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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #44

By Shirley

12/29/03 - 1/2/04

Happy New Year, everyone.  My New Year's wish it that this will be the year when the writers finally find endings to all the stories we have been watching since the show started and move on to new territory.  Specifically in the following areas:

I want to know what, exactly, is in TC's shed!  He has had that thing in there since before the show came on the air, and it's still there, waiting.  Oh, Liz saw it, and so did Sam and Julian, but then never told us what it is and they certainly never showed us.  I've heard this is the year, and I really hope they are right.  And one more thing - as long as it's taken to get the shed door to open for us, it had better be one heck of a secret!

I want to know where Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald took off to, and why.  And why Antonio left, too.  It's all hooked in together somehow, that we know.  And I also want to know what Antonio was doing all those years that kept him from letting his family know he was ok.  I know there are some secrets there that will help us understand why he is so possessive of Sheridan and why his family's seems to matter so little to him.

I want to know who Beth's dad is, and what happened with her and Edna.  How did Edna get hurt?  How long has Beth been so evil?  What made her that way?  And why is Edna so protective of Sheridan?  And while we're at it, what happened to the boat Luis brought home to her?  If she's so hard up for cash, why doesn't she sell it, or better yet, rent it out to tourists or fishermen?

What really happened to Liz after Eve left?  Was she really abused by her dad, or did she just make that up? Why has she held on to her grudge against Eve for so long?

Is Chad really Eve's son, as we were told from the start?  If not, who is?  Where has he been all these years?

Where is Noah, and why does he never come home?  How about the Crane girls?  And Paloma, too?  Is it some kind of syndrome affecting the people of Harmony that makes them ship some of their kids off, never to be seen again?  Is there a cure, or are Martin, Maria, and Endora facing the same fate?

Who did Sheridan shoot as a girl, and what happened to him?  I mean, as the housekeeper, wouldn't Pilar have known someone had been killed and put two and two together if it were Martin?

Where was Hank all those years?  Where is his ex-girlfriend, and what happened with them?  What is the big secret he had when he got back that he's never divulged to anyone?  How can a hunk like that live in a town for almost five years and still not have a female companion?

Ok, you get the picture.  There are so many things to investigate here, so many hints of stories that could prove very interesting, yet nothing is ever done to give us any answers.  They just keep telling us the same stories over and over, changing the scenery and some of the players, but getting nowhere.  How many times can Sheridan die without it sticking?  How many evil schemes can Beth come up with?  How many times can TC bellow "I'm gonna kill you!" before he either actually does or chokes to death?  How many times can Theresa keep lying to Ethan, or doing stupid things to hurt herself?  And how many times can Ethan let us know he truly loves her, but won't allow himself to dump Gwen and be happy with Theresa?  And how many times can Sheridan and Luis look like they are finally going to be happy, only to have something else happen to keep them apart?

Come on, writers, there is enough listed in this column to keep you guys in stories for a decade (well, a year if you start writing like the other shows) so let's end these constantly repeating stories and move on to something new, get some of these questions answered.  You might be surprised at how the show takes off if you do.  I think it could jump too number one with the right stories and good writing.  Why don't you try it, at least for a while?

So these are my wished for the New Year.  Oh, yes, and also that all of you will have your happiest year yet, with all the good health, wealth, and happiness you can handle.  Happy New Year!!!

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