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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #96

2/9 - 2/13/04


It could just be us, but Dr. Ackland doesn't seem that heartbroken about making Sheridan suffer.  Maybe it's just bad acting. LOL!

We need to get Antonio a pacifier because he was really acting like a baby.  He couldn't wait to cut Pilar out of his life because she thought that Luis should be with Sheridan.  That is just so ridiculous.  He already knows that Sheridan was with Luis first so he is acting really stupid about that.

Once again, someone had an excuse for Charity's actions.  Big surprise Grace blamed herself for why Charity acted the way she did.  If it were Kay, she would have blamed Kay for the way she was acting.

Did Eve lose her mind today?  Why did she think that Alistair would let her see her son?  She knows what kind of a monster he is so why did she bother asking him?  Of course he would have said no.

It was too late for Grace to feel guilty about what they have done.  She should have thought about what her leaving the family was going to do to them sooner.  Now that they hate her, it's too late to feel guilty about it.

We didn't feel sorry for Grace when she saw Sam and Ivy together.  She deserved that because she shouldn't have picked David over Sam.  Did she think that Sam was going to just wait for her forever.


How many times do we have to be reminded that Ethan helped Theresa?  Every time he talks to little Ethan, he makes that confessions.  The audience already knows what he did so he doesn't have to keep saying it.

What did we do wrong JER? Why do we have to keep hearing Theresa say how Ethan betrayed her?  She knows the position that he is in so she should have understood why he couldn't openly help her.

Why did Beth think Gwen was dead when the cans hit her?  The cans didn't hit her that hard.  People on this show always assume that someone is dead.  Why is that?

The writers wasted our time with two useless fantasies today.  The first one was Beth's fantasy that Gwen heard her confession about the baby.  Of course Beth wasn't going to get caught that easily.  It was so disappointing when it was only a fantasy.  The second one was Sheridan's fantasy that Luis was able to save her from Dr. Ackland.  That was another letdown.  Both of these fantasies were a big waste in our opinion.  They seemed like they could have been real at first, but we did figure out that they were only fantasies.

We really wanted to hit Antonio when he stopped Luis from checking on Sheridan.  It's too bad Luis didn't put his gun on Antonio.  He would have deserved it.  Was there something in the water that was keeping Luis from getting to Sheridan?  Antonio wasn't the only one that stopped Luis from getting to Sheridan.  Sam also kept Luis from getting to her.  He stopped him by placing Luis under arrest.  That is going to make it even harder for Luis to get her out of the psych ward.

Now it's time to get back to Ethan.  He took a stupid risk today by confessing his feelings for Theresa with little Ethan's door open?  He should have known that someone would have heard him.  Maybe that's what he wanted or he wouldn't have left the door open.

Why does Edna have so much faith in the police?  They never solve anything.  They would never figure out that Beth was linked to what happened to Gwen.  When was the last time the police arrested someone who wasn't framed?

Grace had  a lot of nerve today, didn't she?  What right did she have to tell Ivy to stay away from Sam?  She must have forgotten that she was the one that walked out on Sam.

Here's another Ethan rant for you.  He has a new hobby.  He is a peeping Tom.  Yes, now he's decided to start watching Fox and Theresa.  Anytime they are kissing, Ethan won't be too far from them watching very closely.


Is Whitney having trouble remembering Julian's full name?  Why does she have to say Julian's last name when she talks about him?

Grace must have memory loss too.  She said that Ivy was trying to take her family away from her.  She gave up her right to care when she walked out on Sam.

Why did Beth have to be at the hospital?  How convenient was it that she was there to hear about what was going on with Sheridan.  No one was even asking for Beth so she didn't need to be there.

Grace is really a piece of work.  Even when Jessica told her that Charity was with Reese, she still thought that Charity was innocent.  She didn't even try to comfort Jessica.  She was too busy defending Charity.

