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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #46

By Shirley

1/12 - 1/16/04

So, does anyone want to make any guesses as to how much longer Shuis will be kept apart?  It is beginning to look like Beth might be found out soon, which would get Sheridan out of the looney bin and Martin back in her arms, but.....this is still Passions, right?  I don't think it will be that easy.

Julian and Eve are looking for their son, who they now know is alive and well, and while searching, Julian confessed to Eve that Alistair has done a number of things to keep Luis and Sheridan apart, even trying to kill her a couple of times, so how long will it be before Eve figures out Dr. Ackland is in Alistair's pocket and Sheridan's illogical imprisonment in the psych ward is Big A's doing?  I don't see it being too much longer, personally.  Also, Gwen is hot on Beth's trail, smelling a rat in the baby story.  She is about to get some very useful information in that department, or so it seems, so it looks like she might be able to convince the others that Martin really is Sheridan's baby, not Beth's.  And then up jumps the BUT!!!

We know that Alistair is behind everything bad that has happened to Sheridan all along, and we keep hoping someone on the show will find out, but every time they get close to figuring it out, they take a wrong turn and lose it.  Will this be the time they stay on the right trail and finally figure it out?  Or will Eve simply forget what Julian told her, not being able to put one (Julian's confession) and one (seeing Alistair conferring with Dr. Ackland) together to make two (Alistair is making the Dr. keep Sheridan in there)?  I have a horrible feeling the latter will be the choice they make.  And as for Gwen, will she actually find out about Beth, Dr. Culver's real identity, and the bag of sugar, leading her to discover that Beth was never pregnant, as she thought all along?  Or will the nurse's story be broken off by the Dr. , leaving  Gwen with no information and no reason to tell Luis the good Doctor is really a man and therefore not giving him proof of his beloved's sanity thereby losing her chance for freedom?  I have a lot of hope it will all work out right, but this is Passions, after all.

Chad is back, looking to rekindle Whitney's love for him, but Fox is ready to mess it all up again.  Theresa now thinks Fox is madly in love with her, so that may make it harder for him to get to Whitney, but my money is on him, anyway.  I'm sure he will find a way to keep her thinking Chad is a cad, while he is her knight in shining armor.  Actually, though, if it turns out Chad is really Julian and Eve's son, as they have been telling us all this time, it would be best that way.  And who knows, Chad with Theresa might work out.  At least she has stopped her incessant chanting about how Fate is going to bring her and Ethan together to live happily ever after, etc, etc, etc.  Truth be told, I am so sick of her mooning over him, and him never being able to choose wisely, that I hope she does move on without him.  I just don't really care about the two of them being together any more.

I guess Sam is beginning to look at Ivy as a love interest again.  YUCK!!  I'm very sorry, but Ivy is such a scuzz now that the thought of her with Sam just sickens me.  She used to be one of my favorite characters.  She is beautiful, and smart, and she was so nice, despite what life had done to her, but now she is just pure evil.  She lies, she cheats, she almost killed Whitney in order to get Eve to do what she wants (and she didn't even care if the girl died!), she is blackmailing half the people in town, and she was faking not being able to walk so Sam would feel sorry for her.  This is not a nice lady, in anyone's book.  Sam deserves better.  I just hope he doesn't fall for her.  I wish the truth about her would come out, but I am not going to count on it.  I just hope his intelligence and maybe some sixth sense will let him know she isn't the woman for him and keep him from making the worst mistake of his life.

TC is still ranting and raving, going berserk over a word or a phrase...I would not allow my kids to be anywhere near that man!  He is a catastrophe waiting to happen.  I still can't figure out why Eve thinks he is so great.  He is extremely violent and unstable.  She needs to get away from him, and soon.

It looks like Kay might make some inroads with Miguel, unless Reese's meddling knocks them off course.  I was waiting to see what the herbs Tabby gave Kay would do to Miguel once he ate them, but it looks like it may not happen after all.  Too bad.  I would love to see Kay win for once.  I know, she's not nice, either, but Miguel is such a wuss he needs someone who will lead him by the nose.  LOL!!  No, not really.  I do feel sorry for Kay, and I do think Charity needs to stay away from Miguel, for Maria's sake, but seeing Kay rewarded for doing evil doesn't sit well.  I keep hoping she'll change, but so far, nothing. 

Ok, that's probably more than enough for this week.  I just keep yakking up a storm sometimes.  But I am really excited by the prospect of having some of these long-lasting stories coming to an end, and also by the fact the show has been renewed for another year.  That means we will actually have a chance to get to the end of those stories before they yank it off the air.  I sure hope the writers  use this time to it's best advantage.  Give us what we want, please!  Move on, end the endless mysteries of this show, and then give us some new stories to work with.  What more can we hope for?

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