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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #91

1/5 - 1/9/04


Why was Whitney acting as if she didn't already know that Eve was with another man before TC?  She said that she couldn't see Eve with another man.  Did she forget that Eve told her that she was with another man before TC?

If Sheridan had only stopped talking about her baby so much, then she wouldn't have to get locked up again.  The audience knows the truth, but no one else knows so it's frustrating how she goes on and on about it.

Why did Eve and Julian take the risk and kiss each other in public again?  Rebecca could have easily seen them.  Oh wait, that's right.  She did see them.

It's a shame that the only time Pilar calls Luis is when Theresa is in trouble or needs money.

We were happy when Antonio figured out that Beth was using him to get Luis.  Big surprise he let Beth convince him that he did the right thing by letting her to to the mental ward.


If TC didn't want Liz to come on to him, he should have kicked her out of the house.  He didn't have to let her stay there.  Perhaps he loves having Liz show him some affection.  It must be a cry for help.

Why didn't anyone hear Sheridan screaming when Dr. Ackland was trying to take her away?  We're surprised she didn't wake the dead with the way she was screaming.  That girls has some powerful lungs.

Since Luis is the one that used Beth, why wouldn't she go after instead of Sheridan?  It's not Sheridan's fault that Luis treats her like yesterday's garbage.  When she said that he treated her like a yo-yo, you would think that she should give up on Luis.

Why would Dr. Ackland believe that Sheridan wouldn't try to run away from him when the guards tried to put the straightjacket on her?  She didn't want him to take her back to the psych ward so she wouldn't have went with him willingly.

Now let's get to good old hypocritical Eve.  She didn't like how Liz was coming on to TC, but it was okay for her to kiss Julian.  We don't understand why she wants to save her marriage if she's in love with Julian?  Why does she care if Liz is with TC?  She obviously doesn't want him or she wouldn't be kissing Julian.

Was it just us or did Eve seem too smug when she told Liz that she won't tell TC the truth?  Not that we didn't enjoy it, but Eve would have been sick if Liz exposed her secret.


Surprise, surprise TC didn't hear Whitney tell Fox that Eve was kissing Julian.  He always walks in at the wrong time.  What made it so bad was the fact that Whitney said it loud and TC didn't hear her.  He did manage to hear Fox say something about Eve.  How convenient.

Why wasn't Theresa put back in her cell once Woody left?  Talk about favoritism.  We know the guard knows Luis, but Theresa should be taken back to the cell.  We surprised the guard didn't let Theresa escape.

We were very curious about why TC was so friendly to Fox.  We remember the way he treated Fox in LA so what's with the change of heart?  Could he be turning over a new leaf?  Read more about this in the Raves section.

It was too late for Antonio to feel sorry about committing Sheridan.  He should have thought about that before he signed the papers.  No wonder Alistair wasn't worried about Antonio changing his mind.  We weren't worried about that either.  When Antonio stormed into Alistair's office and said he changed his mind, we knew Alistair had him.  Antonio is such a sucker.

Here's an observation:  TC and Eve have switched in behavior lately.  Now TC seems to be the one that cares about Eve and saving their marriage.  Eve seems to be the one that doesn't care about TC or her marriage.  Eve should feel like dirt that she had no problem kissing another man while she overheard her husband practically beating Liz with a stick so she could stay away from him.  Then Eve had the nerve to beg God to help her so she wouldn't be exposed.  She would deserve to be caught if Whitney busted her.


If Kay couldn't stand to see Charity holding Maria, then she shouldn't have let her hold Maria.  Wonder what Kay was smoking when she decided to let Charity hold the baby.

Kay was so ungrateful towards Charity considering she is the reason Maria is still alive.  We were shocked that she was willing to thank Charity, but it didn't take long for her to change her mind.

How come the guards weren't around to stop Antonio and Luis from fighting?  They were around before when they had to restrain Sheridan.  With guards like these, no wonder they were able to fight for a while.  Beth shouldn't have had to yell in order for the guards to stop Cain and Abel...oops, Luis and Antonio.

Was anyone surprised that Whitney didn't tell TC the truth about Eve and Julian?  She was obviously a student at the Eve Russell School of Stalling.  She took so long to tell TC that she was interrupted by Theresa and Fox.  Just between us, we don't think she would have told him anyway.

It was so annoying watching Eve eavesdropping on Whitney and TC.  She had the nerve to beg that she didn't see her kissing Julian.  Did you notice how she never once regretted what she did?  Even when she thought Whitney saw her, she didn't regret it.  She just prayed she wouldn't get caught.

Antonio was like a broken record.  How many times was he going to say "Sheridan is his wife" in one episode?  We think we got it the first 100 times he said it.  He can keep telling Luis that until he's blue in the face and it won't matter.  Message to Antonio:  Luis knows you're Sheridan's husband and he doesn't care.


Did you notice how fast Theresa and Rebecca raced through their lines at two separate times?  When Theresa was talking to Beth about applying for the job at the Book Cafe.  No wonder Beth looked as if she didn't understand her.  Rebecca raced through her lines when she was talking to Clarice.  She sounded as if she was leaving a message.

It's amazing how it's getting easier for Ethan to lie to Gwen.  He knew that he broke his promise to Gwen to stay away from Theresa.  You would never know that this is the same man that hated lies.

Considering how rude Kay was to Ivy, she shouldn't have helped her with her plan to get Miguel.  Even though Kay threatened to expose Ivy, she still shouldn't have helped her.  Kay said she lied before when she said that Ivy hired David.  Why would Sam believe her now?

Ivy told Charity that she didn't have Sam around to raise Ethan.  She must have forgotten that she was the reason why Sam couldn't raise Ethan.  If she told Sam about Ethan, he would have helped her.

If Ethan didn't think that Sheridan should be committed, then why didn't he believe Sheridan when she said that Beth had her baby?  He wasn't willing to give Sheridan the benefit of the doubt, and listen to what she said.

We know this is in the Convenient Moments section, but it beared repeating.  It was so convenient that Ethan and Gwen showed up at the Book Cafe while Theresa was on the phone with Clarice from Child Protective Services.  Father Lonigan could have seen that coming.

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