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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #92

1/12 - 1/16/04


Eve must get a sick high from getting caught with Julian.  That's the only reason we can think of for why she would take the risk and meet Julian in public.  She said that they can't keep seeing each other, yet she didn't leave.

It was so convenient that Whitney was worried about Chad lying to her now that he's back in Harmony.  She mentioned it a few times, but she stopped.  Boy, did we get bombarded with it.  It was as if she knew he was back.

Sheridan was working our nerves today.  She kept refusing to lie to Dr. Ackland so she could get out of the hospital.  This is the same woman that had no problem lying to Antonio.  Now when she should lie, she had a problem with it.

Whitney and Theresa must have loved the sound of their voices.  Every time Fox tried to tell them that he is in love with Whitney, they kept cutting him off.


Fox looked at a picture of Whitney in the paper and she was wearing a tennis outfit.  When was the last time she has even played tennis?  She has barely mentioned tennis since she's been back.

If Antonio wanted to have Sheridan released from the psych ward, he shouldn't have went to Alistair first.  He should have known that Alistair would have talked him out of signing Sheridan out of the psych ward.  Perhaps Antonio really wanted her to stay in the hospital.

Julian was very good not to tell Eve about his part in keeping Sheridan and Luis apart.  He couldn't wait to put it all on Alistair.

What is with Fox?  Why is he misleading Theresa into thinking that he's in love with her?  If he wanted to tell her the truth, he could have cut her off.  We know that would have been a neat trick, but he could have tried to tell her the truth.


TC didn't have to rub it in Sam's face that he's happy with Eve.  That was so rich of him considering what's going on under his nose.  If he only knew what Eve was doing to him, he wouldn't be rubbing his marriage in Sam's face.

Was anyone surprised that Julian and Eve weren't able to see the names on the disk.  There was no way the writers would have let us know who their son is.  Newsflash writers:  we think we already know figured out that Chad is their son.  It was foreshadowed enough that he could possibly be their son.

Why would Whitney be disappointed that Fox and Theresa are a couple after she tried so hard to get them together?  She looked less than thrilled at the idea of them being together.  She must be starting to have feelings for Fox too.

While we're on the subject of Whitney, she didn't have to be so nasty to Theresa when she was only trying to give her advice about Chad.  She didn't even apologize for snapping at Theresa.  If we were Theresa, we would have told her to cry the blues to someone else if you don't like what was said.  Well we might not have been that harsh, but we would have said something about what she did.

Why would Julian fantasize that Whitney and Simone would be his children?  Even if he did marry Eve, they wouldn't be his daughters.  That brings us to possible foreshadowing.  Could Whitney be Julian's daughter?  That would explain why she was his daughter in his fantasy.

Sheridan had a lot of nerve expecting Antonio to help her get out of the hospital.  This is the same woman who was sleeping with his brother and now she wants his help.  No wonder he didn't want to help her.


Kay is so delusional.  Just because Kay sets up a romantic dinner for Miguel, it doesn't mean he will want her.  She would be sick if it didn't work.

Why does Luis have to yell every time he wants to make a point?  When someone doesn't agree with him, he really starts yelling.  We're waiting for someone to put their fingers in their ears when he yells.

It's so obvious that the writers want us to believe that Theresa is the love of Ethan's life.  Here's the proof:  When Luis said that Ethan would do anything for the woman he loved, he never said it was Gwen.  Plus, when Luis said that Ethan wouldn't desert the woman he loved in her time of need, Ethan looked guilty.

Kay would deserve it if Charity went back on her promise to save Maria.  She was being so rude to Charity when she told her to stay away from Miguel.  Charity must really be angelic to put up with that.

Sheridan made it really easy for Antonio to leave her in the psych ward by saying that she wants to be with Luis.  She had a lot of nerve using Antonio's love for her as a way for him to get her out of the hospital.  She shouldn't have been too surprised that he didn't help her.

How come Alistair didn't see how Luis was dressed as an orderly?  He was watching her before so he should have warned Dr. Ackland.  Guess he only watches her when it's convenient.


How come Gwen is ready to have another baby?  When she was in LA, she told Ethan that she didn't want another baby.

When was Kay able to cook?  She couldn't cook before when she tried to cook on Thanksgiving.  While we're on the subject, why didn't Kay just give up on Miguel? He was less than thrilled with the idea of eating with her.  The boy wanted to bring the baby downstairs.  That was an indication that he didn't want to be with her.

If Luis was able to sneak into Sheridan's room, he should have been able to get her out of the psych ward.  He managed to sneak in without getting caught.  Guess if they didn't take the time to make love, he would have been able to help her escape.

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