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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #135

11/29 - 12/3/04


1.  Here's a surprise:  Whitney blamed Eve for her problem.  This girl loves to play the blame game.  She never takes accountability for what she does wrong.  She's the one who is choosing to lie to Fox and Chad, but it's Eve's fault that she's pregnant.  Eve didn't make Whitney lie about the father of her baby.  She came up with that brilliant plan all on her own.  Whitney even blamed Fox for her mess.  She had the nerve to say that if Fox didn't find her pregnancy test in the garbage, she would have been able to go away and give her baby up for adoption.  Now it's Fox's fault that she has to use him?  Who was the idiot who didn't hide the pregnancy test?  She could have put it in a bag or something.  She didn't have to throw it in the garbage without covering it.

2.  She should have felt like dirt when Eve lied for her.  First she called Eve a self-righteous b*tch for not helping her.  Then she tried kissing up to her once Eve lied for her.  Then she should have felt like dirt when Fox was happy about the baby.  It obviously means a lot to him to have her baby, but that doesn't mean a thing to her.  Since hurting Fox doesn't mean anything to her, hurting Chad must have been a breeze.  She didn't even care about his feelings.  All she cared about were her own feelings.  Let's get back to when Whitney called Eve a self-righteous b*tch.  Who was she to talk?  She judged Eve for keeping secrets, but she has no problem keeping her own.  We don't care if she thinks she's justified because she's protecting her child.  She's still lying to Fox and Chad.


1.  This girl is a piece of work.  When Pilar tried to reach out to her, Paloma had to be a b*tch about it.  She couldn't go out to get coffee with Pilar, but she could go out with Kay and Simone.  She was so smug about going with Kay that Pilar should have smacked her.

2.  She was also a broken record this week.  She had to go overboard reminding us how Pilar abandoned her.  We got it, Paloma.  You're upset about being abandoned and you should be, but do we have to hear about it every time she's shown?  It's so irritating how she keeps mentioning it.  We don't want to have to start counting that too.


1.  Why does he feel the need to take sides with Fox and Chad?  He should just stay out of it if he can't side with both of them.  What makes it so bad is Chad doesn't even care that Julian is on his side.  He treats Julian like garbage, yet Julian keeps siding with him.  He feels like he owes Chad everything because he wasn't there for him.  What about Fox?  He hasn't been there for Fox, yet he doesn't feel any loyalty towards him.  Julian doesn't even care that he's hurting Fox by choosing Chad over him.  That's a shame.


1.  Even though we put this in the Raves section, we thought that it was weird how Eve can expose her own daughter's lie, but she wouldn't expose Theresa's lie.  She couldn't tell Gwen the truth about Theresa possibly carrying her baby instead of Gwen's, but she could tell how Whitney is carrying Chad's baby.  What's that about?  Doesn't Gwen deserve to know the truth?  Shouldn't she know that Theresa is scamming her?  Now that Eve's children are involved, now everyone deserves to know the truth.  Hmmm...


1. She was so obsessed with finding out the truth about Whitney's baby.  We know that she wants what's best for her son, but this woman was obsessed with knowing the truth.  Who was she to be so concerned with Whitney not telling the truth about her baby's father?  She did the same thing to Julian.  That must be okay since Julian's not her son.


1.  They are so despicable.  They had the nerve to bask in the glow of happiness after the damage they have done. Was anyone else ready to toss their cookies when they were telling each other how much they loved each other?  Martin said that Katherine was the greatest love of his life.  Well, that was a nice slap in Pilar's face.  What about his love for Pilar.  Wasn't that love great?  It must not compare to the oh-so-wonderful-damsel-in-distress Katherine.  If that wasn't bad enough, he told Katherine he would do it again.  He is the biggest jerk to ever live.  Let's take that back.  Katherine deserves to be in that category too since she would have been willing to leave her kids again for Martin.

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