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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #97

2/16 - 2/20/04


Luis was being so smug about Sheridan picking him over Antonio.  He just knew that Sheridan was going to choose him, but as we all know, she didn't do that.  Maybe he should have waited until she made her decision before he reacted.

A Passions goof: Cindy (Beth's babysitter) was watching Days of Our Lives.  Valentine's Day was on Saturday so she shouldn't have been watching DOOL.  She might have been watching a tape of the show, but that is not likely that she would have been watching it at Beth's house.

Was anyone really surprised that Alistair was able to stop Dr. Ackland from telling Gwen the truth about Beth?  We certainly weren't surprised at all when Dr. Culver kept saying that he was going to tell Gwen everything.  We knew not to get our hopes up about him telling Gwen the truth.

Theresa really put her foot in it this time.  She told Rebecca that she hopes that Gwen never has another child so that her son won't be a servant.  Now, Rebecca pushed her to a point that she had to say something to her, but she didn't have to say that.  What a cruel thing to say, especially from someone who didn't mean for Gwen to lose her baby.


It could just be us, but Luis was really coming off as an egomaniac when he thought that Sheridan would have picked him over Antonio. He even had to think something was wrong with her because she didn't pick him.  Don't mind us, we are just two-sided about this situation. We all know what's going on, but Luis doesn't know what's happening.

Why didn't Rebecca notice how Fox isn't with Whitney anymore?  At Christmas time, Fox had Rebecca believing that he was in love with Whitney, but now he's with Theresa.  Why wouldn't Rebecca mention anything about it?

Did Luis get electro shock therapy too?  He kept saying that Sheridan forgot her love for him, but she said that she remembered their past.  She said that a couple of times, but he still thinks that she doesn't remember that she loves him.

Why was Gwen acting as if she's the only one that lost a baby?  Ethan lost the same child, but she was only concerned about how she was going to make it.

Is anyone else sick of Theresa making excuses for what she says and does?  She can never just admit that she's wrong for what she does.  Take the comment she made about Gwen for instance.  Now we know that Theresa fans probably feel that Rebecca made her say that, but that's not true.  She didn't have to say that she hopes Gwen can't have children.  Now that she has said it, she didn't mean any harm.  It was Rebecca's fault because she pushed her to say it.  She even has Fox believing the same thing.  All she had to do was just say that she was wrong without blaming Rebecca or her love for little Ethan.

Speaking of Theresa, she was really acting like a snob about her son being a servant.  Did she forget that Pilar was a servant for over 20 years until she got fired because she wouldn't leave little Ethan's room.  Also, we didn't realize that being a servant was the worse thing to be.  She must have forgotten that her job at the Book Cafe' (ha ha ha) is to serve people.

Why didn't Gwen remind Dr. Culver that he told her that she could have kids?  When she was hit by the car that Beth was driving, he examined Gwen and told her that she should be able to have children again.  Now all of a sudden he said that she can never have children.  That sounds kind of suspicious to us.

Beth was so pathetic today. (What else is new right?) She wanted to take Luis out to forget about Sheridan and that's all he talked about.  Anyone else with some sense would have just left Luis there.  She has no pride whatsoever.


Theresa said that she was going to help Gwen get pregnant.  That's a noble idea, but where is she going to get the money to help her?  She doesn't even have money to hire an attorney.

Why did Theresa have to say goodnight to little Ethan?  She could have left the mansion and saw him the next day.  She also could have gone home and saw him on the computer that Fox has setup for her.  Anything would have been better than her going to see little Ethan when she did.

Why couldn't Alistair have hired the hitman to kill Luis?  That way, it wouldn't matter if Sheridan got her memory back because Luis wouldn't be around anymore.  We don't want Luis to be killed, but it would make more sense for Alistair to have him killed.

Why did Sheridan let Luis think they were getting back together?  She even went so far as to kiss him.  She didn't have to do that to him or us either.

Alistair is such a hypocrite.  He said no man would want to kill his own daughter yet he had no problem killing Sheridan.  Maybe that means that Sheridan isn't his daughter after all.

The writers were so obvious when they made Theresa go back to the mansion to move her picture so that little Ethan can see it.  We know that Theresa is supposed to go out the window soon, but couldn't the writers come up with a better way for her to go back to the mansion.  It is just a last minute excuse to have Theresa go back to the mansion.

Luis is a bad father.  He only wanted to use Martin to get Sheridan to remember her love for him.  That is so sad that he only remembers that he has a son now that he wants Sheridan to remember that she loves him and not Antonio.  It's just so sad that he has to use his son just to take his brother's wife away from him.  When Martin is finally back with Sheridan, we'll see how much Luis spends time with him.


