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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #46

1/26 - 1/30/04


Let us all rejoice because we got another break from the Shuis storyline.  Thank goodness for that at least.  Unfortunately, judging from the spoilers that we've read for the story, we will appreciate the days that they aren't shown.

Here's a shock: The scenes at the ski lodge were interesting.  Can you believe we found the teens interesting?  Just kidding about that.  The best thing about those scenes, as well as the most shocking, was that Jessica didn't blame Kay for what happened with Charity and Reese.  Normally, Jessica would blame Kay for everything, but she didn't do it.  We were so surprised.

Here's another good thing about these scenes.  We were so glad that Miguel didn't run to Kay.  She was just too smug about what happened with Charity and Miguel.  She could have been less obvious about what she was doing.

TC really surprised today.  He yelled at Liz for insulting Eve.  It was totally worth it. She was just so smug, that it was good to see her knocked off of her high horse.

Theresa partially opened her eyes about something.  She noticed how Whitney has feelings for Fox.  Whitney's not hiding it so it's good that she noticed it.  (See Rants about this particular subject)


Something happened today: Theresa and Whitney actually heard Fox say that he was making a sacrifice for Whitney.  Theresa also thought that Fox was in love with Whitney. (See Rants section)

We're about to shock you again.  Hold on to your keyboards for this.  We enjoyed Miguel and Charity's scenes again.  See, told you it was a shock. LOL!  Their scenes were pretty good today.  Even though Charity was lying to Miguel, it was good to see her stand up to Miguel.  We don't see this side of Charity very often.

As you all know, Luis and Sheridan were back on screen today, but get this, we have something good to say about it. LOL! Luis found a way to see Sheridan.  It was funny watching him flirt with the orderly.  Maybe we were wrong about him not having a brain.  No we weren't.  He still has some screws loose. LOL!


Julian did the unthinkable.  He actually stood up to TC.  We liked that.  He is always letting TC bully him so it was good to see him stand up to him.  Good for you Julian.

Dr. Ackland didn't complete the electro shock therapy on Sheridan.  Thank goodness for that.  Unfortunately it didn't last long.  Hopefully she will still have her memory because we can't endure another amnesia story again.


The scenes at Sheridan's cottage (Theresa, Fox, and Whitney) were good.  We were impressed with Whitney's acting.  Her acting is really starting to improve.

Antonio figured out something.  He figured out that something was wrong with Sheridan.  We were pretty surprised too.

We loved watching TC ripping into Liz again.  She just can't get the message that TC doesn't want her.

Luis and Antonio actually had a conversation with different dialogue.  Antonio didn't remind us that much that Sheridan is his wife and Luis didn't keep saying how she loves him more than Antonio.  Angels of Mercy someone listened to our prayers. LOL!  Now if only they would hear us and let Luis and Sheridan get back together.


We really liked the scenes with Whitney and Julian.  Ben Masters really can help the other actors and actresses improve their acting ability.  Anyway, Julian was really calm when Whitney flipped out on him.  He could have flipped out on her too if that's what he wanted to do.

We really loved when TC kicked Liz out of the house so he could spend time with Eve.  It's too bad that we don't see this side of TC more often.

Guess what people?  Theresa stood up to Ethan.  We really like that.  Now die-hard Theresa and Ethan fans may hate this but it was really time for her to do it.  He had a lot of nerve to criticize Fox.  As far as Theresa knows, Ethan hasn't helped her get little Ethan back, so who was he to say that Fox wasn't helping her.  Ethan should have known that Theresa was going to remind him that he's not helping her.  She does it all of the time.

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