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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #137

12/13 - 12/17/04


1.  We have come to the conclusion again that Theresa doesn't care about little Ethan.  She proved that in Monday's episode.  Actually, she proves that in every episode, but that's neither her nor there.  When she was being a total b*tch to Ethan when he was sticking up for Gwen, she said two things that prove she doesn't care about little Ethan. 1. When Ethan said Gwen needs the baby because she can't have any children, Theresa said that Gwen could adopt a baby if she wants a child.  2.  She told Ethan that she wasn't going to let anyone take her child.  Hello, girl what about little Ethan?  You could ask yourselves that question for both comments.  If she cared about little Ethan, she wouldn't have said those things.  It was too late for Theresa to mention him when she was fighting with Gwen.  We didn't overlook what she said to Ethan.  We remember how a lot of Theresa's fans said that Gwen doesn't deserve to be a mother because she took little Ethan away from Theresa.  Well, Theresa doesn't deserve to be a mother either.  She never even spends any time with little Ethan.  She barely talks about him either.  Now you're probably thinking that Gwen doesn't do it either.  If you're a die-hard Theresa fan, you're most likely thinking that. LOL Gwen is bad for doing that, but Theresa is worse because she's supposed to be his mother.

2.  We don't see why Theresa thinks she deserves little Ethan back after she tried to screw Gwen out of getting the baby.  If she's going to deprive Gwen of a child, why should she get one?

3. Is anyone else tired of Theresa saying "what about me" whenever someone tries to tell her about what she's doing to Gwen?  Who cares about her feelings?  Why was Ethan supposed to care about her feelings more than Gwen's feelings?  If it wasn't for Theresa, she wouldn't be in the mess that she's in.  Gwen didn't force her to steal the embryo or rape Ethan.  Theresa is not owed any sympathy because of her situation.  Well she's not getting any sympathy from us.  Sorry, but she doesn't deserve any sympathy as far as we're concerned.

4.  She was being so manipulative when she was telling Gwen why she did what she did.  She knew she was wrong so it was time to start crying.  She wasn't sorry when she raped Ethan so why is she sorry now?  She also wasn't sorry when she told Gwen that the baby was hers so what was with the water works?  Are we supposed to believe that she suddenly cares about what she did?  No matter how many times she cries, we don't believe her.  She is still responsible for what she did.


1. This man is just as infuriating if not more infuriating as Theresa.  He's always so quick to jump to Theresa's defense whenever she argues with Gwen.  We barely remember the last time he defended Gwen to Theresa in front of Gwen.  He used the stupid excuse that he was trying to make a bad situation better.  He did a bang up job because Theresa still kept Gwen from the baby.  You would never know that Ethan cares about Gwen.  He keeps saying he loves her, but we all know he doesn't.  He just has to be with his precious Theresa.  You would think that he wouldn't want to be with Theresa after everything she has done to him and Gwen.


1. He was such a hypocrite.  He told Sheridan that Alistair was the only father she had.  What about his own father?  He's not willing to get along with his father.  Martin's the only father he has.  It must be different strokes for different folks.  How weird was it that Luis thought it was okay for Sheridan to want to see her father and Alistair tried to kill her, but he won't even speak to Martin without yelling at him?


We just find it hard to believe that Shuis were that upset over Antonio's death.  They had a funny way of showing that when they were celebrating their wedding.  If they felt that badly about Antonio's death, why did they have to get married so fast?  They could have waited a little longer.

The suspects

Why were all of the suspects acting as if they didn't try to kill Alistair?  They all acted as if they tried to kill him before, but now they are all acting innocent.  Don't tell us that they didn't want him dead after all the garbage they said about wanting him dead.  Now it isn't in them to kill Alistair?  Yeah, right.  We don't buy it.


We don't understand him.  He was smart enough to get Julian to agree to his terms in order for him to work at Crane Industries, but he can't see through Whitney's lies.  He caught her slipping up about the baby twice and he still can't get it.  Does he have to be hit with a brick in order to get it?

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