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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #99

3/1 - 3/5/04


When did Ethan find out about Sheridan?  He was not around when she finally left the hospital so how did he know she left the hospital?  Also, how did he know that Sheridan picked Antonio?

How come Fox didn't hear Rebecca and Gwen's plan?  They were talking so loudly, but he didn't hear anything.  Last week, Gwen and Rebecca were able to hear Fox and Ethan talking and they weren't even near them, but Fox couldn't hear Rebecca and Gwen.  Talk about selective hearing.

Did we miss something?  When did Woody decide to help Theresa?  The last time we saw him, he quit working for Theresa, and now he's working for her again.  That is very weird.  No one even questioned when he started working for Theresa again.

We must have missed something else today too.  When did Pilar change her opinion about Ethan?  When Theresa was finally ready to stop talking about Ethan betraying her.  Pilar had to mention it again.  Pilar also stopped being optimistic too.  She was the one telling her children to be positive, but now Theresa is the one that is being positive.

Theresa forgot to mention Fox when Pilar was talking about how the Cranes destroyed her family.  Fox didn't do anything to her family, but Pilar forgot about that when she was bad mouthing the Cranes.  So did Theresa.

Gwen being so happy to take little Ethan away from Theresa just showed that she's no different from Rebecca.  It doesn't do any good for her to feel sympathetic for about five minutes if she's going to go along with Rebecca's plan.

We are so sick of hearing the way that Eve cries.  The sound that she makes is so annoying.  Big thanks to SJOSHI101 (from the Passions Forum) for pointing this one out.

Did you all notice how Whitney tried to downplay what she did to Simone?  When Chad told her not to do to her mother what Simone did to her, Whitney said that what her mother did was huge.  Did she really think that her actions weren't huge?  Well, we know that what she did to Simone was bigger than what she thinks Eve did to TC.  Simone had to find out the hard way what Whitney did behind her back, but Whitney doesn't have any proof that Eve did anything wrong.


Why would Ethan talk to Woody in the house again?  He has already been caught by Rebecca so why would he even take the risk and do it again?  Of course he was going to get caught again.

Eve deserved to get caught with Julian again.  She knows how often she has been seen with Julian so that was really stupid of her to hug Julian outside of the Blue Note.  She wonders why Whitney is so mad at her.  It's time for Eve to tell the truth about her past that way, maybe Whitney will be able to understand why Eve keeps hugging Julian.

We did not miss seeing Beth.  We really enjoyed the break from her.  It's just too bad that it had to end so soon.

Why was Ethan telling Rebecca what she should do with little Ethan?  She is the one that has a child, and as far as he knows, he doesn't have one, so what makes him such an expert on raising children?

What is wrong with Antonio?  We know it would take up the rest of the page to answer that, but why would he continue to listen to Alistair?  The man clearly hates Sheridan, as well as the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, but for some reason, Antonio thinks that he sincerely cares about his happiness.  What an idiot!


The stunt doubles for Luis and Antonio were so obvious.  Couldn't the powers that be have been a little more subtle with them?

What did Sheridan think she was going to accomplish by screaming at Luis and Antonio to stoop fighting?  She could have tried to break up the fight instead of just standing around and yelling at them.  Did she think that she was that delicate that she couldn't actually break them up?  By the way, we absolutely loved seeing Luis and Antonio's shirts open. LOL!  That was totally worth it.

Why couldn't Whitney help Theresa pack?  She didn't have to sing then because Chad already told her that she was doing a great job.  She didn't have to keep rehearsing.  Also, did any of you notice how Whitney didn't seem to care about what Theresa is going through?  She is her best friend, but all she cared about was what Eve did.

Why would Eve talk to Julian outside of her house?  TC could have easily seen them together, and she would have had no explanation for why they were together.

Was anyone else sick of Sheridan breaking Luis's heart by reminding him that she's in love with Antonio?  We know that we're sick of it.  It's heart breaking watching what she's doing to him.  It's only a matter of time before he decides to move on from her.

Now back to Eve.  If she insists on keeping her past a secret, then she should stop acting as if she has something to hide.  It's a good thing that she only has to convince TC that there is nothing wrong.

Antonio is such a jerk to his family.  He was more concerned with losing Sheridan than he did about helping his family.  Isn't it enough that he left them years ago and now he is turning his back on them again.

TC must be experiencing memory loss.  Did he forget that he turned his back on Whitney when she went to LA? Now he is telling Eve abut how she shouldn't turn her back on Whitney.


Antonio said that his family turned their backs on him.  Just because Pilar didn't jump to his side when he wanted her too, didn't mean that the entire family turned on him.  He forgot how she wanted Sheridan to stay with him while he was sick.  If he didn't want Pilar's honest opinion about who belongs with Sheridan, then he shouldn't have asked her what she thought.  Also, Miguel and Theresa didn't say one way or the other who they thought Sheridan should choose.

What was up with Luis?  He was willing to kill Alistair for what he did to Sheridan, but not for what he did to his family?  Where does his loyalty lie?

Antonio is so heartless.  He didn't even care that his family is homeless.  He was just too consumed with how they stabbed him in the back.  They have bigger problems than his stupid pride, but he was more concerned about what he thinks was done to him.

Speaking of Antonio (he was on our minds a lot today LOL!) his "noble" offer to step aside and let Sheridan be happy didn't seem so noble.  He knew that she just told Luis that she doesn't want to be with him, so naturally Antonio makes this grand gesture.  If he saw Sheridan and Luis kissing, or heard her say that she loves Luis, he wouldn't have been so willing to step aside and allow her to be happy.

Why was Pilar acting as if she lived in the new house for years?  They were only in the house for a little over a year so she shouldn't be so attached to it.  She should be more sentimental towards the house that burned down.

Rebecca is so manipulative.  She was using Gwen's grief to convince her to help her destroy the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  That is not going to make Gwen be able to conceive children.


What kind of a man is Antonio?  He knows what his family is going through, but he wanted to take Sheridan to a benefit.  As we mentioned before, he really knows how to stand by his family doesn't he?

What happened to Sheridan's backbone?  She was strong enough to stand up to Luis and Alistair, but she allowed Antonio to bark orders at her.  Why does she let him speak to her the way he does?

Why did NBC have to cut Passions off right in the middle of the episode?  We couldn't care less if Martha Stewart was found guilty or innocent.  To make matters worse, all we saw were people going in and out of the courthouse.  It was interrupted and the jury didn't even reach a verdict until after the episode was over.

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