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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #94

1/26 - 1/30/04


Eve has proven over and over again that she needs to be caught by someone soon.  Why else would she insist on seeing Julian after she has been caught several times already?  Someone with sense would have stopped pushing their luck.  She might not be so lucky next time.

Is Whitney really over Chad as she repeatedly says?  You would never know that since she is always taking about him constantly.  We are personally sick of hearing about it.  How about you?

Speaking of Whitney, were any of you surprised that Fox and Whitney's kiss was only a fantasy?  Why did the writers waste their time showing their kiss in the preview.  All of you Foxney fans out there have got to be sick of this by now.  How can you not be?  Their relationship consists of so many fantasies in Fox's mind.

Now back to Eve.  She wasn't very smart when she was talking to Liz. Big surprise right?  She told Liz that she had a date with TC.  Why would she do that in the first place?  Did she subconsciously want to ruin her date?  That would explain why she told her about it.

Simone really does prove that she's Kay's best friend.  Check this out: When Charity was caught with Reese, she was caught red-handed.  Then Simone pulls the idea completely out of left field that Charity might be a zombie again.  Simone obviously cares so much about Charity that she didn't want her to look bad for one minute.  Does this sound like something Kay's best friend would do?

Speaking of Simone again, she was still talking about what Whitney did.  She even compared her to the Cranes.  She's had plenty of time to get over it. We just wish that the Scooby Doo crew would tell her to stop mentioning it.  Did you all notice how she mentioned it at least two times, but they didn't even care to hear it?

Someone actually picked up on something today.  That's right, Theresa noticed how Whitney loved Fox.  Of course she didn't notice how Fox loves Whitney though.  He is so obvious about his feelings for Whitney, but Theresa, as well as Whitney, can't see it.  Guess Theresa has selective knowledge like her brother, Luis.


Dr. Ackland needs to stop pretending that he has a spine.  One minute Dr. Ackland tries to stand up for himself to Alistair and the next he is doing everything that he says.  If he's going to do what Alistair says anyway, then he needs to stop giving Alistair a hard time.  Is there no wonder Alistair pushes him around?  What a wimp!

Talk about a useless lead: Eve and Julian are going to rely on a baby picture of their son to try and find him.  This would only work if he were still a baby, but since he's a grown man now, that picture is useless to them.  Did they think that their son would still look like the picture?

If Charity actually used her brain, she would be dangerous.  Just kidding.  She doesn't even realize that she could just tell Miguel about the deal she made with Death to stay away from him.  They could deal with it together instead of Charity dealing with it by herself.

Are the writers having trouble keeping actors in the role of little Ethan?  He has been changed once again.  What is going on with that?  Did the writers think we weren't going to notice this?

Is Eve suffering from selective memory again?  What makes her think that Whitney would understand that she had a past with Julian?  She should remember how Whitney reacted when she thought that Eve was kissing Julian.  Whitney was less than pleased with her at the time so she won't understand that she had a past with him.

Didn't Theresa overreact today?  She flipped out on Fox and Whitney when she thought that Fox was in love with Whitney?  She even went so far as to accuse Whitney of lying to her about Fox.  Luckily, she did apologize to Fox, but she didn't apologize to Whitney.  Is this the first sign of the end of Theresa and Whitney's friendship?

Didn't Chad have the worst timing today?  He just had to show up at Sheridan's cottage when he did.  Fox was about to explain to Theresa what he meant when he was talking to little Ethan about making sacrifices for the woman you love.  Chad's arrival ruined that, but something would have kept Fox from telling Theresa the truth even if he didn't show up.


What's with Theresa?  Why does she insist on shoving Chad down Whitney's throat?  We have a feeling that she might know how Fox feels about Whitney after all.  If Chad and Whitney get back together, then she can be with Fox without worrying about Whitney.

Here's the question of the day: Wouldn't it be easier for the fans if the writers just killed Sheridan off of the show?  At least we wouldn't have to endure her being victimized anymore.  It seems as if something happens to her every month.  As much as we like Sheridan, we are sick of her being a victim all of the time.

Was Theresa so caught up in the excitement of TC and Julian fighting (nothing new) that she forgot that she is barred from the mansion?  She went in the mansion knowing that Rebecca doesn't want her to be there.

When did Whitney have a change of heart about Eve and Julian?  She just told Fox that she didn't think that Eve was having an affair with Julian and now all of a sudden she believed they were having one.  What made her change her mind like that?

Speaking of Whitney, she is such a hypocrite.  She didn't like being lied to by Chad, but she had no problem lying to her father.  We get it.  she can't be lied to, but she can lie.  Also, why did she build up Chad's hopes that they were getting back together if she had no intention of getting back together?  That was so wrong.  She could have said that she was at the mansion with Theresa.

Could Hank be working with Alistair?  If you all have read our past columns, you all know that we have had this theory before today.  Did you notice the way he kept trying to get Luis to leave Sheridan?  Even when Luis noticed the equipment that Dr. Ackland used, Hank still forced him to leave.  We wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that he's working with Alistair.  If it is revealed that Hank's working with Alistair, you read it here first. LOL!

Since Eve knows that Whitney lied to TC about her, now would be a good time to tell the truth.  Of course she will continue to lie to TC.

Guess we were happy about Dr. Ackland stopping the electro shock therapy too soon.  Of course he buckled down to Alistair and did it anyway. (See Raves for more)


As you all know, Woody the Theresa cheerleader, was back again.  He could have stayed gone for all we care.  We are so sick of him pushing Theresa on Ethan.  How many times did Ethan have to tell him that he's not interested in Theresa?  He just wouldn't get the hint.  That was getting so irritating hearing him say that Ethan was in love with Theresa.  He doesn't know him well enough to know whether he was lying or not.

Was Theresa sure that she was ready to move on with her life?  She said that she wanted to start a relationship with Fox, but if she did, why did she insist on talking about Ethan.

Whitney is more like TC than she realizes.  She couldn't wait to slap Julian.  She could have just confronted him.  She didn't have to hit him.  This is not like her at all.

How convenient was it that Ethan happened to walk by Sheridan's cottage and saw Theresa and Fox kissing? 

Why would Luis keep telling Antonio that Sheridan wants to be with him instead of Antonio?  That wouldn't convince Antonio to et her out if he knows she wants to be with Luis.


Ethan's actions are contradicting his words.  If he's over Theresa as he claims, why does he care that she is with Fox?  It seems like he's jealous to us.  She's not trying to break up his marriage anymore so he shouldn't care that she's with Fox.  We'll get back to Ethan soon.

Did we miss something?  Why is Fox so upset with Ethan? He didn't do anything to him so he has no reason to be mad at Ethan.

Wasn't it funny that Luis didn't even acknowledge how Ivy was walking?  She was in her wheelchair for years, and now that she can walk again, no one really notices it.

Antonio had great timing.  He noticed what Alistair and Dr. Ackland were doing to Sheridan when Luis left the hospital.  When Luis was there, he acted as if Alistair and Dr. Ackland weren't doing anything to Sheridan.  Even if they were doing something to Sheridan, they wouldn't have told him.

Now back to Ethan.  Why was he talking about how he and Theresa were almost married as if it wasn't his fault that they aren't married?  Granted, Theresa's lies helped end things, but he could have tried to forgive her if he really wanted to.

Antonio has his crown again.  He was one of the most clueless men in Harmony.  We were starting to get concerned, but that was only because he was gone for a few days.  He proved what a sucker he is.  Dr. Ackland and Alistair weren't convincing with their lies about Sheridan, but he believed it.  No wonder it was so easy for Alistair to lie to him.  It's not hard to do.

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