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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #73

8/2 - 8/6/04

Whitney telling off Simone

Even though Whitney was kinda mean about it, we liked how Whitney told Simone to get a life.  She also told her how Chad was never hers.  It's too bad she didn't tell Simone all of that sooner.  Then we might not have had to hear Simone mention every five minutes how Whitney stole Chad from her.

Luis talking about Martin

Call us crazy, but we liked how Martin overheard what Luis said about him.  He blamed him for why the family had to go without money.  He got what she deserved.  We are so sick of him thinking that he did the right thing by deserting his family.  Now he knows that leaving the family wasn't the right thing to do.  We didn't feel sorry for Martin when he overheard what Luis said.  The writers must have thought that we were going to have sympathy for Martin if he cried about what happened.  Well, it didn't work for us.

Simone calling Whitney out

We liked how Simone put Whitney in her place about Eve.  Whitney is a real witch about people not telling her everything, but it's okay for her to keep stuff to herself.  She was just screaming at Eve because she kept secrets so we hope she didn't expect not to get yelled at.  What made Whitney think that she could reach out to Simone? Did she forget that Simone still hates her?  Just because they are all mad at Eve, that didn't mean Whitney was suddenly forgiven.

Fox defended Eve

It was good to see Fox defend Eve.  At least someone besides Sam was willing to defend Eve.  Of course miss high and mighty Whitney didn't like that.  We also liked how Fox stood up to Whitney when she practically blamed him for what happened to her family.

Eve slapped TC

He had that slap coming.  He was going overboard throwing her past in her face.  We were ready to slap him too.  She shouldn't have apologized for hitting him because he deserved it.  Even when she apologized to him, he still kept calling her names.  It's too bad she didn't turn the tables on him and brag about what she did.  We would have loved to seen the look on his face if she did.

Fox got to Whitney

We can't believe it almost happened.  Whitney almost confessed to being in love with Fox.  That was practically a breakthrough for us since we are Foxney fans.  We were almost ready to give up hoe on them until she let it slip how she's in love with Fox.  Of course Chad had to interrupt them when she was about to say how she felt about Fox.  There's still hope that Foxney will get together.

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