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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #93

1/19 - 1/23/04


Here's a Passions ponderable:  why did Charity bring a bathing suit to a ski lodge?  Isn't it supposed to be winter?

Edna is just as stupid as she thinks Beth is.  Why did she have to tell Beth that Gwen was on to her if she wanted her to get caught?  If she kept her mouth shut, Gwen could have caught her.

That brings us to the nurse at Dr. Culver's office.  Was anyone surprised that she wasn't going to say that Gwen was in the office?  We know we weren't.  she was as bad as Edna. If she wanted Beth to get caught, she didn't have to tell Beth that Gwen was in the office.  Are the writers purposely trying to make these people stupid so Beth can look smarter?

Is anyone else tired of Sheridan complaining about her baby?  She mentions it everyday.  We get it girl.  Martin is your child.  You don't have to remind us about it.

What was with the fuss everyone made over Reese's body?  Simone was really making a big deal about it.  They all acted as if they never saw a man with muscles before.  Granted, it was only Reese, but he's not the first man to have muscles.  Jessica was gushing over Reese as if she wasn't in love with him before she saw his body.  If she loves the way he looks now, what did she love about him before?  We didn't see the big deal about the way he looked because he looked the same.

Once again Luis could have gotten Sheridan out of the psych ward, but they had sex instead.  Maybe Luis wants her to stay in there after all.  Why else would he waste time instead of getting her out of there?

Did you all notice how easy it was for Sheridan to lie to the nurse, but it was a struggle for her to lie to Dr. Ackland?


How come Pilar had money for Miguel to go to the ski lodge?  You would think that she would save the money for bills.  She could also have given it to Theresa so she could help pay for a lawyer.

It was so convenient for Beth that she was able to hit Gwen in broad daylight and no one was able to see it.  Doesn't Beth get all of the breaks?  No pun intended.

Let's get to oh-so-helpful Kay. She graciously (sarcasm) let Pilar know that babies are expensive.  This is a woman that has had five children.  She also had to give one away because she couldn't afford to keep her.  Pilar didn't need Kay to let her know that babies are expensive.

Why did Luis as as if he didn't know that Gwen was going to see Dr. Culver?  She mentioned in front of Luis that she was going to see Dr. Culver.  Isn't that further proof that something is wrong with Luis?

Big surprise Luis and Ethan didn't believe Gwen when she said that Beth hit her.  Why would Gwen make it up?  She also said that she saw Beth's face so why would Luis and Ethan question it?  We're surprised that Luis went to question Beth.

Theresa really had to draw Whitney a picture when she told her that Julian was going to be her father-in-law.  Since Whitney new that Ethan wasn't a Crane, she should have known that it was Fox.  While we're on the subject, isn't Theresa jumping the gun by saying that she's going to marry Fox?  She hasn't even gone on a date yet and she thinks they're getting married. 


Charity is such a light switch.  She needs to make up her mind about whether she wants to be with Miguel or not.  One minute she tells him she can't be with him and the next she kisses him.

Is it just us or does Kay seem as if she cares more about losing Miguel than she does about Maria?  When she was worried about Charity breaking her promise with Death to save her baby, she kept saying how she would lose Miguel first.  She mentioned losing her baby, but she didn't say her as much as she said Miguel.

Did we need anymore proof that Beth will get away with murder?  When Luis first went to her house, you could see a clear shot of her on the steps.  Of course Luis wasn't going to see her.  Also, when Beth threatened Edna, Luis didn't hear her.  Let's get off of this for now because it's frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, let's get to Jessica. She had no proof that Kay had anything to do with Charity and Miguel's fight, but she blamed her anyway.  That's the same thing with Simone.  She blamed Kay too.  What was shocking was Simone actually called Kay her friend.  You would never know that.

Isn't it something how Luis is so helpful to Beth when she doesn't need his help?  She clearly didn't want him to take her to the hospital, yet he forced her to go.

Talk about convenient:  why wasn't Dr. Culver's name on his jacket?  Oh right, if his name was on the jacket, Gwen would have known who he was.  Big surprise she didn't think to ask him what his name was.  Also he didn't tell Gwen his name.  That was something else that worked out for Beth.


Here's the shock of the century.  Ethan wasn't able to catch up with Dr. Culver.  Even if he did catch up to him, it wouldn't have made a difference.  He wouldn't have believed what Dr. Culver would have said about Beth.  He would have thought that the doctor was crazy too.

Ethan was really getting on our nerves.  He just refused to believe Gwen was telling him.  If he just thought about, it makes sense. 

Why did Luis take Beth to the hospital if he only wanted to see Sheridan?  He could have checked on Sheridan any time.  He was supposed to be there for Beth.  We think he could have survived if he didn't see her for a few minutes.  Besides, he practically forced her to go to the hospital and the first chance he got, he left her.

Here's something we don't understand about Luis: Why would he make Beth go to the hospital so much when she doesn't have insurance?  It's not as if she went to a free clinic.  

Alistair is so cruel.  Why would he want his own daughter to die?  If he wanted to keep Sheridan and Luis apart, why not do something to Luis?  That wouldn't be okay, but at least he wouldn't be trying to kill his own daughter.

We were not surprised in the least that Jessica and Simone didn't see Reese and Charity kissing.  How predictable was it that they only reacted to seeing Kay at the ski lodge?

Why would Reese allow Charity to come on to him?  If Miguel's his best friend, he should have put up a fight.  Also, he's supposed to love Jessica so why would he be getting it on with Charity?  Perhaps Charity was right when she told him that he didn't have much of a relationship with Jessica.  He must have believed it too.


Maybe we're just imagining things but little Ethan doesn't seem too heartbroken about being away from Theresa.  He seems very well adjusted.  In fact, he looks happy.

Kay needs to give up on trying to get Miguel because no matter what she says, he still wants to be with Charity.  He was so rude to her when she was trying to tell him how she feels about him.  He acted as if he could care less that she loves him.  He had to get some sleep.  Bet he's wishing he stayed outside of the room with Kay.

Theresa proved that she could be a golddigger because Fox's trust fund was a reason why she wanted to marry him.  Oh sure she told Whitney that she didn't want the money, but that was just for the record.  She couldn't wait to mention how he wasn't broke.  She barely said that she likes him.  Even when she did mention liking him, she was happier about the money.

Gwen didn't have to keep telling Beth that she was going to find out the truth about her.  If she knows that Beth tried to kill her once, what's to stop her from trying again?  She gave Beth every reason to kill her.

When did Fox set up the camera in little Ethan's room when it was in the library?

Jessica and Miguel's acting was so bad when they saw Charity and Reese together.  We expected it to be a little more dramatic than it was.  Miguel was bad, as we already mentioned, but Jessica was even worse.  She acted as if she caught Reese and Charity playing cards or something.  This would have been a great chance for Jessica to shine but she didn't.  Well, she at least didn't shine to us.

Miguel and Reese's fight looked so fake.  You could clearly see how Miguel didn't really hit Reese.

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