Could Sam be working for Alistair?  You read it here first.  He kept stopping Luis from checking on Sheridan.  He also didn't hesitate to arrest him.  We thought that police officers took care of each other.  Is he being bitter because he couldn't be with Ivy because he had to arrest Luis? Hmm...

Did Gwen get hit harder than we thought?  She must have because she blamed Theresa for the attack in the garage.  She should remember that Beth tried to kill her earlier that day.

Beth gave herself away, but Pilar didn't pick up on it.  Big surprise right?  How would Beth have known that Gwen was in the hospital?  Pilar should have asked her about that, but she didn't do it.


Wasn't it convenient how no one was around when Dr. Culver was yelling at Beth?  Will this woman ever get caught?  

What happened to Theresa, Fox, and Sam?  Why weren't they at the hospital anymore?  At the end of yesterday's episode, they were right there. It looked as if they were never there.  

Antonio is starting to become the monster that Alistair is.  He wanted Sheridan to stay in the psych ward even knowing how badly she looked.  If he loves her, he wouldn't put her through this.

We think that Beth might be the character that the writers love.  They are always finding ways to save Beth.  Just when it looks as if she's about to get caught, she always gets saved.  Take today for example.  Dr. Culver was going to talk to Gwen about Beth, but he had an emergency that he had to go to.  Talk about being born under a good sign.

While we're on the subject, couldn't Beth sue Dr. Culver?  He threatened to tell Gwen about her.  Wasn't Beth supposed to be a patient?  Did he forget about doctor/patient confidentiality?  We know that he is not her doctor anymore, but she was his patient once.  Gwen doesn't have a warrant or a court order so he shouldn't be able to talk about Beth.

Chad proved today that he has no pride.  He shouldn't have taken the money that Alistair gave him.  He could have made Valentine's Day special for Whitney without taking the money.  He also should have been suspicious that Alistair offered him money like that.  Why would he do that when he barely knows him?  That never even occurred to him.

Why did Antonio have Sheridan's clothes in the car if he had no intention of letting her out of the psych ward?  Maybe he has psychic powers after all.

Eve obviously wants TC to find out about what she has been doing with Julian.  Why else would she take the risk of being seen with Julian again?  She knows that Whitney caught her before.  Why would she do it again unless she wants to get caught?

Eve blamed Alistair for Whitney catching her with Julian.  It wasn't his fault she got caught.  No one told her to go out with Julian.  The next time she wants some air, she should just open a window.


It's so obvious that the writers are foreshadowing how Gwen can't have anymore kids.  We can clearly see this coming.  We think that you can all see it too.

There was some more foreshadowing about Sheridan's decision.  Who doesn't know that she's only going to end up picking Antonio?  You can tell by the way that Luis keeps assuming that Sheridan is going to pick him.  He is being really smug so you know that he won't be the one that Sheridan is going to choose.

Why did Julian risk sending Eve roses?  What's wrong with him?  Why didn't he think that TC would find out about the flowers?  Julian even had to make sure to buy a big bouquet of flowers that made TC's flowers look cheap.  Did Julian think he was the only one entitled to buy Eve flowers?  As sweet as the gesture was, he shouldn't have taken the risk.

We are getting so sick of Whitney mentioning what Eve did with Julian.  We get it.  She is hurt by what she saw, but we don't have to hear about it all the time.

Dr. Culver is a potential talkative victim.  Why would he tell Beth that he is going to tell Gwen what he knows about her?  What's stopping her from killing him to keep his mouth shut?

It could just be us, but doesn't it seem as if Eve is getting like Beth?  Before you react, let us explain.  Whenever she's about to get caught, somehow she gets rescued.  For example, last week when Whitney was about to tell TC what she saw, Eve had to go to the hospital.  Eve was rescued today too.  Julian didn't sign the card to the flowers and Alistair saved her when TC heard him talking about Eve's son.  His lie wasn't even believable, but TC believed it anyway.  See how she is turning into Beth after all?

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