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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #45

1/19 - 1/23/04


Gwen refused to give up on searching for clues about Beth.  Thank goodness she's not like Luis because if she were, she would have given up.

Dr. Culver wanted to tell Gwen the truth about Beth.  We have a feeling that he would have told her if Beth didn't get him to go to the ER.


Pilar offered to babysit Maria so Miguel could to to the ski lodge.  It was funny how Kay's plan backfired.  She just knew that Miguel wouldn't have left.

We finally saw Theresa actually holding Maria.  It took her long enough to hold her.

Gwen accused Beth of hitting her.  We're glad that she didn't let Ethan or Luis talk her out of believing Beth hit her.


Gwen didn't let Ethan talk her out of believing that Beth took Sheridan's baby.  Ethan must have forgotten who he was talking to.  If he was talking to Luis about that, he would have bought it.  Gwen has more of a brain.

Beth got what she deserved when Precious turned up the heating pad on her.  Too bad she didn't explode they way she did in the fantasy.


Maybe we're alone here but it was good to see Charity not acting like a goody-two shoes.  We know Endora was responsible for it, but it was a side of Charity that we don't get to see often.

Dr. Culver didn't believe that Beth was sick.  He was on to her and it was great.  What does it say about Luis that he couldn't figure out that Beth lied about being sick, and he knows her better than Dr. Culver?

Alistair was so right when he told Luis how he slept with his brother's wife.  We don't usually agree with him but this time we did.  Luis acts so self-righteous to Alistair as if he didn't sleep with his brother's wife.  Luis had the nerve to say that Alistair doesn't love Sheridan.  He didn't prove how much he loves Antonio by doing what he did.


We enjoyed watching Gwen tell Beth off.  It was great.  It was also great to see Gwen throw her pocketbook at her.  It's too bad she didn't kick her butt the way she did Theresa's.

Julian wanted to try and talk to Fox and make up for what he missed out on with Fox.  That was nice of him.

It was so wonderful how Jessica walked in on Charity and Reese together.  We were afraid that Miguel was going to be the only one that saw them.

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