charity.  This bodes well, as it will give Molly a chance to show her stuff as more than a wimpy little dishrag girl.  I hope this gets as interesting as it has the capability of being.  Man, I wish they would hire some temporary writers to do this up right. Otherwise I'm afraid it will fall into the oblivion of "could have been great but it turned out to be boring".  That has happened to so many stories on this show.

Another one that is looking like it could be good at the moment is the Julian/Eve/Whitney story.  Man, Whit sure took a good shot at knocking Julian's head clean off his shoulders this week, didn't she?  That had to hurt!!  I still don't know if it really connected on Ben's face, but if it did, I bet his ears are still ringing.  I'm still wondering why she is so sure they are having an affair, to the point she is willing to go tell Daddy and have him kill Julian.  I mean, you would think she would want to have more facts before she sent her dad to jail for life, or even to death row, wouldn't you?  But no, she just assumes it's a fact and goes for it.  I hope Fox talks her into waiting to see what's really up, but he doesn't seem to be much help so far.  I think maybe he just likes having her be upset so she can cry on his shoulder.  I mean, anything to get her into his arms, I guess.  This might turn out good, too.  But I'm wondering who will be more hurt when Fox's true feelings are uncovered - Whitney, Theresa, or Chad?  Stay tuned!

Well, I guess one good thing is that we didn't have to watch Beth and her ugly facial expressions this week, or hear Edna calling on the angels to do the job she herself should do and save Sheridan.  And hey, Ivy was even back to her decent self, trying to help Luis convince Sam something is definitely up with Alistair mixing into Sheridan's treatments and that he should do something to help Luis get her out of the hospital.  Way to go Ivy!  I love when she is her good self.  Anyway, I guess this week was a so-so week, with enough good to keep it from being a total waste of time, but enough bad to keep it from being a truly fantastic week of stories.  But I guess we are getting used to that, right?

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