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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #90

12/29 - 1/2/04


What could Ethan do to help Woody win the custody battle that Woody couldn't do himself?  It's not as if Ethan has a great track record when it comes to winning.  We remember him losing both of the cases he had.

Even if Miguel was at Tabitha's house, that didn't mean that Maria wouldn't have been sick. It's a good thing since he was no use anyway.  It's a shame that Miguel was only there for Maria because she was sick.  Earlier that day, he acted as if he could care less about Maria.

It didn't take much for Ethan to start lying to Gwen again.  So much for his promise.  He must really be related to Charity because she broke a promise she made similar to Ethan's.

Why would Ethan be stupid enough to talk to Woody in the mansion?  He should have known someone would have overheard him.  He's lucky it wasn't Gwen that heard him.  We would have loved to see how he would have gotten out of that if Gwen caught him.

Why did Antonio have to take so long to go in Sheridan's room?  If he wanted to know if she was in there, he could have went in and found out.  He didn't have to talk about it first.

Maybe Charity wanted Maria to die.  That would explain why she didn't keep her promise to stay away from Miguel.


Miguel had a lot of nerve yelling at Eve as if it was her fault that Maria was sick.  He should have been glad that she was willing to help.

Big surprise everyone.  Antonio blamed Luis for seducing Sheridan, but he didn't blame Sheridan.  Sheridan wasn't crying rape so she was just as responsible for what happened as Luis.

Why would Antonio walk out of the cottage instead of confronting Sheridan and Luis?  He should have went in there instead of talking to Beth about it.  We have a strange feeling that he's going to turn psychotic like Beth.  Please don't get us mistaken with Charity. LOL!  It's not an evil feeling.  It's just a feeling. LOL!

Why didn't Death ask Kay to give up Miguel instead of Charity?  It's her baby and she's the one doing bad things so she should be the one making the sacrifice to save the baby.

Sheridan had great timing when she thought about Antonio.  She waited until after she had sex with Luis to worry about him.  If she cared about Antonio, she wouldn't have slept with Luis.  She should have kept it real and said she didn't give Antonio a second though.

It could be just us, but little Ethan doesn't seem that heartbroken about being taken away from Theresa.  When Theresa wanted to say goodbye to him, we noticed how the police officer had to shove him to Theresa.

Why would Ethan take the risk of calling Woody in the mansion again?  Was there something wrong with going outside?  He shouldn't have been too surprised that Rebecca caught him.


Eve didn't have a right to judge Grace for leaving Sam because she could tell Grace the truth about David.  She didn't have to watch Grace make a mistake.  We should all have friends like Eve.

Grace must have forgotten that she was the one that dumped Sam so she doesn't have a right to get upset that Ivy was rubbing her relationship with Sam in her face.  She deserved for Ivy to do that to her.

Rebecca was so desperate for guests that she had to invite people she doesn't know.

Once again Eve and Julian risked getting caught together by hugging in public.  Julian knows that Rebecca is on to him so why take the risk?

Leave it to Sheridan to let Antonio accuse Luis of seducing her. She should have made sure he knew that she was a willing partner with Luis.  He didn't take advantage of her.  If anything, she practically took advantage of him.

It could be just us, but it seemed as if Sheridan cared more about hurting Antonio's feelings than she did about being with Luis.  If she cared that much about Antonio's feelings, she shouldn't have slept with Luis.

The Lobster Shack must have been the place to be since the bulk of the cast was there.  Conveniently, everyone that needed to be there were there.  When Eve and TC were there, Julian and Rebecca showed up.  When Theresa, Whitney, and Fox were there, Ethan and Gwen showed up too.


How did Sheridan get Martin to be at her cottage?  We know that Beth wouldn't have wanted that to happen.

Why wouldn't Sheridan go to Julian's wedding?  He is her brother.  She doesn't know that he tried t kill her so she should have been there.  Rebecca managed to invite people she didn't know so we know she invited Sheridan.

Why would Julian say that he would marry Rebecca if he didn't want to do it?  We were sick of him complaining about marrying her as if he wasn't the one that suggested they get married.

Why would Sheridan and Luis take the risk of sleeping with each other in Sheridan's cottage again?  Didn't they learn their lesson from when they were caught the last time?  If they were more careful, they wouldn't have gotten caught.

That brings us to Antonio.  Why would Antonio believe anything that Alistair tells him about Sheridan?  Alistair wouldn't have wanted to help Antonio since Antonio threatened him.

Eve had a lot of nerve criticizing Ivy for going to the wedding with Sam.  She told Ivy that secrets have a way of coming out as if her own secrets couldn't come out.

If Theresa didn't try to kidnap little Ethan, then she wouldn't have lost him forever.  This time she can't blame Julian and Rebecca for why she may lose her son.  She's only got herself to blame.  She should have waited for Woody to file the motion so she could get visitation rights.  She just had to take matters into her own hands.

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