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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #45

By Shirley

1/5 - 1/9/04

Does anyone else feel movement, or is it just another earthquake?  I mean, after all these years, I actually think there is some movement in several of the stories.  I am afraid to believe it's true, but it sure seems that way.  Of course, that doesn't seem to apply to the Shuis story, but can't have everything.

Whitney has seen her mother kissing Julian.  Well, she isn't quite sure some of the time, but the rest of the time she knows what she saw, and she's not a happy camper.  I can't blame her, mind you, but that's because she doesn't know what we know.  She thinks her Dad is a wonderful, loving man, and seems not to notice he is a bully with a violent temper, with no self-restraint when it comes to taking that anger out on whoever it's aimed at.  He should have been put in jail years ago.  But all she knows is it looks like Mom is stepping out on Dad, and I think she's going to blow any day now.  Finally we may get the truth out in the open, and then Eve can stop letting her "friends" suffer because she can't tell them the truth about their relationships.  Seems too good to be true, doesn't it?  Maybe I'm speaking to soon......

Charity has finally realized when you make a vow to God, you have to keep it.  I was beginning to wonder what was up when she promised to stay away from Miguel if Maria lived and then kept hanging all over him anyway.  Well, now she knows if she holds on to Miguel, Maria dies.  No ifs, ands or buts.  Now, I just wonder how Kay will use it to her advantage, or if she will be able to.  I am so glad she is fighting for Maria now, though.  So many people thought she didn't care about that baby, only Miguel, but now we see she is determined to keep Charity away from Miguel so her baby won't die.   And I am behind her on that 100%.  Miguel needs to put the baby first, anyway.  He has spent too much time leaving the baby so he can be with Charity, and that's just not right.

It looks like Ethan is starting to see the mistake he made choosing Gwen.  Oh, not so much by him turning against her, but by his obvious feelings when he sees Fox with Theresa, and when he learned Fox had put up the bail to get her out of jail.  Well, too bad for him.  He had his chance and threw it away, so now he will just have to live with his decision.  I hope  Theresa falls for someone else soon, Fox or anyone else.  I get the feeling, though, that it won't be too long before Ethan tries to get her back.  Maybe they will find out the rumors are true, and Little Ethan is really his.  I don't know, but it feels like it's heading toward him going after her again.

I hear TC's shed is coming back to the front burner soon.  It's about time.  We have waited way too long to find out what he has in that shed of his.  I sure hope it will be worth the wait, and not some dumb thing that makes no sense whatsoever.  I think it has to be something to do with Julian and the accident that cost TC his tennis career, and I have a guess, but I'm not sure, so I'll just wait to see.  Let's hope it will be soon.

Looks like Chad's back, so maybe the Fox/Whitney/Chad story will move along.  I don't even have a guess as to what will come of this one, but I would sure like to have it resolved somehow.  I am still waiting for them to let it out that he is Julian and Eve's love child, but it may turn out they have been lying to us all this time.  That is another area of movement, though.  I've heard Julian finds out something about their son, and I just hope that is why Chad is back.  I know, he and Whitney were.....close, shall we say.....but that's the point of the story, or it was when it started.  Besides, I have grown to accept Fox with her, as a couple.  I know, there are those who want him with Theresa, but I really want her with someone else.  Maybe she and Chad could get close.

It also looks like Gwen might be figuring out that Beth does have Sheridan's baby after all.  Go Gwennie!!  It is so painful knowing Sheridan's baby is alive and mostly well, yet they can't be reunited for good.  I hated the pit storyline, and I am hating this one, too.  It all boils down to the fact that Luis, Sheridan, and the baby need to be allowed to be together at long last, and be happy for a while.  Concentrate on some of the other stories that are still on the back shelf and get some resolution to those, too.  That will never be done unless they bring the Shuis story to an end, though.  So, as much movement as we are seeing lately, it still isn't the movement we all want to be seeing, and won't be until Shuis and son are living happily ever after.  Well, you know, soap style happiness.

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