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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #47

By Shirley

1/19 - 1/23/04

Well, well, well.  What a week, huh?  We got some Shuis action, some crazy Beth stunts, Gwen using her brain, and Reese coming out as a real hunk!  You sure can't say it was a boring week, can you?

Can you believe how easy it was for Luis to sneak in to Sheridan's room?  And they had time to make love, too.  I can't get the thought of Alistair watching them as they did out of my mind, though.  UGH!!  How gross!  But then, they even snuck into the hydrotherapy room and made love in there!  I tell you, that man is a miracle maker.  Too bad it will probably be the last time they will be together, if the rumors are true.  But hey, what a way to go, right? I can't believe the things Alistair is willing to do to his own daughter.  He is truly one sick, perverted old...well, try as I might, I can't think of a descriptive noun for him that is printable.  Anyway, I'm sure glad he isn't my father.

Hooray for Gwen!  She is really becoming some kind of detective, isn't she?  She is the only one in that town that has any sense at all at this point.  She knows something is wrong with Beth's story, and she believes in Sheridan enough to give credence to her belief Martin is really her baby.  And she goes to exactly the right place to find out the truth.  How many times have we seen that on this show?  Of course, circumstances kept her from finding out what she needed to know, but she is getting close, anyway.  And Beth knows it, too.  She ran her down with a car, trying to kill her.  I wonder what she'll do next?  And you know she will do something dastardly.  Man, all that girl needs is a twirly mustache!!  But again, I really wish both of these stories would end soon.  It's getting to be too much.  If only Edna would open her mouth instead of screeching at the Angels to do something.   Hey Edna, here's a clue:  you be an angel and speak up, okay?

Now we get to Reese.  Man, what eye candy he is!  Who'd a thunk it?  I mean, the original Nerd Boy, a hunk!  No wonder Jessica keeps him under wraps.  Well, Endora and Tabby are really responsible for it, but still, he is looking good.  And Charity seems to agree.  Even before she was zapped by Endora you could see the admiration in her eyes as he stripped down and climbed in the hot tub with her.  Oh, yes, she is alive after all!  And you know what?  I kind of like the idea of a Cheese pairing.  I mean, he is a nerd and she is a milquetoast.  It works for me.  Oh, sure, Jess will be hurt, but she'll get over it.  Or maybe she'll turn to big sis for some pointers and we'll have the Bennett sisters casting spells all over Harmony!  Now, that would be something, wouldn't it?  LOL!!    I've got to tell you, having the whole gang show up at the foot of the bed as Reese and Charity were getting it on was a lot of fun.  Can you imagine having that happen?  At least this way no one will doubt it really happened, though.  I am waiting for Simone to start in blaming Kay, too.  You know she will.  And for once, she will be dead wrong.

It looks like Julian has found some info on his and Eve's lost son.  I sure hope it turns out to be good information and we finally find out if Chad is theirs or not.  He is back, trying to reunite with Whitney and knowing whether he is her brother or not might come in handy, you know?  And now that Fox is going to be busy with Theresa, having his rival for Whit's affections turn out to be her own brother would make for some interesting play between the four of them.  I mean, now that Theresa has decided to concentrate on Fox, even planning their wedding, and him acting like he's all for it, wouldn't it be fun for him to see that he actually has a chance with Whitney after all?  I wonder what he would do?  My bet is, he would drop Theresa like a hot potato, leaving her hurt and swearing revenge against both Fox and Whitney.  Hey, we might end up with best friends hating each other all over Harmony at this rate!  Theresa hating Whitney, Jessica hating Charity, Simone hating Kay, Miguel hating, now that could be interesting, couldn't it?

I sure hope next week is interesting, too.  I have a feeling, from what I've read, that we are coming to an end of the movement we have been seeing and we're heading back to status quo in the stories.  I really don't know how much more of that I can take, personally.  I mean, if February turns out like I've heard it will, it may be my last month of watching Passions.  I sure hope not.  I'd hate to think I've invested five years into watching this show only to have to drop it with not resolutions to any of the stories I've been interested in for so long.  As Edna might say, "Angels above, please don't let it happen!"  The problem is, I think I would probably have as much chance of success with that appeal as Edna has had - exactly none.  Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed, anyway.  Who knows, the pundits could be wrong, right?  So, until next week, I will keep watching and hoping for the best.  And a few more weeks like this might just change my mind.  After all, who can resist a nerdy Adonis?

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