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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #136

12/6 - 12/10/04

We want to warn any die-hard Theresa fans that we may be kinda harsh on her this week.  She really worked our nerves so we have to destroy her. LOL!


She really earned the title B*tch of the week. She shared that title with Katherine, but we are not ranting about Katherine right now.  We'll save her for later.  We have to get back to the matter at hand.  Theresa was such a b*tch about not letting Gwen see the baby.  She was so convinced that the baby was hers and Gwen didn't have a right to see the baby.  We know we were upset with Gwen for not seeing the light about Theresa, but Gwen doesn't deserve this.  At first we thought Gwen would have deserved what Theresa did to her, but now Theresa went overboard. The writers are getting on our nerves rescuing their precious little "heroine".  That's Theresa in case you didn't know who we were talking about.  They let her get away with everything.  It's so obvious that they hate Gwen.  They make her suffer so much, yet Theresa comes out smelling like a rose.  It's bad enough that Gwen can't have any more kids, but how can't even be there for the one baby she thinks is hers.  We already know that the writers are going to let Theresa be the mother of the baby. There was no way they were going to let Gwen be happy.  How can they when they have to let Theresa get her way.  Speaking of Theresa getting rescued, here are the things the writers did to rescue Theresa:

1.  The legal documents weren't filed.  Was anyone else screaming at the TV when Ethan said that?  It's a wonder that you didn't hear us screaming in NJ.  Anyway, wasn't that convenient for Theresa?  Now she will be able to get away with taking both kids from Gwen.  What else is new?  Theresa could get away with her scheme, but Gwen couldn't get what she wanted.  Here's what we don't understand.  Why did the writers go to the trouble of having Gwen be willing to give little Ethan back to Theresa if Gwen was going to get screwed in the long run?  Is that how the writers get their kicks?  They would have been better off just letting Gwen refuse to give Theresa back her son.  At least then Gwen wouldn't have had to look like a fool in the long run.

2.  Eve and the hospital policy.  Eve told Gwen that she couldn't let her see the baby because Theresa was considered the baby's mother.  That was a bunch of b*llsh*t.  Last week, Eve was able to let Gwen see the baby.  She didn't tell Gwen that malarkey about Theresa being considered the biological mother because she was the surrogate.  Now when Gwen wanted Eve to do something in order for her to see the baby, all of a sudden there's a hospital policy.  What the heck was the point of Eve yelling at Theresa if she was going to let Theresa get her way?


1. As promised, we are about to rip her apart for her manipulation.  She is always the calm one whenever Pilar yells at her.  We are tired of the writers turning Katherine into the victim while trying to make Pilar the villain.  This heifer even had the nerve to smile "sweetly" while Pilar yelled at her.  That must have been her way of coming off as the innocent one.  She also has a repeated quote week after week, "she had no choice but to leave".  If it's not her, she says Martin had no choice but to leave.  That doesn't excuse what she did with Martin.  KMart use that excuse as if it rescues them.  It doesn't.  They are still monsters.


1. We just have to rant on how much of a wimp she has become.  She lets Luis bulldoze her as if he's her father.  We remember a particular Sheridan who used to yell at Luis and tell him what to do.  We don't know who this Sheridan is.  Here's an example of why we're ranting:  When Katherine tried to warn Sheridan not to go to the party, she told her that she couldn't talk to her because if Luis saw them, he would go ballistic.  What the heck is that?  She is a grown woman.  She can talk to whomever she wants to talk to.  Besides, he has no problem talking to Martin so why couldn't she talk to Katherine?  We know he only yells at Martin, but he still does it.  What kind of message are the writers giving us that Sheridan was afraid to upset Luis?

The suspects

How come all of the suspects were suddenly ready to kill Alistair?  It has been the same night for weeks yet no one was talking about killing Alistair.  Well KMart mentioned it, but they weren't doing that the entire time.  We would like to know something.  What did Alistair do that made them want to kill him this night?  The only things he did was threaten to expose KMart and break up Shuis.  That was nothing new.  Luis was so sure that Alistair wasn't going to break them up, so why did he have to kill him?  If KMart didn't want Alistair to expose Katherine's secret, why didn't she just leave Harmony?  If she did, she wouldn't have to worry about being exposed.  Let's get to the other suspects:

  • Eve and Julian. What are they killing Alistair for?  He didn't do anything to them this night that would make them want to kill him.  Eve's life is messed up because of her secrets.  If she told TC and the girls the truth, she would probably have her family.  Most likely Julian wants to kill Alistair because of Eve so there's his excuse. It couldn't be because Alistair didn't want him to marry her because he told Julian to marry Eve.  That eliminates Julian's motive.

  • TC.  He has no real motive to get Alistair.  He's why his life was over.  He could forgive Eve and his life wouldn't be over. Besides, he's supposed to have moved on with Liz.  Why does he care that he lost Eve? 

  • Liz.  We don't even know why she wants to kill him.  She got the grand prize (*coughs*TC*coughs) so what would she kill Alistair for?  

  • Whitney.  Now that she's pregnant with Chad's baby, she wants to kill Alistair.  It's not Alistair's fault that she's carrying Chad's baby.  She could have aborted it.  By the way, she should be grateful to Alistair that she knows about Chad.  If he didn't tell the truth, she would have been married to her brother.

  • Chad and Fox. They are upset about Alistair cutting them off.  What good would it do to kill him?  The only thing that's going to do is put the Will in effect.  You would think that they would want him alive.  Maybe they could have gotten him to change the Will.  Well Chad might not have convinced him, but Fox might have. Why would it matter to Chad if he's cut off?  He said he didn't want the money.  He must have changed his mind.  Now let's get to Pilar's motive.  What would she get Alistair for?  Did she forget that he saved her life?  She should be grateful to him. 

  • Beth.  We don't see why she wants to kill Alistair.  How is his death going to get her Luis?  Sheridan doesn't love Alistair so we doubt that she would care if he died.  Leave it to Beth to think that her crazy plan could work.

To make a long story short, only KMart have a real reason to kill Alistair.  Katherine is the one who could lose her children so we can understand her motive, but the others don't have a new reason to kill him.

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