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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #134

11/22 - 11/26/04

Katherine expected sympathy

It was so obvious that the writers wanted us to feel sympathetic towards Katherine when Sheridan cut her out of her life.  She was attempting to cry like we were supposed to feel sorry for her.  Then she mentioned the crapola of being able to live with being close to Sheridan even if she didn't know the truth.  If that were true, why didn't she just tell Sheridan who she is?  That's right.  She never had any intention of telling the truth no matter how many times she said she was going to tell Sheridan.

Here's another gripe:  Why doesn't she ever worry about Julian's feelings?  All she cares about is how Sheridan feels.  She's so busted up about losing Sheridan, but she still had Julian.

Sheridan standing up to Katherine

We were indifferent about Sheridan standing up to Katherine.  We just don't believe that she wanted to cut Katherine out of her life.  We think she was only trying to please Luis.  If she really wanted to cut her out, she wouldn't have felt guilty about it.  If she truly believed that Katherine is a good person, why did she cut her out of her life?  She didn't have to change her opinion.  It's disturbing how she let Luis control her opinion of Katherine.

Sheridan made Beth's plan easy

No wonder Beth can always get away with her plans.  Sheridan is the perfect target.  Hey, if we ever wanted to hook up with Luis, we see it wouldn't take much to get him.  LOL!  Beth knew exactly what buttons to push to make Sheridan look bad.  She was really driving the point home that Mrs. Wheeler was a slut and Sheridan looked as if she was going to strangle Beth.  Luis even noticed how uncomfortable Sheridan looked when Beth was insulting Mrs. Wheeler.  If Sheridan was upset with Mrs. Wheeler, why did she care what Beth said?  We want Sheridan to get her head straight.  We don't want to start rooting for Beth to get Luis.  Don't slap us.  We came to our senses. LOL!

Fox was clueless

What is with Fox?  We know that he is in love with Whitney and he doesn't want to see the worst in her, but he seems to have lost his mind.  Why did he think it was impossible for Whitney to be having Chad's baby?  Did he forget that Whitney let the world know how she slept with Chad?  The baby could have easily been Chad's.  He didn't even consider Chad as an option.  Ivy shouldn't have had to put the idea in his head that the baby could be Chad's.  He should have come up with that conclusion himself.  It was a shame that he was willing to forget how he was trying to have a relationship with Ivy the second she was on to Whitney.  Ivy had a legitimate concern about the baby, but Fox wasn't hearing it.  He will have to learn the hard way.

Ethan defended Theresa

As we promised you in the Winners/Losers section, we were going to get Ethan.  He is one of the worst husbands or the show.  Scratch that.  He is the worst.  He knows that Theresa is trying to get back with him, yet he acts as if Theresa is innocent whenever Rebecca accuses her of being after him.  He knows Rebecca is right, but he barks at her anyway.  He also barked at Gwen when she rightfully thought that Theresa was suspicious for saying that she was going to lose her baby with Ethan.  He lied again and covered for her.

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