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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #55

3/29 - 4/2/04

Rebecca had Theresa arrested

We enjoyed the scenes at the Crane mansion.  Since Theresa didn't think about her actions (as usual), then she should have been arrested.  We are glad that Rebecca did that to her.  Maybe Theresa will finally learn her lesson now that she has been arrested again.

Luis's focus has changed

Luis has managed to finally get his mind off of Sheridan.  It's really surprising, but it's true.  he is finally focusing on something else.  We are so glad because he needs to do more than just obsess over Sheridan.  We are looking forward to seeing what Luis could actually find out about Alistair.  If Luis can't be with Sheridan, at least he could do something else.

Gwen finally knows

She finally knows that Ethan has been working with Woody behind her back.  He must have thought that he could keep working with Woody and Gwen would never find out about it.  At least she isn't in the dark about it anymore.  It's too bad that she had to overhear him talking to Woody because he wasn't man enough to tell her directly.

Theresa ripped into Ethan

He really deserved it when Theresa slapped him and yelled at him.  He shouldn't have been trying so hard to play her hero.  We don't get why he thought that if he was the one that told her that he was adopting her son that she wouldn't be mad at him.  She would have been just as mad at him as she was at Rebecca.

Kay finally took responsibility for her actions

She actually realized that she was the reason why her life hasn't gone the way that she planned.  That was quite a break through for her.  Of course she didn't keep accepting responsibility, but she did do it for a little while.

Sheridan is moving on with her life

It was good to see Sheridan asking for a job.  She didn't want to just rely on her trust fund.  She did originally go to Alistair to get him to unfreeze her account, but she did end up asking him for a job instead.  Even though it wasn't hard for her to go to her father for a job, at least she did it.  At least if she is working at Crane Industries, maybe she will stop whining.  She might also get closer to Luis since he's working their now.

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