Luis was such a jerk to Beth.  He had a lot of nerve telling Beth that he wanted to use the baby so Sheridan can remember their love.  As much as we enjoy watching Beth suffer this way, that was really selfish of him.  He shouldn't use his son as a tool to get Sheridan.

Why was Jessica so rude to Ivy today?  It's not Ivy's fault that Charity was with Reese.  All she was doing was giving Jessica advice and she ripped Ivy's head off.

Theresa really knows how to push her luck.  She should have left when Gwen walked away from her.  We'll get back to this shortly.

Gwen forgot that she was responsible for the loss of her baby, but Theresa was also at fault in our opinion.  Gwen refuses to see what she could have done to prevent her loss.

Tabitha was so useless today.  She was nothing more than furniture.  All she did was talk about Charity and and Kay's plan.

Now back to Theresa.  She was really bad today.  We can't believe the despicable things she said to Gwen.  She had the nerve to tell her that Gwen is the reason why she can't have anymore children.  She also told her that it might have been God's will that she lost Sarah and that she couldn't have anymore children because of the reason she and Ethan got married.  We were completely appalled.  Now we know what Theresa's die-hard fans are thinking.  Theresa is right because Ethan loves her.  They may also think that Theresa was right to remind Gwen that it was her own fault that she lost the baby.  To get back to Ethan, Ethan may love her more, but that didn't mean that he didn't love Gwen at a time.  Gwen does play a role in her loss, but Theresa had no right to say those things to her.  How else did she expect Gwen to react to that?

Alistair's plan has such a huge plot hole in it.  If Alistair switched the babies, why was he worried that Sheridan would remember Luis?  He didn't have to try and kill her.  Also, how come Beth and Luis didn't know that they didn't have Martin?  Well Luis doesn't spend much time with Martin, but Beth should have noticed the difference.  Another thing, how is Martin getting fed if Sheridan isn't breast feeding him anymore?


Why was Sam's house so junky?  Couldn't somebody clean it up?  Are the writers trying to get us to believe that Sam, Charity, and Jessica were incapable of cleaning it?  Grace has been gone for a little while now and the house was not junky like that.  What was up with Ivy not being able to iron Sam's shirt?  What has she been doing to get the wrinkles out of her own clothes?  She hasn't been in the mansion for a long time so she must have been ironing her own clothes, but she couldn't iron Sam's shirts.

Why does Sam have to give Grace money?  She owns two businesses so she doesn't need Sam to give her money.  Also, when did they decide that Sam had to give her money?  If she is with David now, couldn't he give her the money that she needs?

How loud was Jessica screaming today if Sam, Ivy, Grace, David, Tabitha, Kay, and Miguel all managed to hear her screaming at Reese?  Sam and Ivy were downstairs so maybe they could have heard her, but the others weren't even in the house and they were all able to hear her screaming.  She must have some pretty powerful lungs.

Gwen obviously had no remorse for what she did to Theresa.  If she did, then she would have been more worried about what she did to her, instead of saying that it was too bad that she didn't die.  We know that Theresa deserved it, but Gwen could have gone to jail for what she did.  She was really lucky that Theresa didn't blame her for what happened.  Somehow we think that if Gwen went out the window, she would not have kept Theresa from going to jail.  She probably would have said that Theresa did it on purpose.

Leave it to Grace to try and make excuses for Charity's behavior.  Jessica clearly told her what she saw Charity doing, but instead of trying to comfort Jessica, she had to defend Charity.  It shouldn't surprise her in the least that Jessica hates her right now.  Grace continues to care more for Charity than her own children.  Maybe she should take Charity with her instead of leaving her with Sam.

Jessica's bad acting really ruined the scenes at the Bennett house.  Danica Stewart really needs to get acting lessons because her performances are painful to watch.  The scenes at the Bennett house were good, but her acting was just terrible.

Did Theresa get hurt worse than we thought.  How did she manage not to hear Rebecca call Eve Julian's girlfriend?  Rebecca didn't say it low either.  Well at least we know that Theresa's fall did nothing to help improve her hearing.

What in the world is wrong with Eve?  She knew that Whitney was on her way to the mansion, so why take the risk of kissing Julian?  Maybe she really does want someone to see her with him.

Did Julian want to be caught with Eve?  Why would he kiss her with the door open?  That was so stupid.  As soon as we saw him pull her into the library and left the door open, we knew they were going to be caught with each other.  He was lucky that Rebecca didn't catch them together.

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