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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #138

12/20 - 12/24/04


1.  This bit of information may shock you, but we'll tell it to you anyway.  Eve is unprofessional.  We know.  You need something for the shock. LOL!  Anyway, Eve was able to tell Julian about Theresa sleeping with Ethan and getting pregnant, but she couldn't tell Gwen.  She even said that she was going to tell him because the truth was going to come out anyway.  Well by that definition, why didn't she tell Gwen?  Gwen was the one who had a right to know what Theresa did, yet Eve couldn't tell her.  Everyone should have a doctor like her.

2.  We are not understanding Eve's situation.  She complains about Liz destroying her life by ruining her marriage, yet she was on a shopping spree and had herself a good time.  She didn't look like she was upset about her marriage ending.  Why does she care if her marriage ended when she's got a man who loves her.  We don't get it. 


1. The girl has gone insane.  We know that wasn't much of a stretch, but it's true.  She has convinced herself that Ethan loves her and not Gwen.  She even told Ethan that he loves her even after he told her that he loves Gwen.  What is it going to take for her to realize that Ethan doesn't want her?  Just because he stupidly told her that he would have married her if Gwen didn't get pregnant doesn't mean he still loves her.  If he wanted to be with her, he could have married her and supported Gwen and the baby.  You would think that she would realize that.  If Gwen or another character were to say the same craziness as Theresa, they would be written up as crazy, yet she's written as a heroine.

2. What was up with Theresa suspecting Ivy of setting up Grace with David?  If she was suspicious of Ivy, why didn't she investigate it sooner?  How come she was only willing to investigate the situation when Ivy said she didn't want Ethan to be with her?  This is so shades of when she scanned Ivy's letter into the computer years ago.  She was going to expose Ethan's true paternity when she thought she lost him.  Now she's doing that type of scheme all over again.  If Ivy interferes in her plan of getting Ethan, she's going to expose her.

3. Theresa had a lot of nerve expecting Gwen to let her see little Ethan.  We remember when everyone practically begged Theresa to let Gwen see the bay, but the woman wouldn't budge.  She refused to let Gwen see the baby because it was her baby, yet Gwen was supposed to let her see little Ethan because he's her son.  She can't have it both ways.  Since little Ethan is Gwen's son now, she had the right to do the same thing to Theresa.

The writers

1. Why didn't they just cast someone to play Miguel for the holidays?  It doesn't make sense that Miguel wouldn't want to see Maria on Christmas.  He could have gave up chasing after Charity for one day to spend time with Maria. Charity shouldn't be more important than his daughter.  It doesn't matter if he sent Maria money and a present.  He still could have been there for her.  It's so obvious that the writers are trying to make it look as if Miguel's not the type of father Martin was.  The only problem is, it's not working.  He's still a terrible parent because he hasn't been there for Maria.  All he does is send money.  Big deal.  His money has been there more than he has.


1.  She was a trip.  She is upset with Pilar and we understand her anger, but she didn't have to dismiss Pilar by giving Katherine the flowers and asking her to light the tree at the ceremony. She was so cold about it.  Pilar should have slapped Paloma and Katherine when she did that.


1.  Pilar should have slapped her again when Paloma wanted her to light the tree.  She could have refused to light it.  If she did, Paloma might have asked Pilar.  She probably wouldn't have asked her, but you never know.  Katherine should stop giving Paloma everything she wants.  Just because Paloma whines and acts like a baby, doesn't mean she should get what she wants.  Katherine just does what she wants hook, line, and sinker.


1.  What was with Whitney?  You would think that she would have been a little more grateful to Eve for saving her neck with the baby.  She could have sold Whitney out and told how Chad is the father of the baby.  The least she could have done was show a little gratitude.  The first thing Whitney did when she saw Eve was practically call her Julian's hooker.  If we were Eve, we would have reminded Whitney that we kept her secret for her, so she better learn to be civil or else.  Whitney seems to forget that Eve knows about her baby.  She should be glad that Eve is a better person than she realizes.

The bridal shower

1.  Some bridal shower that turned out to be.  None of the guests were happy for Sheridan.  They couldn't put their differences aside for one day to help Sheridan celebrate her engagement.  Gwen and Ivy made a big production about it, but all they cared about was grilling Theresa about why she was there.  She had just as much of a right to be there as Gwen did.  Pilar couldn't celebrate with Sheridan because she had to worry about Katherine and Paloma.  It didn't make any sense that Kay had to be the voice of reason to get everyone to remember that they were there for Sheridan.  They were so distracted by their own situations that they weren't even aware of when Sheridan walked in the room.  The surprise was ruined because they were self-involved.  No wonder she got happy when Luis showed up.  At least she had someone there who cares about her.

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