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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #98

2/23 - 2/27/04


Who changed Theresa's clothes?  She was not wearing what she has on now when she fell.  Did Whitney change her?  Did Fox do it?  She didn't even make reference to how she is wearing different clothes.

Was it just us or did TC sound weird when he said he was dreaming about Whitney?  He really sounds like he is becoming too obsessed with her.

Why does Gwen keep forgetting that she's just as responsible as Theresa is for why she lost her baby?  She can't put all of the blame on Theresa for what happened.  She really needs to remember that.

All Eve was concerned about was getting caught with Julian.  She doesn't even care that Whitney is confused about what to do.  She just wanted to make sure that she wasn't exposed.  She just wanted to make sure that she wasn't exposed.  She shouldn't do that to Whitney.

Whitney is starting to sound like Liz.  She keeps calling Eve names without knowing the whole story just as Liz does.  Maybe she is more like Liz than we realized.

Was it just us or did Fox seem like he was pushing Theresa on Ethan?  If he wasn't asking Theresa about going back to him because he was jealous, why would he keep pushing the issue?  Is he doing it so he can be with Whitney?  You read it here first.

Eve should have told Whitney the truth.  She knows how it's affecting Whitney so she should have told her the truth.  How else does Eve expect Whitney to understand if she doesn't tell her the truth?  Whitney will never figure it out on her own so she will have to tell the truth eventually.

As bad as we feel for Gwen right now, we don't think that she should adopt little Ethan.  Rebecca has her own agenda for why she wants Gwen to adopt him so she shouldn't go along with the scheme.  The writers are really going out of their way to make Gwen look like a bad character.  They're also trying to make Theresa look like a wonderful, forgiving person by having her let Gwen off the hook for the accident.  She also wants to help Gwen have children.  We can clearly see what the writers are doing with the two characters.


Theresa should have known that Rebecca wasn't really hitting little Ethan when she didn't hear him.  If she could hear Rebecca, she would have heard little Ethan.

Why did the writers have to write Simone back so soon? LOL!  She could have stayed away.  Simone has not been missed at all.  Hopefully she will disappear again.

TC proved how clueless he is again.  Now he thinks that Whitney is on drugs.  He really pulled that one out of thin air.  Only TC could have thought of that.

Whitney got a taste of her own medicine when TC wouldn't let her talk.  Now she has an idea of what she put Eve through.  She would never let her talk, so now Whitney know what that feeling is like now that she can't finish her sentences.

Why didn't Theresa ask little Ethan if Rebecca hit him?  She wasted her time asking his nanny if Rebecca hit him if she wasn't going to believe her.


If Eve thinks that Whitney would understand the truth, why doesn't she tell her?  She wouldn't have to worry about Whitney getting the wrong idea about what she's doing with Julian if she told her.

Miguel was being so ungrateful to Carlos (his boss).  He acted as if he couldn't be fired.  It probably wasn't that hard for him to listen to Rebecca when he had to fire him.  Maybe Carlos might have put up some sort of fight if Miguel wasn't being so ungrateful towards him earlier.

Eve though we put as a rave how Luis had to suffer for his actions, Sam didn't have to be so cruel about suspending him.  He knows that Luis's family needs all the money they can get so he could have either put him on desk duty or he could have suspended him with pay.  At least he would still have money to support his family.

It could be just us, but Miguel acts as if having Maria was a mistake.  He should be grateful that she's still alive.  Now all he does is complain about how he lost Charity and that he has to work all of the time.  He didn't even care when Pilar told him that he was blessed with Maria.  Unless he is a worst actor than we thought he really didn't seem to be grateful that he still has Maria in his life.

We were so bored with Chad and Whitney's scenes today.  All she did was talk about what her mother did to her father.  She must be going for a record with how many times she is going to talk about that.  It was interesting at first when she was at home, but now that she is going on about it with Chad, it is getting very boring.  It's time for the writers to give Whitney something else to do.


We did not miss hearing Whitney's singing.  The woman who is singing for Whitney does not have a good singing voice to us, so it's painful to hear her voice.  Whitney is also a bad lip syncher so we didn't miss seeing these scenes at all.

Eve seemed a little too relieved that Whitney was playing tennis again.  Does she really think that if Whitney is playing tennis, she won't tell TC about what she thinks she knows about her relationship with Julian?  Eve will still have to worry about whether Whitney will tell TC the truth or not.

Who was Luis to tell Miguel to see his baby?  He hasn't even seen his own baby so who was he to tell Miguel to see his daughter.  Maybe he should go see his own child before he gives Miguel advice.

Why didn't Theresa call Luis or Pilar into the living room when she saw what Rebecca was doing to "little Ethan?"  At least then she would have had a witness and she wouldn't look like a crazy person.

Luis has proven that all he cares about is Sheridan.  His family is going through a lot of drama, but all he could do is talk about Sheridan.  He even compared their problems with the drama that he is going through with her.  Sheridan is always on his mind.

Rebecca proved what a selfish woman she is.  She doesn't have to ruin the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family because of her hatred for Theresa.  We admit that Theresa should suffer for her role in Gwen losing her baby, but Rebecca is going too far.  Making the Lopez-Fitzgeralds poor and homeless won't make Gwen have children.  It might even make it harder for Gwen to ever adopt another child.

Liz must be psychic since she had a sign with Whitney's picture on it at the Blue Note.  How did she know that Whitney was going to agree to sing?  She must be related to Charity instead of Eve.

Pilar should have locked her door when she let Ethan in the house.  That way Rebecca wouldn't have been able to just open the door to the house and start listening to what Ethan was telling the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Luis and Theresa weren't able to see Rebecca at their door.  She wasn't even hiding or anything.  She was right at the door.  Wow!  Talk about selective hearing.


What kind of a woman is Liz?  She wants to get revenge on Eve so badly that she will use Whitney just to do it.  We stupidly thought that she liked Whitney.  Guess we were so wrong about that.  What kind of aunt would want her niece to turn to drugs just because she hates her sister?  The writers really know how to make this woman hateful.

Alistair never gives up.  He got what he wanted when Sheridan chose Antonio, yet he still wants to kill her.  What more does the man want?

Why did Julian have to take Eve to the Blue Note?  She could have gone by herself.  He knows that she is married, but he insists on seeing her every chance he gets.  He also knows how Whitney feels about finding them together, but he had to go to the Blue Note with Eve anyway.

If Dr. Ackland cared about Sheridan, why did he tell Alistair that she could get her memory back?  That was so stupid.  This was the perfect way for Dr. Ackland to help Sheridan, but he shot off his big mouth again and now Alistair knows that.

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