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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #71

7/19 - 7/23/04

Julian reaching out to Whitney

Julian must have a lot of patience.  Even though Whitney was giving Julian a hard time about Eve and Fox, he still tried to reach out to her.  We liked the way he was able to keep his cool every time she flipped out on him.  Whitney was being unreasonable as usual when Julian was trying to reach out to her.  We think Julian could have been on to something. Whitney was probably acting high and mighty about people being in love with two different people because she loves Fox.  She did get offended when Julian mentioned that to her.  Julian must have hit a nerve.

Julian and Fox's heart to heart

We liked how Julian and Fox were able to have a conversation with each other.  We liked how Julian was able to open up to Fox about Whitney and eve. These are the types of scenes that Julian and Fox could have had instead of the ones they used to have.

Gwen letting Theresa see little Ethan

We were not really that surprised that Gwen let little Ethan see Theresa.  Gwen is usually the one that takes the high road when it concerns Theresa.  We know a lot of Theresa's fans will disagree with that, but it's true.  Die-hard Theresa fans will probably say how Gwen had self9s motives for letting Theresa see little Ethan (we already read posts on some boards about this), but she didn't have to let Theresa see him.  She could have said that Theresa lost her right to see her son.

Fox confronted Whitney

We were so glad that Fox confronted Whitney about her feelings for him.  There was no excuse for the way she has been treating him.  Fox also realized that Julian could have been right about her feelings for him.  Fox also flat out told her that he thinks she has feelings for him.  He obviously knew what buttons to push to get her hot and bothered.

Shuis's scenes at the airport

When Shuis first went to Mexico, it was a breath of fresh air.  Sheridan wasn't crying and whining about everything being her fault.  She was complaining about the flight, and with good cause.  It reminded us of the times when Shuis kept denying their feelings for each other.  It was a nice change of pace to see them happy.

The secret's out

As our dear missing friend Edna Wallace would say:  Angels of Mercy the truth's out.  TC finally knows the truth about Eve.  It's too bad Liz had to be the one to have it exposed, but TC finally knows.  Now we can stop hearing Eve say how her past will come out.  Also, she doesn't have to keep lying to TC and the girls about her past.  You can read more about this in the Winners and Losers section.

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