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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #95

2/2 - 2/6/04


The doctors at Harmony Hospital must be miracle workers, or Gwen is a quick healer.  She was just in a car accident and she was ready to make a baby.  She works fast.

Ivy and Sam were such a waste.  All they talked about throughout the episode was Luis and Sheridan.  It's not as if they don't have a storyline of their own.

Did Gwen's head get hit harder than we thought?  She must have forgotten how Ethan is a Bennett.  She said that their baby would be a Winthrop instead of a Crane.

Does Liz have psychic powers?  How did she know that Fox was pushing Whitney and Chad together?

Why didn't Theresa leave little Ethan's room when she had the chance?  If she did, Rebecca wouldn't have seen her in there.

Here's a surprise: Ethan was an idiot today.  He should have told Theresa that he didn't tell Rebecca on her.  He also should have reassured Gwen that he wasn't going to little Ethan's room to be with Theresa.

TC proved that he is blind as well as stupid.  He didn't notice the way Whitney kept looking at Eve when she was talking to her.  He also didn't realize that Eve must have done something to make Whitney upset.  Whitney doesn't normally speak to Eve that way.


Did we miss something?  What happened to Kay's car?  She drove up to the mountains when she went to see Miguel, yet Miguel was going to take Kay home.  Why wouldn't she just take her own car home?

Luis didn't have to throw his weight around with Julian.  Julian was cooperating with him so he didn't have to be so rude to him.  He was only trying to talk to him.

Have the writers decided to rewrite Shuis's relationship?  Luis said that he was with Sheridan for years.  We all know they weren't together for years.  They haven't even been together for a year.

Whitney is a graduate of the Eve Russell School of Stalling because she took her time telling TC about Eve and Julian.  If she wanted to tell him the truth, she should have just told him.

Did Charity have a brain freeze?  Why was she acting as if she's not the reason why she doesn't have Miguel?  If she didn't break up with him, then they would be together.

Simone is a real jerk to Kay.  She had no proof that Kay tricked Miguel into having sex with her, yet she couldn't wait to blame her.  It was possible that Miguel slept with Kay on his own.

Are the walls in the Russell house soundproof?  Why didn't TC hear Whitney yelling at Eve?  She was screaming so loudly we are surprised that he didn't hear them.

Whitney proved that she can be just as stubborn as TC and Simone.  She wouldn't let Eve explain what Whitney thought she saw.  Whitney chose to yell at her and call her names.  Wasn't that the same thing Simone did to her?  She didn't like it when Simone wouldn't let her explain her relationship with Chad, so she shouldn't do that to Eve. (See Raves for more)

Speaking of Simone, leave it to her to blame Kay for what happened to Charity.  Simone didn't have any proof once again, but that didn't stop her from blaming Kay.  We knew she was going to do that eventually so we are not surprised by that.

If Eve wanted Whitney to know the truth about her and Julian, she should have cut Whitney off and told her the truth.


Are TC and Whitney deaf?  Liz practically yelled that Eve's life is over once Whitney exposed her, but they didn't hear her.  What is wrong with them?

Why wasn't Simone in Whitney's flashback of the Russells coming home from a trip?  Didn't she even go with them?  Why was she getting the mail at the Bennetts' house?  This is how little they think of her.

TC proves everyday that he is one of the biggest idiots in Harmony.  He really needed a picture drawn for him today.  He heard Whitney yelling at Eve and he still didn't get why Whitney was upset.  He also couldn't get how Liz was trying to tell him that Eve was her sister.  What an idiot! JER made us realize just how stupid he really is.

Luis is such a hypocrite.  He disapproved of Julian breaking up a marriage, but he has no problem breaking up Sheridan's marriage.  We get it.  It's okay that he does that because Sheridan is the love of his life, but Julian can't break up a marriage.

Whitney obviously didn't want to know the truth about Eve.  If she did, she would have let Eve explain what happened.  Maybe she didn't want to know after all.

Eve should have slapped Whitney today.  Whitney did not have the right to talk to her the way she did.  She was being so disrespectful to her mother.  Eve must have so much self-control.

Charity is such a wimp.  She should have stood up to Kay.  She also should have went back on her promise to save Kay's baby.  She was being so ungrateful to Charity considering what she is doing for her.


Was anyone else sick of TC cutting Whitney off when she was trying to tell him the truth about Eve?  He wanted to know what she was going to tell him, but he kept interrupting her.  That was getting so irritating.

We are so sick of watching what Alistair is doing to Sheridan.  We didn't miss these scenes at all.  They are getting worse and worse.  It's too bad that he isn't the one getting electric shock therapy instead of Sheridan.  Then he would know what she's going through.

How many times was Charity going to dance to Outkast's song " The Way You Move?"  We know that song and it's not that long.

TC was such a hypocrite today.  He got mad at Julian for being on his property.  Julian could have been mad and threw him out when he barged in his mansion.  It's okay for TC to barge in Julian's mansion, but Julian was wrong and he knocked on the door. Hmm...

Why didn't Luis arrest TC?  He watched him attack Julian and he didn't do anything.  Is he afraid of TC and that's why he let him get away with hitting Julian?

Today the scenes at the Russell house were a letdown.  They were good at first, but now they are a complete waste of time.  TC still doesn't know what Whitney wanted to tell him.  She started telling him on Monday, but she still hasn't done it yet.

Whitney must be as blind as TC.  She should be able to tell that Liz was up to something.  Why else would Liz want Whitney to tell the truth?


Unfortunately, Beth was back today.  We didn't miss her at all.  If we had our way, she wouldn't have been back on the show at all.  There are quite a few things we would do if we had our way, but that's a different story.

How come the lights weren't flickering at the hospital when Sheridan was getting shocked again?  When Eve, Luis, and Julian went to the hospital, the lights didn't flicker.  Maybe if they did, then Eve might have known what was going on in the psych ward.

Why did Antonio try to stop Eve from seeing Sheridan?  What did he think Eve was going to do to her?  All she wanted to do was check on Sheridan.  He is definitely up to something.

Simone really needs to get over what Whitney did with Chad.  We are sick to death of her bringing it up.  It's not going to change anything.  This girl really knows how to carry a grudge.

If Liz wanted Eve to be busted, she could have busted her on her own.  She didn't need to keep pushing Whitney to tell TC the truth.  Right, she wants to keep her hands clean.

Dr. Ackland is an idiot.  He could have told Sheridan to lie about loving Antonio.  That way he wouldn't have to make her suffer.  Maybe he doesn't really feel that bad for her after all.  If he did, then he would lie to Alistair and say that she doesn't remember Luis anymore.

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