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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #49

2/16 - 2/20/04


Gwen told Ethan that nothing was going to stop her from finding out about Beth.  Thank goodness she's thinking because Beth would never be caught if it were up to Ethan.

We may have a glimmer of hope with the Shuis storyline.  We don't want to get our hopes up, but we have a little hope.  We think that Sheridan isn't really over Luis.  We think that she knows what's going on and that she's pretending to be in love with Antonio.  We hope that's what's happening.

We enjoyed the scenes at the pool with Rebecca and Theresa.  Their arguments are always interesting to us.  We can't wait to find out what's going to happen.


We felt so sorry for Gwen when Dr. Culver told her she couldn't have anymore kids.  Liza's acting was pretty good.

We loved seeing Gwen yell at Rebecca.  She wouldn't listen to Gwen when she was trying to tell her about what the doctor told her.  That was the only way Rebecca was going to listen to her.

It was great to see Ethan yell at Theresa today.  She deserved it because she shouldn't have been running her mouth.  Also, when he wanted to talk to her about Fox a while ago, she wouldn't listen to him. Now she wants him to listen to her.  Maybe now she will take the time to think before she speaks.


Gwen didn't want to listen to Rebecca and take little Ethan away from Theresa.  Most likely she's going to changed her mind, but for now she doesn't want to do that to Theresa.

Ethan stood up to Theresa again.  We thought that he was going to back down to her, but he didn't do it.  We were really surprised by that.


We liked seeing Charity stand up to Ivy.  It was good to see especially since they don't usually interact with each other.  Charity is really changing.

We really liked Gwen and Theresa's scenes.  They practically had us yelling at the screen.  They were the best scenes in the entire episode.

Gwen actually gave Theresa a chance to explain why she said she wanted Gwen to never have children.  We thought that she would have kept cutting her off the way Ethan did.

Speaking of Gwen, we were feeling Gwen's anger towards Theresa.  We were ready to throw her out of the window too.  Gwen tried to get Theresa to leave the mansion, but she wouldn't go.  She had to keep talking to Gwen and that only made her madder.  


Charity's acting was better again.  We like the way she put Jessica in her place about Reese.  Jessica really deserved to hear it in our opinion.  

We got another break from the Shuis/Antonio/Beth story.  We are so grateful for that.  At least we didn't have to suffer seeing Sheridan and Luis apart again.

We enjoyed seeing Jessica yell at Grace again.  She shouldn't have defended Charity to her again. (See Rants)

Sam proved that he is a saint.  He knows what Grace did to him, but he still defended her to Jessica.  He must really love her to want to defend her like that.

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