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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #133

11/15 - 11/19/04

Sheridan making Pilar's pain her moment

We didn't like how Sheridan made Pilar's pain her moment.  Pilar was the one who had to find out that her husband was with another woman, yet Sheridan got upset as if Katherine lied to her.  Sheridan was more focused on the fact that she thought Katherine was a good person and how she was connected to her.  Why did Luis and Pilar have to worry about Sheridan?  They were the ones who were lied to.  She was so self-centered.

Whitney covered for Theresa

What's with Ms. Hypocritney?  She was waving her morality flag at Theresa, yet she covered for her.  When she caught Ethan and Theresa in a compromising position, she chose to lie to Gwen about it.  Why didn't she tell Gwen what she saw?  We thought that Whitney was supposed to tell the truth.  Oh, that's right.  Whitney only cares about Theresa telling the truth.  It doesn't matter if she lies.

Theresa's tacky reaction

She was so tacky when she told Whitney about the brother and sister who had a baby.  She made a conscious effort to mention how the siblings got too close and personal with each other. Mmm, hello.  Did she forget that Whitney did the same thing with Chad?

Paloma was a light switch

Why did Paloma yell at Martin for lying to her if she was going to defend him?  Paloma got mad at Pilar and Luis for lying to her, but it was okay for Martin to lie to her because he was there for her.  We wanted to smack the h*ll out of her when she yelled at Pilar.  Pilar had the right to yell at KMart.  Who the h*ll did Paloma think she was?

Theresa's selfishness

We know we just reamed Whitney for the kind of friend she was being with to Theresa.  Now it's time to get Theresa.  Selfishresa didn't even notice how Whitney had a problem.  We don't even know Whitney and we know something is wrong with her. Of course we have the advantage of knowing what's wrong with her, but even if we didn't know what was wrong with her, we would still know something was wrong.  In case you're wondering why we're going off about Selfishresa, we thought that she could have been more concerned about Whitney when they were talking.  Theresa was even turning her nose to siblings who have sex and have a baby.  She knows that Whitney had sex with her brother and the same thing could have happened to her.  That didn't stop Theresa from making her judgment about the brother/sister.

We have read some posts where people have turned against Whitney.  They think that Whitney isn't a good friend to Theresa.  That may be true, but it works both ways.  Theresa isn't exactly a great friend to Whitney all of the time, but we don't always read about that.  Please don't misunderstand our gripes with Theresa/Whitney's friendship.  We think it's a pretty good one for the most part.  We're just griping about the times when it's lopsided.

Theresa's "new" plan

We were not the least bit surprised that Theresa's plan was to get Ethan.  We were appalled.  She blew all of that guff about Gwen and Rebecca taking her son away from her only be going after Ethan all along.  We don't care what she says.  This was her plan all along.  She never cared about little Ethan.  That's our opinion and we're sticking to it. LOL!


We wanted to hit both of them.  TC was so unwilling to forgive Eve. He was such a jerk to her.  Needless to say, Liz was a jerk. When is she not a jerk?  Eve should have kicked the crap out of both of them.

Sheridan defending Katherine

We were completely floored with Sheridan defending Katherine.  We were not floored in a good way.  She just gave Katherine tongue lashing earlier this week.  We know because we stupidly gave it a rave.  Then she made us eat crow when she defended Katherine.  We were just as shocked as Luis when she defended her.  We can't wait until Ms. High and Mighty finds out about Sheridan.

K-Mart are cowards

These two are such cowards.  They had nothing to say when Pilar and Luis blamed them for why they weren't with Paloma.  Martin only said something when Luis insulted Katherine.  When it came time to explain why he left, he had nothing to say.

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